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Held captive by Comanches: A Real-Life Account that Shaped a Family’s Destiny

Held captive by Comanches: A Real-Life Account that Shaped a Family’s Destiny

Captives: Sold for a Horse and Mule is a work of historical fiction based on the real-life story of Samme Darnall’s great-grandparents, Lidia and John Hawken. It is the mid-1800s, and Lidia is a young, married Spanish woman living in Durango, Mexico, in the small mining town of Mapimi. John Hawken is a gunsmith who has traveled to the western United States and has become a well-known fur trapper, mountain man and explorer.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) January 28, 2006

One morning a fierce band of Comanches attack Mapimi, setting the town ablaze, murdering the men, and kidnapping the women and children. We follow Lidia and her friends on their brutal journey to the Comanche village and the ensuing months of suffering at the hands of the Indian tribe.

Lidia is given to an Indian named Tokono to be his wife, but after he is killed in a raid, she and her friends are taken to Colorado. Just outside of Fort Bent, they are discovered by the American frontiersman William Bent, who buys the women from the Comanches for a horse and a mule.

By the time Lidia meets John Hawken at Fort Bent, she is nearly 1,500 miles from her birthplace, has lost all of her family, and does not know if her first husband is alive or dead. It is at Fort Bent that Lidia and John fall in love, and Lidia agrees to live with him as his wife. As John and Lidia Hawken settle in Fort Pueblo, Southern Colorado, they soon find themselves confronting Lidia’s painful past.

Ninety-three-year-old Samme Darnall, a retired office manager-turned-author, penned her first book, Sisters, at age ninety-two. In Captives: Sold for a Horse and Mule, she reveals a passionate story passed on by generations of women in her family.

“The capture, the shock and sorrow of losing her loved ones, the trials that followed, the raids, the daily work and struggles of existence had so filled her thoughts that she had lost track of her monthly cycle. Now with this sickness, she realized that she could very well be pregnant. To have a baby here in this hellhole—could anything worse happen to her?”

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Airline Blog Achieves International Status and Rank Here's An Object Lesson in How to Achieve Greatness among Mediocrity

Airline Blog Achieves International Status and Rank Here's An Object Lesson in How to Achieve Greatness among Mediocrity

In less than 30 months, the IAG Blog has achieved over 2500 entries, and has assembled a team of internationally-recognized World-Class experts too contribute to the content, the support, and the development. Who says that online start ups won't attract experts?

La Jolla, CA (PRWEB) June 16, 2007

Experts like Michael Moran at The Times of London Online are calling it a "Best of the Business Blogs." Innovation Analysis Group CEO and Managing Director Addison Schonland calls it "a labor of love--from early in the morning, until late, late at night." Key users from Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Northrop Grumman, and a variety of Flag Carrier Airline employees and executives from around the world find the postings to be knowledgeable, resourceful, and focused on results. They are finding it indispensable. It's been referenced by FlightGlobal. com as one of two "heavyweight" US-based Air Transport sites.

It's the Innovation Analysis Group Blog--or the IAG Blog, for short, and it can be found at http://www. iagblog. com (http://www. iagblog. com). The blog focuses on aerospace, aviation, and the travel industry with applications such as in-flight entertainment and travel technology as principal areas of interest. By the way, it has a lot of great pictures, contributed by a very large number of contributors who want the blog to succeed. It shows airport delays, offers online bookings, just about every book about airplanes ever written, and has its own travel panel. All in all, just about everything an airline or aircraft executive could want.

Moreover, 41% of the Blog's users are regular users, demonstrating exceptionally high site loyalty--with over 82% of the users visiting the site daily.

Now, even Europeans are getting the word from a US-Based blog. "We were thrilled to be in the top Business Blogs, as rated by the Times of London Online," says Addison Schonland, CEO and Managing Director of the IAG Group, owner and originator of the Blog.

"The blog is often one of the first US sources for analysis of aviation news," says Schonland, "…and, we have many, many hits when we get a news nugget." Schonland, 49, has a background in aviation consulting. He's currently working on his DBA, and constantly ties his expanded learning into the blog.

What will he do as Dr. Schonland that he hasn't already achieved?

"Well, we envision an entire group of dedicated consultants and support elements," says Schonland, "and we expect top performance from everyone involved." Indeed.

About Innovation Analysis Group: IAG, which is based in San Diego, focuses on market research and consulting for the travel industry. IAG is a strong proponent of network innovation--and believes that in order to make network innovation work, it is necessary to cultivate contacts with start-ups and academic researchers, constantly searching for new ideas.

IAG Team Members are based in California, Tennessee, New York, Florida, Texas, Illinois, and the Yukon. As an adjunct, the team recently launched StartupAviation. com, a site devoted to the airline industry, including an online education component.

For more information, contact Addison Schonland at 858-536-9900, or visit the Blog.