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Dana Platt: His Direct-Sales and Marketing Business Provides Hope to Recession Victims Interested in Skin Care, Anti-Aging, and Nutritional Wellness

Dana Platt: His Direct-Sales and Marketing Business Provides Hope to Recession Victims Interested in Skin Care, Anti-Aging, and Nutritional Wellness

Instant Career Options in an Exploding Industry Defines the Success Story of this Boston-based Entrepreneur

Cambridge, MA (PRWEB) November 4, 2009

The headaches and worries for the millions who have lost jobs in the past few years are being pushed aside with the rollout worldwide of a unique home based Wellness Business Concept from New England Entrepreneur Dana Platt. "Millions of good folks with no real career options is a daily story in the news these days but via the home-based business opportunity that I am marketing the opportunity to create a powerful income in the exploding Anti-Aging, Skin Care and Nutritional Supplement Industry is a reality that is playing out daily," said Platt.

Cambridge resident Dana Platt has a business background built upon a combination of corporate training programs, along with an education from one of the finest institutions in the world. "I may be 23-years-old, but as we approach the year 2010, brilliant business concepts are successfully implemented by savvy entrepreneurs of all ages," said Platt. "I have gained corporate experience over the past few years at major companies such as Goldman Properties, PAETEC Communications, Vector Marketing, and Corporate Executive Board. I have traveled to countries including China, South Korea, and Japan to study the workings of global marketplaces and founded my own company last year that was awarded a finalist ranking in the Harvard Business Plan Competition of 2008. Awards and time spent have made me realize that solid business fundamentals, combined with marketing creativity from an entrepreneurial standpoint, is how individual wealth is created today. In essence, that is the driving force behind my current direct-sales business model, that is allowing myself and fellow entrepreneurs to tap into the $500 billion Health & Beauty Industry thru product offerings that includes

  • Anti Aging Formulas.... "A complete of world class products ranging from Grape Seed Extract, Alpha-Lipoic Acid to the powerful Marine Omega which specializes in promoting longetivity.... combined with a base offering of the most potent vitamins and minerals in the industry and the results are immediate and life changing at levels that are changing industry standards...."
  • Energy Juice Drink... "The combination of Chinese Lycium Fruit combined with Siberian Pineapple and Cili Fruit working together as a team provides world class benefits needed to strengthen vascular circulation as well as protecting the bodies cells...."
  • Weight Loss Liquid Formulas... "When you can offer tasty Vanilla and Chocolate shakes that contain key level components of fiber, proteins and carbohydrates designed to designed to control hunger craves and work in conjunction with a regular exercise routine to create weight loss you have a product that is needed and in demand as today's adult population is in a continual fight versus the challenges of overweight issues...."
  • Skin Care Products... "Internal strength matched with external beauty that offers advanced solutions that utilize ancient traditions of indigenous cultures with ingredients derived from renewable sources for maximum protection and rejuvenation...."
  • Biophotonic Scanner... "This product by itself is redefining the Wellness Industry as a simple scan of a human palm will register a measure of the carotenoid antioxidants levels in the individual's skin... simply the TIGER WOODS of this Industry in dealing with measurements of antioxidants in the system as the scan is quick and the results immediate."

Dana Platt is expanding his direct-sales and marketing efforts worldwide and is very anxious to talk with all individuals exploring career options in these challenging times. "I have an industry that is rapidly expanding, combined with an easy-to-duplicate business model that offers a compensation payout to associates offering immediate commissions, along with a plan for creating long term massive residual income," said Platt. "In addition, the support material in place to effectively market from a home based office includes a customized website, marketing materials, and top-flight training that ensures success for all individuals that are hungry for success and willing to learn by the best. Opportunity knocks very few times in one's live.... and this opportunity is changing lives on a daily basis!!!"

Mr. Platt can be reached in his Cambridge, Massachusetts office through the following ways:

Phone: 585-269-9926
Email: djplatt. fas. hu@gmail. com