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The Bungler’s Paradox, In Search of the Nexus, Book 1 - An Unusual and Highly Imaginative Novel by R. M. Wilburn For Young Adults

The Bungler’s Paradox, In Search of the Nexus, Book 1 - An Unusual and Highly Imaginative Novel by R. M. Wilburn For Young Adults

Imagine! Enter a chaotic world where your only true weapon is your imagination. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

Tacoma, WA (PRWEB) February 2, 2006

Eleven-year-old Buggy Crenshaw deems herself a writer whose imagination has nodded off lately. But her dull life takes an abrupt turn toward the fantastically unimaginable when her father’s curious invention, his Tremendous-Time-Traveling-Trailblazer, suddenly explodes, catapulting their family to the very brink of the Underworld: a secret pocket of our planet known as Lloyd’s Hollow where magic runs rampant and dreams are far more than just idle imaginings.

The fine line that had once separated Buggy’s fact from her fiction is now obliterated and her imagination is left unbound. In this bizarre new world she learns that everyone claims a varying degree of magical abilities and preposterous creatures are unleashed by the slightest slip of the reckless mind. Buggy collects some curious friends, both real and imagined, who help her understand that her family’s arrival in Lloyd’s Hollow was by no means an accident, and that coincidence is truly a myth for the magically uninformed. Even her mother’s nightly send-off, “Dream big, my little star. You were born to save the world!” has sprung into what Buggy perceives as her undeniable destiny.

Her outrageous curiosity and her powerful faith in her own convictions land Buggy smack in the middle of a harrowing battle of good versus evil. Here, she learns that she is, and through time has always been, a Warrior for the Greater Good of Mankind. When the Darkest Evil threatens to ensnare us all, Buggy and her new allies must find a way to thwart the Demon Electrocucius before he captures our souls and commits them to eternal torture.

Buggy learns firsthand, however, that Evil is hard to kill…

Her message to you is this: The magic is real…if you dare to believe!

Dream big!

Author Contact:

R. M. Wilburn

253) 538-1856

754 102nd St. S.

Tacoma, WA 98444 

Http://home. comcast. net/~rmwilburn/book1.html (http://home. comcast. net/~rmwilburn/book1.html)

Publisher Contact:

Jeanine Sampson

Outskirts Press, Inc.

10940 S. Parker Rd – 515

Parker, CO 80134

888.672.6657 ext. 704

Book Statistics:

ISBN: 1598001140

Retail Price(s): 13.95

Size and Format(s): 6 x 9 Paperback

Page Count: 215

Availability: Ingram, Baker & Taylor, Amazon. com, barnesandnoble. com, www. outskirtspress. com/bunglersparadox (http://www. outskirtspress. com/bunglersparadox )

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The AGA Great Escape Contest Invites People Who Love Cooking, Traveling

The AGA Great Escape Contest Invites People Who Love Cooking, Traveling

90-year-old stove manufacturer offers prize of celebrity-chef classes plus 3-day trip for 2 to Carolinas and Georgia

Buena Park, CA (PRWEB) August 14, 2010

For people who love to cook and to visit beautiful places, The AGA Great Escape Contest, by AGA Ranges (http://www. vahmarketing. com/indoor-outdoor-appliances/aga-range. php), offers a three-day, all-expense-paid trip for two to the beautiful Carolinas and Georgia, including cooking classes, home tours and lunch with a celebrity cookbook author. The drawing is open to anyone who fills out a contest entry online and attends an AGA Cooker Demonstration offered by an AGA dealer (http://www. vahmarketing. com/luxury-appliance-dealers. php) in their area by Oct. 31, 2010.

The contest winner and guest will receive air transportation to Charlotte, NC. Returning from Savannah, GA. where they will enjoy hours of cookery classes and a luncheon with a celebrity cookbook author, plus demonstrations of how to cook on an AGA Cooker.

The prize includes an interactive AGA Cookery class (http://www. vahmarketing. com/luxury-appliance-event-signup. php) and one night accommodation at Duke Mansion Bed & Breakfast (http://www. dukemansion. com) Charlotte, NC., AGA Cooker Home Tour and one night accommodation at Planters Inn (http://www. plantersinn. com) in Charleston, SC., AGA Cookery Class, lunch with a celebrity cookbook author and one night accommodation at Palmetto Bluff Resort in Savannah, GA. Remaining hours will be spent exploring local historic areas and enjoying the luxury/resort accommodations. Meals and ground transportation in Charlotte, Charleston and Savannah are included.

AGA Cookers are powered by natural gas, propane or electricity and was invented by a blind Nobel Prize-winning Swedish physicist Dr. Gustaf Dalen in the 1920s, creating a tradition and reputation that has grown over the years around the world. Proponents extol the cast-iron, enameled stoves for their beauty, radiant heat, heat-storage, and “lock-in-the-flavor” features as well as for their sound construction designed to last a lifetime.

Each AGA Cooker includes four unique ovens (one each for roasting, simmering, baking, and warming) and spacious hotplates set simultaneously at different temperatures for boiling, melting, and warming.

“The stove is warm and ready to go when you are, like an old-fashioned wood-burning cook stove with its multiple compartments for different cooking functions,” said Bob Wells, Vice President of Sales for VAH Marketing, the California distributor for AGA Ranges. “You can do so many things with the AGA, so the contest winner will be in for a real treat.”.

To enter the AGA Great Escape Contest, go to www. aga-ranges. com.




'Mission Possible': Community Safety Net Expanding Across North America To Help Kids

'Mission Possible': Community Safety Net Expanding Across North America To Help Kids

Company Growth Means Rewarding Careers For Dedicated Individuals

Winnipeg, MB (Vocus) January 17, 2009

Community Safety NetTM, a leading provider of educational safety resources for children, is expanding its reach to help protect young people in all fifty states. The expansion, which is currently focused on Kansas, Wisconsin, and Missouri is intended to support the company’s “Mission Possible” initiative.

“Mission Possible” aims to make CSN resources available to all children in North America by January 2010. In support of this goal, CSN is currently seeking friendly, enthusiastic, dedicated, individuals to work closely with community leadership partners who are committed to child safety.

This rewarding full-time opportunity is ideally suited for self-motivated individuals who enjoy travel and meeting new people, and truly care about protecting kids. Past sales experience is less important than excellent interpersonal skills and a sincere desire to help children, in order to succeed as a Project Coordinator with CSN.

“At CSN, our mission is to protect kids for life,” says Sherry Phaneuf, Executive Director of Community Safety Net. “Our materials have been proven to help protect children from harm, while educating parents and guardians on a variety of safety topics. That’s why the dedicated members of our team not only earn a good living — they also go to sleep every night knowing that they’ve helped to make a difference in kids’ lives.”

Community Safety Net is a family-run, values-oriented publisher that produces a series of highly regarded safety resources created especially for kids. To date, over three million children in Canada and the United States have benefited from CSN materials.

To learn more about the company and this rewarding career opportunity, please visit www. communitysafetynet. com/career. cfm (http://www. communitysafetynet. com/career. cfm)

Community Safety Net works with communities across the United States and Canada to provide children with educational safety resources (http://www. communitysafetynet. com/career. cfm). CSN’s mission is protecting kids for life. For more information, visit www. communitysafetynet. com.

For More Information:
Sherry Phaneuf, Executive Director 
Gateway Community Safety Net 
1-800-665-4878 ext. 894