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HotelSystemsPro Announces hotelWebSpace to Drive Traffic to Websites Via Internet Prospecting

HotelSystemsPro Announces hotelWebSpace to Drive Traffic to Websites Via Internet Prospecting

HotelSalesPro Sales System Goes Wireless - Easy Access from Popular Mobile Devices

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 15, 2009

hotelSystemsPro (http://hotelsystemspro. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009), a pioneer of Web-based enterprise solutions that enable hotel companies to increase market share (http://hotelsystemspro. com/products. htm? Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009) and revenue through improved property and staff performance, today announced the formal launch of its newest product, hotelWebSpace (http://www. hotelwebspace. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009) an online marketing tool. The innovative software is designed to optimize a property's Internet presence and drive increased online reservations through local event opportunities, using landing pages and search engines to target event visitors.

HotelSystemsPro also announced the launch of iSalesPro, the mobile delivery service of hotelSalesPro (http://www. hotelsalespro. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009), its popular Web-based, multi-property enterprise hotel sales (http://hotelsalespro. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009) system. iSalesPro gives hotel sales teams greater access to the sales tracking software, which streamlines property marketing, reservation booking and contract activity management by property, region, flag and staff. The application, initially designed for iPhone users to allow them quick access to hotelSalesPro via their mobile devices, will be available on other mobile devices in the coming months. With this application users can easily review their calendar, check group and meeting space availability, and add or edit their accounts and contacts as needed, without logging into a computer.

HotelWebSpace meets guests online - where they shop

HotelWebSpace offers properties the opportunity to capitalize on the consumer shift to online travel planning. The user-friendly program quickly enables customers to identify local marketing opportunities such as tournaments, festivals and conventions. Using these results, hotels can customize landing pages that proactively target their intended clients and boost their rankings on popular search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo, a key component of any property's search engine optimization (SEO) (http://www. hotelwebspace. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009) strategy. hotelWebSpace is currently installed at 550 properties in North America.

Coakley & Williams Hotel Management Company, a high performance management company, has been testing hotelWebSpace at 16 properties during hotelSystemsPro's development phase.

"Our company is already seeing the benefits and revenue potential that hotelWebSpace has to offer," said Mike Parent, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Coakley & Williams Hotel Management Company. "One of my properties recently booked a $1,700 package from their hotelWebSpace landing page. The shopper was surfing the Internet looking for things to do in the area and our customized event package popped up in the search results. They were so excited; they even booked an additional night."

With the guidance of hotelWebSpace, hotel marketers can create landing pages that link back to the property's website and booking engine, or provide viewers the option of emailing the page to a friend. A blog function, moderated by the property, allows guests to comment on their experiences with the hotel.

"hotelWebSpace is a dynamic and interactive online system that can advance the revenue potential of any property in any market," said Chip Carroll, president of hotelSystemsPro. "This is a valuable online marketing cutting-edge technology tool for our customers."

Security features in hotelWebSpace enable administrators to control who in the company has user access rights and what information is published to the page. Email alerts can be generated automatically when pages requiring corporate approval prior to publication are ready for review.

Free bi-weekly webinars are provided to teach hotel professionals best practices for maximizing the benefits of hotelWebSpace. Topics can range from developing effective search strings to gathering competitive marketplace information.
HotelSystemsPro customers include companies operating properties from select-service to full-service hotels across all brands, as well as catering venues and private clubs. hotelSalesPro, hotelServicePro (http://www. hotelservicepro. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009) and hotelWebSpace (http://www. hotelwebspace. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009) systems are provided to more than 2,000 properties with approximately 15,000 users in hospitality and other industries.

About hotelSystemsPro
Founded in 1996, hotelSystemsPro is a technology company operated by hospitality professionals who provide high performance, ASP-based enterprise and property solutions that enable hotel companies grow market share through better management of assets, increased sales, reduced operating expenses, and a higher quality guest experience. hotelSystemsPro partners with clients to provide solutions that scale across a broad range of properties in North America and around the world. Whatever the size of the property operator or its challenges, hotelSystemsPro solutions do the heavy lifting for operators to streamline operations and boost staff productivity and profitability. Our solutions include hotelSalesPro, hotelCateringPro, hotelServicePro and hotelWebSpace. For more information, visit hotelsystemspro. com.

HotelSalesPro is a multi-property ASP sales and catering system with scalable functionality that increases sales efficiency for hotel chains and independent properties. hotelServicePro is an economical hotel maintenance solution that preserves property asset value and improves guest service by automating the communication, scheduling, tracking and reporting of tasks surrounding best practices, guest requests, safety requirements and preventive and equipment management. hotelWebSpace, is an effective new online marketing solution that drives market share for hotel companies.


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Email: sales(at)hotelsystemspro(dot)com
Www. hotelSystemsPro. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009 (http://www. hotelSystemsPro. com/?Campaign=PRWebWebspaceJun152009)

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Life in the Virtual NetSpace of 2230 in Debut Novel by Cyberpunk Writer Carol E. Meacham

Life in the Virtual NetSpace of 2230 in Debut Novel by Cyberpunk Writer Carol E. Meacham

Atrocious Adventure Publishing announces the release of "Machina Obscura," the debut novel by first-time science-fiction author Carol E. Meacham.

Rossville, GA (PRWEB) June 17, 2006

Atrocious Adventure Publishing announces the release of "Machina Obscura," the debut novel by first-time science-fiction author Carol E. Meacham.

Set on Earth in the year 2230, the novel focuses on a twenty-year-old NetRunner named Xyl and her enigmatic new partner Gracie as they become involved in unraveling a plot created by a corrupt Federal agent. Following a trail that might have been planted by Agent Searles himself, the two find themselves chasing clues and broken links through the virtual world of 2230 to discover two evolved artificial intelligences poised to monitor in real-time all criminal activities taking place in the virtual world. Realizing that her own friends and the world they have scraped out for themselves on the streets are at risk, Xyl must find a way to warn all of NetSpace of the plot before the two artificial intelligences initiate their monitoring program.

"Machina Obscura" (ISBN 0-9777733-0-2) is 220 pages in paperback format, published by Atrocious Adventure Publishing based in Rossville, Georgia, printed by CafePress and available to all major book outlets through Book Clearing House. For additional information or to obtain copies for review, please contact Atrocious Adventure Publishing.

Carol E. Meacham writes science-fiction short stories and novels focusing on artificial intelligence, interplanetary and interstellar space travel, utopian/dystopian futures and other futurist topics. Her short story anthology "The Curve of Shadow" is available on CafePress. Her next novel, "Aquaria," the sequel to "Machina Obscura," will be released in Winter 2007. She works for the United States Postal Service and lives in Rossville, GA.


Carol E. Meacham

Atrocious Adventure Publishing


Infosite: www. atrociousadventure. blogspot. com

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