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Travelrobe: a New Travel Site Focusing on Destination Guides and Cheap or Discounted Rates

Travelrobe: a New Travel Site Focusing on Destination Guides and Cheap or Discounted Rates

Travelrobe was built with its focus based on providing customers with a one stop shop to all their travel needs, Hotels - Flights - Car Hire - Cruises - Vacation Packages - Golf - Spa and much more.

(PRWEB) June 8, 2006

Travelrobe was built to help customers with their search for suitable discount hotel rooms or vacation rentals all over the world.

With our extensive data base of discount hotels we ensure that customers get the cheapest discount hotel rates on the internet through Travelrobe.

We Provide customers with up to date information on a large variety of countries and cities worldwide, we feel that it is important that customers are able to research a country and to know a little about the customs of their intended destination before they travel.

On Travelrobe customers can book Hotels - Flights - Car Hire - Cruises - Vacation Rentals - Golf - Spa - Family Holidays and much more.

Our main feature is providing information on any of our destinations, with most of this information readily available we feel customers should be aware of concerns that could make a difference to their holiday.

Travelrobe's focus is to also to encourage customers to book new destinations each year for their holiday, from Australia to Africa or Singapore even India, but not having current information about the intended destination could be risky.

Here at Travelrobe we recommend booking in advance, last minute deals are usually higher compared to booking at off-season times of the year, if you find a deal, buy it! our inventory changes constantly and that great deal might not be available again.

Customers can compare prices on cheap flights bargain flights to Spain, USA, Australia, Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, France and many more cities worldwide and remember it can often be cheaper to take a connecting flight.

Travelrobe provides its customers with greater choices and access to more car hire suppliers than any other online company, make us your online source for discount car rental worldwide.

Our system will search for the lowest available rental car rates on all types of vehicles and it is easy to create, modify and cancel your online car rental reservation, with just a few simple clicks you can be on your way.

For great winter sports break or fantastic summer holidays Travelrobe has everything you need and with our latest vacation package special offers and promotions customers can save a bundle.

Customers can view and book great offers online by resort, country, or date of arrival and our system will search all our suppliers to get you the best deals on flights and hotels, book now and save with Travelrobe.

Customers can book a last minute cruise a cheap Caribbean cruise, Mediterranean cruise and regardless of whether this is their first cruise, we can find just the deal for them and that's not all, at every port passengers can disembark and tour the island for a few hours and to get you started we recommend St Lucia.

Find out where to go and how to plan your trip with Travelrobe's Destination Guides.


ChristianUTube. com Launches Into Christian Market & Global Community With God's Favor

ChristianUTube. com Launches Into Christian Market & Global Community With God's Favor

Video Blog Hybrid Model Merges YouTube. com and MySpace. com in First Version - Upload MP3's & RSS Feeds

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) March 27, 2007

TheUTubeNetwork. com Founder & CEO Spider Ledesma, announced the launching of their first exclusive industry site and video sharing community in the world at ChristianUTube. com (http://www. ChristianUTube. com).

All ChristianUTube. com members first 10 minutes of video are Free - so sign up for your very own Free video blog and begin uploading your Christian videos and begin sharing today.

CEO Spider Ledesma, Lakewood Church congregation member since 1993, stated in an upbeat manner, "We are very pleased to offer the global Christian community an exclusive Christian video sharing model that will not only provide entertainment and lots of fun - but to empower all aspects of Christian life including but not limited to: shopping, music, ministry, churches, business, dating, job & resume postings, prayer requests, books, services offered, travels, rentals, movies & DVD's, etc."

The Santa Cruz, CA native continued, "Our continuous goal is to create and develop the most comprehensive Christian video sharing community (and proprietary software) in the world that includes serving all aspects of a Christian's every day life. Our thinking was to go beyond providing an entertainment and media platform - to helping Christians strategically connect with other Christians via video in real-time, for any reason, to meet any need. We have always envisioned ChristianUTube. com empowering the global Christian community to expedite selling or renting their homes, market their business interests and/or companies with commercials, find ministries, locate services offered, find a date/healthy relationship, procure business advice, locate vacation rentals, connect Christian entrepreneurs with Christian investors, as well as impacting all levels of ministry, etc. In the final analysis ChristianUTube. com is here to empower the global Christian community's daily needs with a new media tool and vision of Victory."

Concerning all forms of ministry Ledesma stated, "We believe God has appointed this media ministry to build up and enlarge the reach and global impact of many anointed Christian ministries around the world including but not limited to: alternative, business, financial, entertainment, music, sports, youth, new, dramatic arts and/or 'home-made-ministries-shot-from-the-family-room' which would not normally be given the opportunity to air their ministry message and/or products to millions of Christian consumers - due to their unconventional format or lack of significant financing to purchase considerably more expensive airtime on traditional networks. The 3 investors (one Canadian & 2 American) that helped launch ChristianUTube. com know what it's like to financially struggle though one is giving it all they got and putting in an honest work week - we are very much 'blue collar' people like most people are. We really wanted to do something that would empower other Christians in a myriad of ways including growing people's ability to earn a better living financially. Now any Christian can have their ministry, product, service and/or unique message televised and 'On-Demand' at ChristianUTube. com."

When asked about what ChristianUTube. com expectations are concerning the launch he stated, "We are very excited at our launch and expect the best things to happen to us. We know the Lord wants to do a new thing here for the entire Christian community according to Isaiah 43:19. My pastor Joel Osteen coaches us to expect good things to happen to us and reminds us constantly that God will do above all that we could ask or think - so in accordance with our faith and God's good character we are expecting our new media model to be very well received by the Christian community and that ChristianUTube. com has God's favor upon our operations and will in-turn begin serving and meeting the daily needs within our community in an effective and comprehensive manner via video."

Concerning future software upgrades he added, "We are already beginning to break ground on our second version (UTv2.0) of our user software and we will reveal some very kool site layout edits and user-friendly video blog upgrades with our media platform and member communications."

The CEO touched on a few points below to educate readers.

  •  Video blogs: ChristianUTube. com offer lots of versatility to our community members as they can pick from several different template styles, blog color schemes and font colors - as well as individually edit and customize their own template if they have programming skills!
  •  Webcams & Camcorders: ChristianUTube. com fist version (UTv1.0) technology allows community members simple uploads for Webcam users as well as camcorder users. All the info you need on how to upload video from your camcorder to your computer or for what type of hardware (Webcam) a beginner should buy to begin uploading your own videos on ChristianUTube. com today - can be found in our FAQs section (Q: #1 & #9).
  •  Music & MP3's: ChristianUTube. com allows users to upload to their video blogs their favorite Christian music in MP3 format. All the info you need on how to make MP3 files from your CD's (as well as direct you to FREE music software you can download to begin uploading your own MP3 music files today) can be found in our FAQs section (Q: #2).
  •  RSS Feeds: Every community member has on their video blog homepage their very own unique RSS Feed that anyone can subscribe too to keep up to date on all your latest entries (video, photo, MP3 & text). RSS is great for promoting your Christian vids, products for sale, and new entries of any kind.
  •  Photos: Slap them up now… as many as you want… and smile! = )

Sign up for your free ChristianUTube. com account and begin broadcasting your Christian Life, Experiences & Victories at ChristianUTube. com (http://www. christianutube. com/index. php? page=en_Signup).