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A Passion for Business

A Passion for Business

(PRWEB) January 19, 2001


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 A Passion for the business



Rancho, Cucamonga, Calif.; If you ask Anne Acebo-Houlihan, the owner of Satori Seal, distributors of gaskets and O-rings, how a pretty young woman got into this industry she never takes offense. Even after being asked the same questions, her cheery response is disarming. Anne who came over from Glasgow, Scotland when she was 18 (yes, she has that great accent!) worked with a European manufacturing firm before that. After coming to the United States, she married Alex Acebo, who asked her to come on board his company in 1981 when they were manufacturing O-rings and gaskets. Since working in Satori Seal, she tripled the sales and they expanded 71.6% the first year Anne phased the company over to distribution. When her husband died at a young age only 7 years ago leaving Anne devastated, the choice was hers. She could quit, find something else, retire, or go on...

The manufacturing in this field is dominated by men. Undaunted, Anne went back to work as the new head of Satori. Her attitude and unique point of view has proven very successful and she is now imparting it to other entrepreneurs as a professional seminar speaker. This true story, which happened a just few months ago, shows just how she thinks and why she is so successful: A neighboring manufacturer, dealing in underwater flashlights, happened to observe Anne working late into the night many times and he became concerned for her safety. The manufacturing district around their plant and parking lot is not well lit. He sent Anne a small flashlight, for her personal use to easily find her car at night. As soon as she received the flashlight she looked closely at it and began to take it apart. She strongly suspected that it used an O-ring or small gasket or some kind of rubber component. The entrepreneur in her was right. The small rubber gasket was found and she went next door to talk with the neighboring manufacturer about supplying this part for them. She showed them how they could save all the freight charges as well as get a better product and is currently doing business with this company. They are also good friends now and she constantly establishes relationships wherever she travels. In this instance, instead of worrying about her own safety she saw a potential. She remains constantly curious, trying to find new ways to simplify things. Often when visiting a plant she will spot many ways to supply a product for clients that they may not have thought of before. Her love of discovery shows in the ageless practice of taking things apart to see how they work. It may have been unusual from a woman back 20 years ago, but not today. Anne is living proof that where there’s a will, there’s definitely a way. She takes the initiative to “think it through” whenever she sees a new product. The questions she asks like “what is it?”, “how is it made?” and “does it use any rubber components?” as well as “can I do it cheaper and better?” are second nature. She makes doing business fun as well as profitable, and her clients appreciate this aspect. As Anne says, “I always felt that you have to find a way to love what you do and have fun doing it, or don’t do it. I’m lucky to have both.”

Is it just luck? Or a passion.

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