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Jewish genealogists now can find, in one web site, a compendium of thousands of links and bits and pieces of information -- all related to researching Jewish roots -- sorted in alphabetical order by country or subject and at no charge to the viewer.

(PRWEB) June 30, 2001

For Immediate Release:

Contact: Ted Margulis tedm333@earthlink. net

Web Site: http://jewishwebindex. com (http://jewishwebindex. com)

Surfing the net for the past twenty years has caused Ted Margulis, a retired resident of Palm Desert, California, to ‘save’ thousands of links and bits and pieces of information he has gleaned – all relating to Jewish genealogy in his personal web site and now available to anyone interested in researching their Jewish roots.

Ted began an interest in this genealogy hobby in 1962 when he attended a first ever-family reunion for members of his mother’s family. Over 100 relatives, many he didn’t know or never had met before, turned out to find out who was who and how they fit into the family tree. The Soloski family had originally emigrated from Lithuania and there was also another branch of the family that few relatives knew about – the Cohen family who lived in Memel, Lithuania. Most of this part of the family never immigrated to the United States and were killed in the Holocaust. There was also a ‘first’ husband of Ted’s grandmother, that few knew even existed, until this information was later unearthed. Since the original discovery of the first marriage of Ted’s grandmother, several branches of that family have been discovered and identified.

Since Ted retired from the personalized gift shop business in 1989, he has pursued his hobby with a great deal of zeal and with each successive new discovery, his wife keeps saying ‘no more new relatives, please! That is, until the latest discovery of finding a Ukrainian born nephew of Ted’s father now living in Melbourne, Australia and discovered by the International Red Cross. This story has been covered several times recently by the Red Cross and is on their current web site.

Now, armed with all of this information and the ‘saved’ links Ted discovered in his searches, he decided to create a web site for other genealogists searching for their Jewish roots. The culmination of his efforts are now on display at http://jewishwebindex. com (http://jewishwebindex. com) which is a compendium of these thousands of links and bits and pieces of information – all relating in some manner to Jewish genealogy – sorted alphabetically by country or by subject. The site is easy to navigate – and easy to read – since Ted designed it with the seniors in mind as he has just turned 70 himself.

In addition to the thousands of links and pieces of information, graphics, including photographs taken while he and his wife Shirley traveled Eastern European countries in their quest to add more to their family knowledge, is nicely placed within the specific country, and the site is constantly updated as Ted is devoted to developing this site as the easiest way to find your Jewish roots.