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Campbell Resources Launches Enhanced Internet Website

Campbell Resources Launches Enhanced Internet Website

Campbell Resources, a business travel management company headquartered in Dallas Texas, announced today the launch of its new Internet website. Bringing together all four companies under one roof, and with expanded product offerings.

(PRWEB) January 31, 2004

Campbell Resources, a business travel management company headquartered in Dallas Texas, announced today the launch of its new Internet website. Bringing together all four companies under one roof, and with expanded product offerings.

Encompassing all of CampbellÂ’s business and leisure divisions, the new Internet web site will demonstrate CampbellÂ’s technology and abilities as a Global player in a highly competitive marketplace.

Campbell Resources, Ltd. has been serving the DFW community with exceptional management and travel based programs for more than 20 years. Campbell has built their corporate and leisure travel divisions with the idea that the customer always comes first. Along with this, their corporate travel department has accomplished an online adoption rate of over 60%, with the release of the top-rated travel management program RESX. Campbell has been successful in motivating corporate clients through its incentive based offering from RYI Solutions. RYI Solutions is a division of Campbell that markets and provides fulfillment to clientÂ’s looking to bring high productivity with managed results to the workplace. CampbellÂ’s group and incentive department focus on clients looking to energize their staff while staying within their yearly budget. Offering the best value and service to our clients keeps Campbell as one of the top-rated firms from around the country. (http://www. campbellresources. net (http://www. campbellresources. net))

Contact info: Bruce Christensen, 972-716-2505, bchristensen@CampbellResources. net


Travelers From Countries Of BRIC Interested In The U. S. Destinations Beyond The Typical NY-LA Markets

Travelers From Countries Of BRIC Interested In The U. S. Destinations Beyond The Typical NY-LA Markets

Travel Survey results from Global Advertising Strategies reveal potential for the U. S. destinations to benefit from the emerging markets; BRIC travelers seek to discover the U. S. beyond NYC – LA markets.

New York, NY (Vocus) July 22, 2010

Global Advertising Strategies (Global) (http://www. Global-NY. com), an international marketing and advertising agency completed an extensive travel survey dedicated to consumer preferences of over 500 million travelers from the countries of BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China.) Over 15,000 individuals revealed such travel details as preferred airlines, top destinations of interest within the United States, as well as average budget per traveler.

This time Global focused on destinations outside of the typical tourist routes. Per previous research, cities such as New York and Los Angeles have been actively marketing to BRIC travelers through in-language materials, international travel expos and partnerships with the airline industry. Other destinations, unaware of the existing interest from this emerging travel audience, have not proactively reached out to increase the number of visitors from China, India, Brazil or Russia to their respective states.

“We see airlines and hotel chains picking up on the increased interest throughout the country,” said Anna Abelson, Global’s travel marketing expert. “Top carriers launch direct routes from various cities to Moscow or Shanghai or Sao Paulo. The government bureaus have to follow suit if they want that revenue.”

Over 66% of the surveyed Chinese travelers noted a lack of in-language information for destinations outside of the New York and Los Angeles. Such U. S. cities as Las Vegas, Washington, DC, and New Orleans scored high among the destinations of interest for that market group. Vast majority of travelers from China expressed their desire to explore the United States outside of the traditional New York – Los Angeles – San Francisco offerings, but did not have enough information to finalize such an itinerary.

Houston’s NASA Kennedy Space Center appealed to over 40% of Russian travelers, who also stated their preference for in-language materials.

The study serves as a guideline for Global’s initiative to reach out to the BRIC traveler through comprehensive advertising campaigns. Global’s clientele already benefits from the firm’s expertise in consumer behavior within that audience. The agency recognized the potential and the buying power of BRIC consumers before the mainstream marketing industry, getting a kick-start on its insight into the emerging market segment.

“U. S. brands have no choice but to mind the emerging markets,” said Givi Topchishvili, Global’s Founder and CEO. “Travel industry and its components, airlines, hotel chains, tour organizers and car rental services are particularly vulnerable to economic cycles. Incorporating these travelers into marketing messages makes strategic sense for them.”

Global sees the value of the study for Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus throughout the country. The findings reiterate the necessity of reaching out to this new travel audience and capitalizing on their growing interest in the United States.

About Global
Global Advertising Strategies (http://www. Global-NY. com) is a full-service marketing, advertising and interactive agency with international reach. Our capabilities and experience in catering to the diverse cultural and social identities of consumers worldwide is what sets us apart. By functioning as a gateway into specifically selected markets around the globe, Global’s analysis, tools and experience help it to deliver advertising with maximum effectiveness and efficiency. For more information on Global and its capabilities, please visit Global-NY. com (http://www. Global-NY. com)


Announcing a Veritable Armory of Personal Self Defense Supplies

Announcing a Veritable Armory of Personal Self Defense Supplies

Footsteps rapidly approach from behind as you navigate the parking garage after work. Would you know how to respond? www. mypersonaldefense. com emerges as a stock house for self-defense products and information on preparation for the worst.

