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Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce Launches World Class Health-Tourism in South Florida

Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce Launches World Class Health-Tourism in South Florida

Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce Launches World Class Health-Tourism in South Florida with Standards Excellence. Executive Medical Exam and Health and beauty Packages. Executive Exam & Health and Beauty Packages in South Florida.

Miami, Florida (PRWEB) April 27, 2006

Today Health tourism International Chamber of Commerce launched the most compressive health-tourism operation in the world by offering patient access to world class medical procedures with state-of-art-technology combined with first class travel packages at a very affordable cost structure, "announced Dr Garis Silega, Chairman of Health Tourism International Chamber of Commerce based in Miami, Florida.

South Florida has a level of excellence in medical care, procedures, treatment and technology. said Garis Silega. " When you combine our world class facilities with the Florida tourist attraction, we create an atmosphere that treats patient with human dignity and respect and not as an insurance case number"

Each health-tourists is provided with full service for their medical treatment and travel needs.

The Chamber offers the following quality services:

24/7 Bi-lingual personal assistant

Pre-travel consultation with the Doctor

Post-surgery consultation with the Doctor

Post Treatment recovery

Full-service travel arrangements including air-tickets, hotel and transportation tour packages including customized option.

World Class Medical Provider:

The Chamber offers medical services thought their member with leading medical clinics, hospital and center how Cedar Medical Center, Baptist Hospital, Cmlab and other provider the South Florida with access to hundred of board certified doctor and specialties. Thorough chamber, patient have access to more 25 specialties including Executive Medical Exam, breast augmentation and liposuction. Access to information for all clinics, hospital, doctor and procedures are available in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Chamber member are institutions and personalities internationally recognized.

The South Florida community have great benefit for the combination the world class medical procedure with first class luxury leisure packages to create a truly unique and affordable health-vacation experience complete with accommodation, personal assistant and other amenities.

The Chamber plan to bring businesses to enhances more opportunities for prosperity in business. We would like to reach doctor and medical institution around the world and provided them with help in all respect to set up safe international practice.

The Chamber programs more the 50 events for the year 2006 these include mixer, business expo, seminar and Health Fair.

The Chamber bring special attention to other activities related how International health insurance, Spas center, Spas Equipments, medicinal and natural products.

The chamber select Miami hw to place to celebrate the First International events "Miami Health Tourism International Fair" on December 2006; the officially proclaim will take place during throwing the Hippocrates Magazine and Luncheon on May 20 in the city of Coral Gables.

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Dr Garis L Silega