Saturday, May 28, 2011

Theater Productions Introduced to Corporate Executive Housing Solutions in Toronto

Theater Productions Introduced to Corporate Executive Housing Solutions in Toronto

Traditional hotels are costly and most don't offer added value for clients with extended stays. For both business & vacation travelers, hotels are slowly becoming a thing of the past, with a rise in demand for alternative options such as fully furnished apartments.

(PRWEB) December 22, 2010

Companies like SkyViewSuites, who manages a network of fully furnished apartments in downtown Toronto, are receiving more and more enquiries from a new type of client - theater productions.

Productions like Billy Elliot, coming into Toronto from other cities are beginning to realize that websites like http://www. torontofurnishedrentals. com offer added value for guests with extended stays which traditional hotels do not, including significantly more living space and a full kitchen.

Since most travelling productions operate on a "per-diem" housing allowance, cast and crew of shows like Billy Elliot have a significant incentive to seek out cost-effective alternatives, such as furnished apartments.

SkyViewSuites (who operates http://www. torontofurnishedrentals. com) has historically catered to corporate housing clients, but recently they are finding increasing demand from the entertainment industry. Given that there are hundreds of professionally managed furnished apartments in Toronto within walking distance from all its' major theater venues (such as the Canon Theater, the Royal Alexandra and the Princess of Wales), it's no surprise the entertainment industry is finally discovering Toronto's furnished rentals.


Since 2004, SkyViewSuites has been successfully managing furnished apartments in Toronto and providing customized corporate housing solutions to its clients. SkyViewSuites is a privately-owned Canadian company based in Toronto and has developed a strong reputation as a professional and innovative corporate and executive housing providers. SkyViewSuites principals and senior staff have over 30 years of combined property management, real estate & client service experience.