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Wanted: Fat Losers

Wanted: Fat Losers

UK's No. 1 Wellness Expert seeks fitness failures for eight-week life makeover.

London (PRWEB) December 16, 2005

In partnership with ITV’s ‘You are what you eat’ series Dax Moy has helped Michelle McManus lose over 8 stone. Being the UK’s number one Wellness Expert, Dax is now set to put his money where his mouth is by searching for 15-20 serious yet disenchanted 'tried everything and failed' people, for the ultimate life makeover.

Driven by the frustration of constant health fads, created by self titled fitness ‘professionals’, that never achieve results, Dax aims to prove success and satisfaction can be accomplished in all aspects of daily life. The FAT LOSER Challenge offers the opportunity, to those who truly desire to make a change in their lives, to access the skills of the UK's leading Wellness Expert – normally charged at £110 per hour - FOR FREE.

The Programme:

The programme is designed over eight weeks to cover all aspects of life from exercise, nutrition and hydration, to life/business coaching, stress management and 'faith tests'. It will also include Dax’s industry renowned POWER principles [Psychology, Optimal Alignment, Water, Energy, Recovery].

The Results:

By the end of the course all participants will have achieved success, not just through increased fitness levels, but also through what they eat, how they feel and how they think, making them fully prepared tackle the world on all levels.

So why is Dax doing this?

Dax says; "Personal trainers and fitness 'experts' are forever making wild claims about the latest fads in exercise and diet yet we constantly see and hear of people that just never seem to achieve success regardless of whose advice they follow.”

He goes on to say; “The problem is that many people suffer paralysis by analysis where they are just so confused by conflicting information that they fail to take ANY and remain in cycles of failure indefinitely. I decided it was time to show that this cycle can be broken.”

The Participants:

All participants must be prepared to travel to Dax’s north London studio twice a week regardless of work/family commitments and MUST be prepared to see the entire course through to the end.

The Tutors:

Dax Moy Personal Training Studios houses some of the best personal trainers in the country. The tutors, having been trained under the guidance of Dax Moy, will be teaching two groups with classes on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 7pm or Tuesday and Friday daytimes at 11am.

All interested people should contact Chris Rees-Williams directly on 020 7354 3550 or email chris@daxmoy. co. uk

Notes to Editors:

  •  Dax can be contacted at Dax Moy Personal Training Studios, 21 St Alban’s Place (off Upper Street), Islington, London N1 0NX. Tel: 020 7354 3550 or www. daxmoy. co. uk


  •  Dax Moy is a Corrective and Performance Exercise Specialist and is principal consultant and owner of his own studios in Islington, London.
  •  Dax was voted one of the UK’s top 10 Fitness Experts in a poll by Health and Fitness Magazine published in The Independent on Sunday (NOV 17 2002) under the headline ‘The Top Brass’.
  •  Dax was the Health and Fitness advisor to the BBC documentary show ‘Diet Trials’ shown earlier this year on BBC1 and personal trainer to C4’s ‘You are what you eat’ with Michelle McManus and regularly appears on ITV’s ‘This Morning’.
  •  Dax writes for Health and Fitness, Handbag. com, Bella, Eve and several industry publications on various health and fitness related subjects.
  •  Dax teaches his own academy for health and fitness professionals providing hands on application of cutting edge research to Physios, osteopaths and chiropractors as well as advanced personal trainers and therapists.

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