Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Magic Call Button Rolls Out Click-to-Call Business Intelligence Tools

Magic Call Button Rolls Out Click-to-Call Business Intelligence Tools

To provide companies with better business intelligence tools, Trade Winds Advertising has introduced a new click to call and contact software-as-a-service, Magic Call Button, with an interface that not only connects online businesses with website visitors by telephone, but can also deliver a surprising amount of information in real time.

Darien, GA (PRWEB) November 18, 2009

Click-to-call, a technology that enables a website visitor to connect to an online business using standard phone lines is not new, but Trade Winds Advertising's Magic Call Button is able to capture more information and preferences of callers to help businesses close more sales. As the two parties connect by phone, an email or mobile text message is sent to the business owner or staff with the caller's answers to any custom-designed set of questions along with automatic inclusion of telephone number, geolocation, IP address, web page that generated the contact, form ID, date and time.

Victoria Oldham, Co-President of Trade Winds Advertising and product designer of Magic Call Button, comments, "Magic Call Button is distinguished from other click-to-call models because it’s designed to capture more custom-tailored information. The ability to link specific business intelligence directly to sales is the holy grail for online marketers, and with Magic Call Button, a business owner can ask the right questions to qualify customers and present only products and services they’ll really want. That, combined with immediate contact, can lead to significantly more sales."

The latest version of Magic Call Button enables businesses to add unlimited questions to the click-to-call interface. There is also the option to deploy an interactive popup form with a user-defined time delay to attract a web surfer's attention, even if they miss seeing the click-to-call button or form on the page. Scheduling and budget-setting features are used to control times when calls can be accepted; outside of a schedule, phones will not connect, but an alternate, custom confirmation message is displayed and any information captured in the form is immediately emailed to the business, ensuring that no leads are missed.

Studies on the effectiveness of click-to-call have consistently demonstrated that this is an online sales tool that works. Websites using click-to-call report an increase in revenues up to an impressive 45%, with across-the-board improvement in inbound inquiries, and customer satisfaction (sources include Forrester. com). A recent article by Raymund Flandez, Business Reporter for the Wall Street Journal, discusses the best ways to convert Web traffic into sales, and places the use of click-to-call widgets and tools at the top of the list (http://online. wsj. com/article/SB125207251462486505.html (http://online. wsj. com/article/SB125207251462486505.html)).

Businesses with call centers and directories are among the clients that Trade Winds Advertising hopes will benefit from using its proprietary click-to-call tool. Magic Call Button includes a customizable greeting and hold message for the website visitor, while an automated prompt requires interaction by the business owner to help prevent unwanted calls; however, this default prompt can be removed for call centers or businesses that use their own automated greeting and interactive voice response (IVR).

Magic Call Button customers pay $10 per month which includes up to 10 different buttons or forms and up to 60 minutes USA calling. When the initial call allowance is used, the cost per minute is 5 cents. Extra telephone numbers are $3 each per month and can be used in rotation with multiple numbers in a call schedule.

Magic Call Button--A Production of Trade Winds Advertising:

In addition to Magic Call Button, Trade Winds Advertising has also developed destination marketing web portals, designed and published travel guides and launched a number of private websites for clients in industries ranging from biotech to tourism.

For more information about Magic Call Button, call 912-275-5921 or visit http://www. Magic-Call-Button. com (http://www. Magic-Call-Button. com).