Monday, January 17, 2011

HyperTech Solutions Introduces PLeX-TM Middleware: Finally a 'just right' Travel Technology Alternative

HyperTech Solutions Introduces PLeX-TM Middleware: Finally a 'just right' Travel Technology Alternative

HyperTech Solutions has announced PLeX - TM a cost-effective, "just right" application solution for travel suppliers and distributors. PLeX - TM is the best route to adding dynamic packaging and live-inventory to your travel offering...

Elmsford, NY (PRWEB) November 23, 2005

Say you’re a travel supplier looking to add complex dynamic packaging, a booking engine, or a live inventory interface. Your IT guy nixes any major enhancement to your existing system. You face a classic and wholly unsatisfying choice: Buy a “one-size-fits-all” (sure!) package, or bet the bottom-line on an ultra-expensive “trust-me” custom software ordeal. This is a choice between extremes so far apart that a cruise ship could sail through the gap.

HyperTech Solutions announces a third choice: PLeXTM Middleware.

Rakesh Mishra, president of HyperTech Solutions further explains the industry’s dilemma this way: “Most successful travel companies have developed unique competencies that differentiate them from their competitors. A company simply aiming to enhance its product offering—with dynamic packaging or a booking engine—isn’t anxious to sacrifice its unique capabilities or to voluntarily throw away other proven aspects of its functionality; there’s always something—often many things—they insist must be kept and that won’t fit into the confines of a package or that would be too expensive to customize around. We’ve found this phenomenon even within companies that readily acknowledge a need for a major technical overhaul.

“So we architected PLeXTM Middleware as a suite of state-of-the-art modules that are equally comfortable melding with existing systems as they are fitting snugly together in a full enterprise solution. Put PLeXTM modules between an existing front-end and back-end (thus “middleware”) or replace everything. This is an exciting solution for the real business world.”

PLeXTM Middleware modules can, as a full suite, replace an entire applications infrastructure, or individually can add one or more sophisticated capabilities to an existing infrastructure. Or they can accomplish anything in between. Costs and implementation timeframes are a fraction of the custom path and clients experience none of the compromises or unexpected cost-overruns and functional limitations typical of package software, and functionality is absolutely at the forefront of the travel industry.

“We’ve been leaders in sophisticated travel technology since the late 90’s.” Mishra says. “Our original Integrated Product Manager (IPM) product family has been widely regarded as the most flexible and comprehensive travel application available. We’ve always done everything possible to engineer web-based platform independence into every facet of our work, using java, relational database technology, open source compatibility, and other flexibility-friendly design concepts. In the last two years, we’ve refocused our proven IPM technology into suites targeted to specific travel industry segments. Now that our rebranding is complete, we’re formally announcing PLeXTM Middleware.”

PLeXTM Middleware is available in the following suites and modules:

PLeXTM Enterprise; PLeXTMResort; PLeXTMTour Operator; PLeXTMTour OperatorPlus; PLeXTMWholesaler; PLeXTMWholesalerPlus; PLeXTMGroup; PLeXTMEvent; PLeXTMOn-Line; PLeXTMCruise


FocusVision Enhances Video Editing Tool

FocusVision Enhances Video Editing Tool

Making reporting and analysis even easier for market researchers

Stamford, CT (Vocus/PRWEB) January 17, 2011

FocusVision, the leading global provider of qualitative research solutions, has made it even easier to align key decision makers using video highlights from their qualitative research.

“Clients are consistently telling us that incorporating video highlights into their presentations is more impactful and gets management more engaged”, said Tom Myers, Director of Client Services – North America at FocusVision. “Video highlights show management first hand, what consumers are saying.”

The key improvements are centered on the video editing tool which is integrated into the Online Archive FocusVision provides after every project. Improvements center on the new playback feature that makes fine-tuning clip content much faster and easier, for a much more accurate clip. New users will also appreciate a more intuitive interface and additional pop-up “Tool Tips”.

Once created, users can combine their video clips into highlight reels and insert them into PowerPoint presentations.

About FocusVision: FocusVision is the leading global provider of live video transmission, analysis and archive solutions for the qualitative market research industry. With transmission solutions for all venues, including focus group facilities, in-homes and shop a-longs, and online webcam focus groups, FocusVision delivers the highest audio and video quality, reliability and security for the most advanced research organizations in the world. With a virtual backroom experience, FocusVision solutions increase key stakeholder participation, avoid the hassles and costs of travel and accelerate the review, analysis and reporting process. For more information about FocusVision visit http://www. focusvision. com.

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