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Captivating Stories of Author's Exciting Spiritual Journey in Third World Development

Captivating Stories of Author's Exciting Spiritual Journey in Third World Development

In Malawi Moonsmoke: Changing a Part of Our World, One Life at a Time, a woman decides to travel to a remote part of Africa, in one of poorest regions of the world, to bring hope and healing to a group of people who need it most. Along the way, she witnesses firsthand the awesome power of God's love and experiences the joy of a new romance after widowhood.

Denver, Colorado (PRWEB) December 12, 2006

Outskirts Press, Inc. is proud to announce a book by Bee Biggs-Jarrell, Malawi Moonsmoke: Changing a Part of Our World -- One Life at a Time. There are so many millions of people living without education, without adequate food, clothing, or shelter, without a heart full of God's love, and knowing nothing of the Christ.

Recently widowed, Bee Biggs-Jarrell, a nurse practitioner, wanted to do what she could to help alleviate the world's suffering. She learned of a special project for the poorest of the poor children in Malawi, a tiny country in south-eastern Africa, who were dying unnecessarily of malnutrition, diarrhea, and vaccine-preventable diseases. They needed a qualified health professional to commit to planning, implementing, and operating the project. Along with her new husband, Ken, Bee spent two years in Africa applying the "public health model" to Nsanje District in Malawi's southernmost region. The world they found there was vastly different from their home in Idaho:

Wherever we went, we were items of curiosity to young and old alike. Nevertheless, it was the children who charmed us, shouting out, "Hey, Zungu!" The deeper into the valley we traveled, the more pathetic the children were. They exhibited poverty, malnutrition, and disease even to the untrained eye. Most children wore no clothes at all, and their bloated parasite-laden bellies and skinny arms and legs told the story of poor hygiene, and malnutrition. Many of the boys wore plastic market bags with the bottom corners cut out so they could pull them on like pants and tie them around their waist. Most of the girls were naked until we appeared, when they would wrap an old, dirty rag around them like a sarong…

Malawi Moonsmoke is an amazing true story of successful interventions in child survival and shows how just one person can make a difference in the world.

A country girl at heart, Bee Biggs-Jarrell excelled in creative leadership through high school and college. Professional nursing education led to service and health care for Nevada miners, cowboys, and Native Americans, and finally led to Public Health Administration for Idaho. For Bee and her husband Ken, serving in Africa was the ultimate career satisfaction. Bee is a frequent guest speaker at high schools and universities where she presents portions of Malawi Moonsmoke to graduate and undergraduate students.

Malawi Moonsmoke: Changing a Part of Our World--One Like at a Time

By Bee Biggs-Jarrell

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