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Tungsten Branding Names New Coffee House Concept

Tungsten Branding Names New Coffee House Concept

Tungsten, a national branding firm, names Joe Ricos, a new coffee house concept set to open in Houston, Texas.

(PRWEB) February 8, 2005

When entrepreneur Mark Mohr set out to open his new coffee business, he knew it would be different and he wanted a name to reflect that uniqueness. To capture the sense of organic origins, authentic ingredients and search for adventure, he turned to Tungsten Brand Marketing, (http://PureTungsten. com (http://PureTungsten. com)) a naming consultancy with credentials that include PODS, (Portable On Demand Storage), and the new TeamLogicIT franchise launched by FranServ; the company that created Sir Speedy and PIP Printing.

The final result? Joe Ricos Coffee and Tea.

"The 'Joe' portion of the name refers to the American slang for coffee and the 'Rico' is Spanish for 'rich', so you basically have 'rich coffee'", states Phil Davis, president of the naming firm. "But beyond providing a clever meaning, it conveys the sense of adventure and wanderlust that is 'Joe'. In that capacity, he will be the imaginary traveler who discovers these exotic brews and brings them home. It's Marco Polo meets Indiana Jones, and the look of the stores will reflect that feel."

When asked how his new coffee concept would differ from existing ones, Mohr replied, "Unlike Starbucks, we're going to bake our muffins, bagels and scones fresh daily, in our micro bakery. And where Starbucks has gone to automated processes, we have chosen instead to use the proven old world methods of hand crafting our coffee drinks, using fair trade, organic, artisan coffee beans and teas. In addition, we will staff fully trained baristas who will custom make our drinks."

What also separates the Joe Rico concept is the wide offering. "We'll be serving 100% real fruit smoothies - which allows us to offer a certified Koser product. Our base commitment is to utilize organic, Kosher and fair trade products because we believe it's possible to deliver a flavorful, fully natural beverage while benefiting small, co-op type farmers. The fair trade designation helps us to protect the integrity of the small coffee and tea growers throughout the world. It's part of what Joe Ricos is all about."

The new store is set to open mid March 2004 with a second store already planned to follow. Franching is also under consideration. But for now, Mohr is excited about the immediate future and the potential niche that Joe Ricos will serve. "We're glad to have a name that embodies the essence of what this company is about... authenticity, adventure and commitment to our global community."