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Tourism Authority Thailand Selects Venice Consulting Group to Develop New Luxury Web Site

Tourism Authority Thailand Selects Venice Consulting Group to Develop New Luxury Web Site

New web site will allow visitors to plan and book vacations to the lap of luxury in Thailand.

Venice, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2006

Venice Consulting Group (VCG), a leading software development and consulting firm based in Venice California, today announced that the Tourism Authority Thailand (TAT) has selected VCG to develop a new web site to service high-end luxury travelers. The new web site will provide prospective visitors with information about the Thailand region with a specific focus on the natural beauty and cultural significance of the area, and also allow visitors to plan and book their entire trip through the site.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand conducted a wide search for possible vendors to implement the highly visible project, and eventually tapped Venice Consulting Group for the contract due to their strong track record and technical expertise. VCG will be responsible for the technical development and integration of the site, and will work closely with TAT on the design and development.

VCG will implement a Content Management System which will allow TAT and their partners to manage all aspects of the web site content, as well as a travel booking engine which provides integrated booking capabilities to allow prospective visitors to plan and book their trips through the new site.

The new site is scheduled to launch in mid-2006.

“When we were first approached about this project, we were immediately thrilled at the possibilities of how we could construct a web site that met the duel goals of being extremely aesthetically pleasing as well as offering all the functionality that the Tourism Authority of Thailand were looking for,” says Eric Weiss, partner at Venice Consulting Group. “This project allows us to leverage our skills and experience to deliver an asset that TAT will be able to leverage for many years to come to target specific countries and traveler types as the TAT strategy evolves.

“When you mention ‘Thailand’ to travelers, immediately a few things come to mind: gorgeous scenery, exotic cultural experiences and friendly people. We aim to create a site that will reflect all the characteristics and values of Thailand.”

“We are very excited to be working with the Venice Consulting Group to leverage their strong technical skills in the design and development of this important web site,” says Juthamas Siriwan, Governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand. “We are looking forward to having a strong web site that allows us to better promote the luxury and pleasure of Thailand available to the discerning traveler.”

With high-end travelers in Europe, Asia and the Americas constantly searching for premium vacation locales, Thailand is well-positioned to establish itself as the top luxury destination. The country combines a unique blend of culture, natural splendor and the famed Thai hospitality, and the new web site will look to capture the essence of the Thai experience for web visitors to access from around the world, twenty four hours a day.

About Venice Consulting Group:

Venice Consulting Group is a leading software consulting and development company, specializing in time-sensitive and mission-critical system development. With extensive experience in technologies such as. NET, Java and open-source environments, our consortium of seasoned consultants deliver quality solutions on time and within budget. The benefit of our consortium approach is our agility and flexibility. Because of our depth of resources, we can field complete project teams or skilled individuals to augment your team quickly. Our team has deep industry experience that cross many vertical markets from real estate to media & entertainment to new start-up ventures. Please visit us at www. VeniceConsulting. com to learn more.

About the Tourism Authority of Thailand:

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) was established on March 18, 1960, the first organization in Thailand to be responsible specifically for the promotion of tourism. TAT supplies information and data on tourist areas to the public, publicizes Thailand so as to encourage Thai and international tourists to travel in Thailand, conducts studies to set development plans for tourist areas, and co-operates with and supports the production and development of personnel in the field of tourism.

Since the inception of the first local office of TAT in Chiang Mai in 1968, there are now 22 local offices throughout Thailand. TAT has also established many overseas offices the first being the New York office in 1965. TAT has since established 15 more offices in different parts of the world during the past 30 years.

For more information, please visit www. tourismthailand. org

Media Contact: Edward Yang, (949) 500-6422

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Top 10 Family Gift Ideas at firstSTREET Announced

Top 10 Family Gift Ideas at firstSTREET Announced

What are the best gifts for the family this holiday season? firstSTREET, a Top 400 Internet Retailer announces its innovative list of Family Gift Ideas to help answer this question. A trusted gift and gadget retailer, firstSTREET's criteria for great family gifts include conduciveness to family interaction, comfort and fun!

Colonial Heights, VA (PRWEB) October 25, 2006

FirstSTREET (http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com), a Top 400 Internet Retailer and catalog company, announced its Top 10 Family Gift Ideas for Christmas 2006. Gift ideas from this innovative retailer were chosen based upon their ability to stimulate family interaction, create comfort within the family unit and inspire fun throughout a household. With hundreds of innovative, memorable family gifts to choose from, the following reflects those products that best represent the criteria above:

1) Westinghouse 42-Inch LCD TV

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=47759&promotion=81993

These stunning 42" monitors will not only fit in with the decor of any room it's placed it, it's loaded with tons of features. This versatile monitor can function as your television when connected to your external HD cable or satellite box. It can also serve as a computer monitor when connected to a PC. Specifically optimized for use with the latest high definition sources, this TV features an industry leading six HD input connectors. This allows you to connect to all of your favorite sources you will be able to watch TV, DVD's, play video games, surf the internet, or view digital photographs at an uncompromised 1080p resolution. A great family gift idea…affordably priced at $1,995!

2) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=48568&promotion=81993

Now you can play the popular game, and test your trivia smarts, in the comfort of your own home any time that you like! This electronic version of the popular show is simple to use and fun to play. Set up is easy - no console required -- all you need to do is plug the game into your television set using RCA plugs. The game is played using the specially designed wired remote controllers. You can either play by yourself or challenge up to 3 other people. A great investment in family fun for only $39.95!

3) Lionel Pennsylvania Train Set

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=49658&promotion=81993

Based on the legendary locomotive freight trains that were in service from the 1930's through the 1960's, this real, authentic Lionel train is ready to run. Racing across the countryside this 4-4-2 die-cast metal steam locomotive is ready to haul its freight to the big port cities. Traveling through a short extension bridge, and whizzing past telephone polls the locomotive with its four cars (tender, boxcar, flatcar with crate load and red caboose), the train chugs to its destination. Has authentic whistle and puffs real looking smoke from its stack. A terrific gift for the entire family that's only $199.95!

4) Spa 2 Go

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=13729&promotion=81993

An inflatable, 4-seat portable hot tub you can take with you wherever you go. Featuring a relaxing full body turbo wave massage, this hot tub is easy to install, and inflates quickly by connecting an attachment to the blower motor on the power pack (air pump included). With an ultra-comfortable cushioned bottom and side panels, it holds 250 gallons of water and also has a digital control panel to adjust the temperature. Most definitely a gift the whole family will enjoy throughout the year! Available for $799.95 plus shipping while supplies last.

5) Retro Music System

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=49329&promotion=81993

This beautifully designed system combines the most modern of components with a retro style design. This musical wonder is housed in a classic wooden paneled, four legged cabinet, complete with old-fashioned speaker panels in the lower front. Situated above those speaker panels are the modern (and some that will take you back in time a few decades) musical components. Starting at the top of the console you'll find the three-speed (33, 45 and 78 rpm) turntable for playing old records. Tune into the AM/FM radio, located directly below the turntable, that will allow for 40 stations to be preset (20 AM and 20 FM). Two cassette decks allow you to play cassettes and dub music from other formats. Three-disc drawer-type CD changer allows for constant rotation of disks (change two while one plays) enabling you to continuously enjoy music in its modern digital format. A family entertainment value at $299.00!

6) Win Lose Or Draw

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=48583&promotion=81993

Inspired by the TV game show, the Win, Lose or Draw game is the perfect party game for kids and adults alike. It uses the latest video technology, enabling the game's electronic drawing pad (uses three AA batteries, not included) to plug right into your TV for quick set up. All that's left to do is to choose your teams, select your difficulty level, and start to draw. The LDC screen on the drawing pad gives you a word or phrase (one of 1500 drawing clues in three difficulty levels) and the clock starts ticking down the 60 seconds you have to draw. As you draw on the pad, your image appears instantly on the TV screen! This family video game is available for only $39.95!

7) Roll Bar

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=31139&promotion=81993

Take this refrigerator right to where your guests are sitting. The lightweight Roll Bar can be easily transported on its large, smooth wheels. Don't worry about the drinks getting warm either. The rechargeable battery pack will power the extremely quiet Peltier cooling system for up to 5 hours after it's unplugged. The high-tech Iso Titan™ insulation foam keeps it all cool. A great family gift idea for $399.00!

8) Nostalgic Kettle Popcorn Maker

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=48773&promotion=81993

Introducing the Nostalgic Kettle Popcorn Maker, a charming, old-fashioned popcorn maker that resembles the street vendor carts of the late 1800's and early 1900's. Capable of producing delicious popcorn just like in movie theaters, this nostalgic gem will be a hit when you're having a party, playing games or hosting a social event. The design of this popcorn maker may be nostalgic, but it uses today's technologically to produce fresh, hot, mouth watering popcorn. A perfect addition to family movie night for only $89.95!

9) Soundmatters MAINstage ™

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=6711&promotion=81993

Soundmatters MAINstage ™ is a compact amplifier and speaker system that simulates Dolby Digital 5:1 soundtracks and concert-like musical performances-from one revolutionary speaker cabinet. Get a panoramic acoustic experience with stage-like presence from any TV, CD player, DVD player, VCR, video game system, or computer. No additional amplifier, speakers, sub-woofer, or wires needed. Starts at $199.95!

10) Epson PowerLite Home 20 Home Theatre System

Http://www. FirstStreetOnline. com/product. jsp? id=35714&promotion=81993

Experience your favorite sporting event, home video, games, movies and more on the big screen. No need for a huge screen to consume your living space. This lightweight portable projector can be used on a shelf or small table and comes with a free 80" 16:9 pull up screen. Just pack it away when not in use or take it along to a friend's house, for the utmost in home entertainment anytime, anywhere. Don't let the affordable price tag fool you. This projection system uses the latest Epson 3LCD™ engine technology to achieve the resolutions and sharp detail of popular Plasma screens. A family bargain at $899.98!