Centereach, NY (PRWEB) February 2, 2008

The escalating statistics on crime today are alarming. Recent years have seen a half million cases of robberies and nearly a million cases of aggravated assault in the U. S. alone. There are 40,000 car-jackings a year, where the victims are faced with a weapon 75 percent of the time. Very few expect to be faced with such crime, but everyone should be prepared to defend against such cases. At www. mypersonaldefense. com, buyers will find a vast assortment of self-defense items to better prepare them for such an incident. The site also offers home security, child safety and information on how to avoid dangerous situations.

Perhaps the best non-lethal defense against an aggressive attacker is MACE pepper spray. Fired from a small canister, it causes immediate closing of the eyes, violent coughing and painful burning of the skin. Most models have an effective range of 8-15 feet, and come in a variety of styles such as key chains, belt loop attachments and containers disguised as lipstick or pagers. There are even versions that are designed for dog and bear attacks. The site also offers personal alarms that omit up to 130 decibels of sound. They stock an impressive selection of self-defense instructional DVDs that reveal fighting secrets, like how to "crush an attacker's feet with a single stomp," or "break a man's jaw like a piece of peanut brittle."

It is not only important to be prepared for attacks in unfamiliar areas, but also in the home. Shoppers will find a variety of alarms and motion detectors to alert of an intrusion. Video surveillance cameras can snap pictures of a perpetrator. According to the site, "a burglar spends an average of 8 minutes in the victim's home," so disguised safes such as peanut butter jars and flower pots can decrease the odds of a thief finding your valuables.

Child safety products are also supplied to keep the young ones protected. The popular KinderGard Home Safety Kit includes 12 items such as outlet plugs, cabinet locks and corner cushions to help avoid injuries. Also available is an electronic child leash that alerts a receiver if the transmitter strays beyond a certain distance.

Shoppers will find the site easy to navigate and the product descriptions useful and informative. There is extensive information available describing how to avoid many risky situations, such as home safety tips, travel safety and situations on a college campus. MyPersonalDefense (http://www. mypersonaldefense. com/home) takes pride in their customer service, and offer a 30-day return policy on most products. When it comes to protecting oneself, the home and loved ones, all precautions should be taken to ensure the highest level of personal safety.

Contact: Patricia Dreyer
(631) 285-1517
Pd11720@yahoo. com
Www. mypersonaldefense. com

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Rick Davidson, Ventilator Dependant Quadriplegic for 17 Years, Begins Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip for Spinal Cord Injury Awareness and Research on June 3, 2005

Rick Davidson, Ventilator Dependant Quadriplegic for 17 Years, Begins Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip for Spinal Cord Injury Awareness and Research on June 3, 2005

Rick Davidson to travel from New York, NY to Burbank, CA on a specially constructed trailer, towed behind a 2003 Anniversary Edition Harley Davidson Electra Glide, to promote Spinal Cord Injury Awareness and Research with emphasis on three bills to assist the disabled population.

Olathe, KS (PRWEB) June 1, 2005

When Christopher Reeve passed away, it left a huge hole in the heart of advocacy for the Spinal Cord Injury community and the disabled population in general. Rick Davidson wants to “step up” to the plate and bring the disabled population’s needs and concerns back to light. In order to do this, he has orchestrated a Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip to begin June 3.

Davidson, injured in a motorcycle accident at the age of 21, has lived at home for the last 17 years with home health care nursing. Due to recent changes in his family, he has to look at other options available. To his dismay, he found the system to be lacking in services available for the disabled to remain in their home and active in their community. After much research, Davidson decided to spotlight three bills currently under consideration during a Coast to Coast Motorcycle Trip for Spinal Cord Injury.

The “Money Follows the Person”, the “Christopher Reeve Paralysis Act” and the “MiCASSA” bills, which are all under consideration in both the House and Senate currently, are what Mr. Davidson wants to promote during his trip. The bills will allow disabled individuals the opportunity to remain in their homes instead of being institutionalized, along with allowing more research to help people with brain and spinal cord disorders and disabilities. The bills do not deal with cloning or stem cell research.

Davidson and group will begin their trip June 3 at 10 AM from DillonÂ’s on Santa Fe in Olathe, KS. They have been graciously been approved to begin the official trip at Orange County Choppers in New York. They have a meeting scheduled at the White House 10 AM on June 7, along with meeting with various Governors along the route. The trip will end in Burbank, CA at the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on June 14. From there, they will then begin the trek back home to Olathe, KS.

The Coast to Coast Trip has be made possible by generous donations from Invacare Corporation, Carestaf Medical Staffing, Aspen Seating, Cherub Medical Supply, HarrisonÂ’s Machine and Welding, Classic Customs, Alter Ego Cycles, Central Harley Davidson, and many others, with donations still being obtained.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release or to schedule an interview, please contact Michelle Bradley or visit www. rickdavidson. org.


Michelle Bradley, Media Relations


Www. rickdavidson. org

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