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IMMAP Summit 19 -20 August: Turn Your Consumers into Brand Advocates

IMMAP Summit 19 -20 August: Turn Your Consumers into Brand Advocates

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(Vocus) August 5, 2010

When consumers' word of mouth travel at the speed of their bandwidth, one product review CAN make the difference -- making it or just making it through the year.

That's why the smartest business owners are realigning their budgets to strategies for engaging their consumers, rather than just broadcasting to them. Why? A brand advocate in today's media landscape is a powerful business ally.

On Aug 19-20, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia, you can learn the best ideas for turning your consumers into brand advocates in the digital space.

Join Digital Ripple, the 4th Internet & Mobile Marketing Summit. It's the biggest & most comprehensive digital marketing conference in the Philippines.

You'll get to ----

Meet and hear acclaimed web strategist Jeremiah Owyang's Keynote Address
Listen to fearless forecasts and trends shaping the web and mobile
Get global perspective from Digital Marketing and Social Media Experts ---
Robbie Hills of Rock You, Amanda King of Tribal DDB Asia, Nick Sekold of Mindshare,
Ken Mandel of Yahoo!, Anand Tilak of Google SEA, Daniel Lee of Euro RSCG,
Rohit Dadwal of MMA APAC, and many more!
Choose the right solutions for your business from search, social media, mobile web, blog marketing, and WOM
Learn from case studies and leading campaigns that work as presented by Experts
Experience cutting-edge solutions offered by leading suppliers/service providers in the exhibit display

Conference Registration Fees:

Philippines Local Delegates

P 16,000.00 for 2 days inclusive of meals and conference kit.
P 9,000.00 for 1 day inclusive of meals and conference kit.

Foreign Nationals: US$ 450.00 for 2 days inclusive of meals and conference kit.

As a valued client and partner of Admax Network, you are eligible for a 5% discount on the registration fees above. Please highlight this offer during registration.

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Reward Credit Cards – Free Information, Tips and Advice from Leading Website

Reward Credit Cards – Free Information, Tips and Advice from Leading Website

CreditCardAssist. com offers a service providing advice, tips and free information for consumers on how to use reward credit cards to their maximum advantage.

West Hills, CA (PRWEB) June 20, 2006

If people are going to spend money, they may as well be rewarded for it, which just happens to be the concept behind the reward credit card. CreditCardAssist. com, one of the Web’s leading credit card resource destinations, recently announced a service that offers consumers a wide variety of advice, tips and free information so people can learn more about the benefits of reward credit cards ( http://www. creditcardassist. com/rewards/creditcards. html (http://www. creditcardassist. com/rewards/creditcards. html)) and how to use such a card to their advantage.

Everyone wants to be rewarded for the things they do and spending money is no different. In recent years, the advent of the reward credit card means that people can in fact get richer from shopping.

The way people live their lives has changed over the years and so has they way people use their credit cards. In the past, people used their credit cards as a means to buy all of the big ticket items they couldn’t immediately afford. Whether it was a new washer and dryer or a swimming pool for the back yard, they splurged and then worked hard to pay off the balance. Before, people also reserved their credit cards for emergencies only, stowing them away in drawers and cupboards until they were needed for an operation on a family pet or an unexpected vehicle repair.

Now, people are using their credit cards for everyday spending. People slap them down on the counters of grocery stories, gas stations and restaurants, paying for their toilet paper, fuel and hamburgers. Why? The answer is simple. It is because of reward credit cards, also referred to as rebate credit cards. By offering rewards to people who charge items to their credit card, companies encourage people to spend more money.

This kind of credit card spending bodes well for credit card companies, especially when people neglect their balances, but not so well for consumers. Fortunately, when used properly, the rewards available to consumers do help to tip the scales.

Reward credit cards offer people a variety of incentives that can benefit people in different ways. People can earn airline miles, travel rewards, fuel savings and even cash back. These credit card rebates allow people to plan vacations, increase their savings, do home renovations and more. The different kinds of rewards offered by different cards and different companies, allow people to select the reward card that is best for them.

As with all credit cards, a rebate credit card can be a lifesaver in an emergency, a means to an end or a generous friend. However, it can also become a major problem for people who have difficulty keeping their finances under control.

Reward credit cards typically have high interest rates and annual fees to be paid. If a balance begins to persist and accumulate, people with cash back credit cards can find themselves getting deeper and deeper into debt. If too high a debt accumulates, all the rewards in the world won’t make a difference.

People can learn how to make their reward credit card work for them. With the free tips and advice at CreditCardAssist. com, people will be reaping the benefits of their reward credit cards in no time.

Based in Los Angeles, CreditCardAssist. com provides a wide variety of free information, tips, and advice on reward credit cards as well as many other types of credit card offers. For more information, visit the company's Web site at http://www. creditcardassist. com (http://www. creditcardassist. com)