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What is Translation Memory?

What is Translation Memory?

Iverson provides training workshops for translation memory software and offers services to provide trasnlation memory.

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Contact: Jean Tikusis, Iverson Language Associates, Inc.

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What is Translation Memory?

Learn about this powerful tool at one of Iverson's training workshops!

Does your company have documents that need translation? Want to learn more about how to tackle translation projects easier? If so, get ahead of the curve by attending a customer-focused training workshop on translation memory software hosted by Iverson Language Associates, Inc.

What is translation memory? Translation memory is a software program used to create a sentence database of a company's translations, for reuse on subsequent translations. Instead of having similar documents (for example, operator and maintenance manuals) translated into the same foreign language from scratch each time, it is possible to reuse already translated text, or repetitive text, from an established memory, thereby reducing the overall cost and time required for translation.

Due to the years of experience using translation memory software on its projects, Iverson has first-hand knowledge of how to develop and apply this beneficial technology. In the case of projects involving large amounts of translation such as manuals, websites, catalogs, forms or brochures, working with translation memory software can significantly reduce the time and the cost of a project.

As part of the training workshop, Iverson will provide reference materials on getting started, support during the project and follow-up. Training can be focused on a particular project, or presented for a general audience, either at your facility or at Iverson's corporate headquarters.

For more information, and/or to arrange a training workshop please contact Hélène Wimmerlin, at 414-271-1144, ext. 19, or via e-mail at helene@iversonlang. com.

Iverson Language Associates, Inc., headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with offices in Washington State, and Portland, Oregon, is a leader in translation/localization, interpretation, technical writing and multimedia production. Iverson provides translation, desktop publishing and project management to a wide variety of industries such as manufacturing, finance, travel, advertising, high tech and education. For more information, please visit the Iverson website at www. iversonlang. com.


Demdex Helps Entertainment Advertiser Improve Display Ad Targeting with TARGUSinfo AdAdvisor® Verified Audience Data

Demdex Helps Entertainment Advertiser Improve Display Ad Targeting with TARGUSinfo AdAdvisor® Verified Audience Data

Ad Agency Leverages AdAdvisor Data to Target Ads to Internet Users Twice as Likely to Become Customers for Leading Entertainment Client

Vienna, VA and New York, NY (Vocus) March 11, 2010

Demdex and TARGUSinfo today announced the integration of TARGUSinfo AdAdvisor® verified audience data with Demdex turnkey audience management solutions.

Demdex helps leading advertising agencies, media companies, and advertisers efficiently manage and leverage their audience data by creating a “Behavioral Bank” full of robust user profiles with data captured from each client’s Web properties and third-party data purchases. With the integration of TARGUSinfo AdAdvisor data, Demdex clients can now have turnkey access to verified demographic, psychographic and product interest data on nearly 50% of their online visitors.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to sift through massive amounts of audience data in order to identify the best sources for each client,” said Randy Nicolau, CEO and co-founder, Demdex. “AdAdvisor verified audience data is an important source for our partners. By having access to verified attributes and being able to easily identify our customers’ best audience segments, we’ve dramatically cut wastage and helped our partners understand how to optimally target before they’ve spent a single dollar on a campaign.”

Ad Agency Use of AdAdvisor for Entertainment Campaign
Demdex and TARGUSinfo have recently applied AdAdvisor data to help a leading advertising agency uncover strategic new insights about ideal prospects for an entertainment advertiser. Analysis using AdAdvisor elements showed that roughly 15 percent of households in the targeted region are twice as likely to be high valued customers.

“The ability for advertisers and ad agencies to effectively manage and integrate third party data is separating the winners and losers in the display advertising market,” said David Helmreich, vice president, AdAdvisor, TARGUSinfo. “Demdex offers the first neutral managed solution that takes into account internal, third party and other data to find the optimal mix that produces the greatest campaign results.”

AdAdvisor data provides a unique ability to drive scalable performance of brand advertising campaigns by helping agencies identify and reach new prospects that best resemble a company’s current customers. With access to thousands of potential targeting criteria such as travel habits, investment needs and brand preferences, AdAdvisor makes it possible for agencies to discretely identify the particular group of consumers that are most likely to be receptive to brand influences and respond to a given campaign.

Demdex and TARGUSinfo have partnered in several important industries such as automotive, travel, ecommerce, and entertainment to bring unprecedented insight and performance to display advertising, site-side optimization, email marketing and more. Both companies allow the leaders in these categories to maximize the use of powerful audience data in all online channels.

About TARGUSinfo
TARGUSinfo, the trusted provider of On-Demand Insight® to the most recognized brands, links and delivers more than 62 billion real-time attributes a year to drive smarter customer interactions on the Web, over the phone and at the point of sale. For more than a decade, Fortune 500 companies have turned to TARGUSinfo to enable improved audience targeting, better customer experiences, higher conversion rates and increased customer lifetime values by using TARGUSinfo identification, verification, scoring and location solutions. TARGUSinfo offers a complete range of solutions to help organizations make better decisions leveraging patented processes built on a proprietary network of hundreds of data feeds and its unique predictive analytics capabilities. A profitable and privately held company, TARGUSinfo is headquartered in Vienna, VA with offices in San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco and New York. For more information, visit www. TARGUSinfo. com.

About Demdex
Demdex™ provides market-leading audience management services for powering dynamic, multi-channel data strategies online. Having pioneered the SaaS audience management market since 2008, Demdex's services are continually being embraced by some of the world's most recognized brands across diverse industries. As the leading alternative to homegrown systems which are expensive to build, operate and maintain, Demdex’s enterprise-level technology provides the scale, reliability, insight and performance necessary for businesses to succeed online. Demdex is privately held and backed by Genacast Ventures and First Round Capital. To experience the Demdex difference, please visit www. Demdex. com.

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