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BooksoftheYear. com Interviews Author Denise Martin about her book, "Eating My Way to Heaven"

BooksoftheYear. com Interviews Author Denise Martin about her book, "Eating My Way to Heaven"

Denise Martin is interviewed at BooksoftheYear. com about her book "Eating My Way To Heaven," which details her journey out of addiction, to health and wholeness.

(PRWEB) November 1, 2005

Rarely does an author open her heart, soul, and psyche as does Denise Martin in "Eating My Way to Heaven," a rollicking ride of an autobiography that surpases, inspires, entertains, and downright boggles the mind.

While Martin's story speaks to a common theme-using addiction as a substitute for love and acceptance-her own journey is anything but typical. As she hurtles through her juggernaut of life, Martin's penchant for self-destructive choices keeps her constantly fighting to get up from the mat. Admittedly she takes more wrong turns than right while traveling her convoluted path; yet armed with her irrepressible sense of humor, the desire to do the right thing, and a resilient inner strength, she eventually emerges from her pain and denial to discover a life of balance and peace.

"Eating My Way to Heaven" tells its story at breakneck speed, crowded as it is with hundreds of people and experiences ranging from silly to poignant to bizarre to enlightening. With its well-written prose and wickedly funny look at life, "Eating My Way to Heaven" paints a fascinating and unforgettable picture of one woman's triumph over addiction.

BooksoftheYear. com recently featured Denise Martin in an online interview about her book. When asked what inspired her to write the book, Denise said "I felt like I had something powerful to share, to help people recover from abuse more gracefully than I did."

Denise also said, "I still believe that 'Eating My Way To Heaven' will help our world in helping our population pull out of our self-destructive choices."

Read the entire interview with Denise at http://booksoftheyear. com/Interviews/DeniseMartin. htm (http://booksoftheyear. com/Interviews/DeniseMartin. htm).

Visit Denise Martin at http://www. eatingmywaytoheaven. com/ (http://www. eatingmywaytoheaven. com/)

"Eating My Way to Heaven"

Paperback: 290 pages

Publisher: Book Publishers Network

Language: English

ISBN: 188754223X

When ordered via http://www. eatingmywaytoheaven. com/ (http://www. eatingmywaytoheaven. com/), 50% of the profits from book sales of Eating My Way to Heaven will go to help the vicitims of Hurricane Katrina. You may order from Amazon. com and save yourself a small amount of money, but if you order through Denise's web site the amount going to help in the relief of Hurricane katrina will be greater.