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Philip Stein Teslar Diamond Watch is Now Available at MilredBarrett. com With Other Exquisite Gifts, Jewelry, Handbags and Timepieces for Your Elite Taste

Philip Stein Teslar Diamond Watch is Now Available at MilredBarrett. com With Other Exquisite Gifts, Jewelry, Handbags and Timepieces for Your Elite Taste

MildredBarrett. com boasts a client list of some of the most notable athletes and celebrities in America. To celebrate a successful Spring 2005 www. MildredBarrett. com is offering Philip SteinÂ’s Teslar 1.16 Karat Genuine Full Cut Diamond watch as a perfect reward for yourself or gift for that special someone in your life. The Teslar chip emits a defensive signal shielding your body from harmful electromagnetic pollution generated by invisible radio waves to reduce stress and improve your sense of wellness.

(PRWEB) April 15, 2005

Spring is blooming and MotherÂ’s Day is right around the corner. ItÂ’s now time to think about shaping up for summer, upgrading your fashion ensemble and choosing that ideal gift to celebrate the season.

Now you can make a strong fashion statement while focusing on good health and fitness with an exquisite timepiece available from www. MildredBarrett. com. The Teslar watch, by jeweler Philip Stein, has achieved rave reviews for protecting the body from electromagnetic pollution generated by invisible radio waves from wireless computers, cell phones, transmitters and high tension wires.

Philip SteinÂ’s Teslar chips are a health and wellness achievement worthy of Nobel Prize acclaim. The Teslar chip, named for famed inventor Nikola Tesla, who worked with Thomas Edison, emits a defensive signal shielding your body from harmful electronic pollution reducing stress, hyper-activity, headaches, depression and anxiety. Not only does the watch look terrific it improves your sense of wellness.

Electronic pollution has significantly increased with our emphasis on technology; television, radio, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets have been linked with serious health hazards. Philip Stein Teslar watches include a copper chip inside each watch that assist the wearer's body in neutralizing electronic pollution from devices like PDAs and cell phones.

Clients have reported they feel calmer, sleep more soundly, and have recognized improved concentration and increased energy levels. Philip Stein says their Teslar watch helps the body strengthen its energy field, lessening the negative effects of exposure to electronic pollution.

Oprah Winfrey was so impressed with the Philip Stein Teslar watch that Madonna gave her in December 2003 that she later featured the watch on her program "Oprah's Favorite Things," where she gave a stainless steel Philip Stein Teslar watch to every studio audience member.

Dr Valerie Hunt, Professor Emeritus at UCLA, was quoted, saying the watch “magnifies the strength of the biofield, thus protecting the body from destructive electromagnetism.” One reported study of an American football team wearing the watches found that 97 per cent noticed a reduction in the intensity of aches and pains.

The stylish timepiece has scored with celebrities including: Lennox Lewis, Barbara Walters, Model Jodie Kidd, P Diddy, Jack Nicholson, and Madonna is said to have bought two for her children.

The inventors, renowned scientists Ilonka Harezi and Dr. Courtland Reeves, have for twenty years been studying the effects of low frequency electromagnetic fields and their impact on the human body. Harezi and Reeves believe that extremely low frequencies or “Elf” generated by modern electronics negatively influence the central nervous system which can cause headaches, tiredness, fatigue and other unhealthy symptoms. In combating this problem the chip they developed introduces (non-Hertzian) waves which are reportedly capable of protecting a person from pathogenic influences of Elf.

Press coverage of the Philip Stein Teslar watches has included over fifty publications including: People Magazine, U. S. Weekly, Hollywood Life Fashion and Vogue. The Philip Stein Teslar can be found at such fine retailers as Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale's and now www. MildredBarrett. com. Philip Stein has made an impact on watch market with a fashionable line that promises to not only look great, but make you feel better with costs from £375 to £3,000 for a diamond version, there’s something for everyone!

Www. MildredBarrett. com is proud to announce her MotherÂ’s Day special with the addition of the beautiful diamond accented Philip Stein Teslar. With clients including: NBA Coach Clifford Ray, Dallas Mavericks Eric Dampier and Shawn Bradley including many other professional athletes. If you are person with discriminating taste youÂ’re sure to find something that will appeal to you or your loved one this spring at www. MildredBarrett. com

With 1.16 karat genuine full cut diamonds youÂ’re sure to turn heads. This featured Philip Stein Teslar available at www. MildredBarrett. com includes Stainless Steel Case on a Black Satin band, interchangeable with six color watch bands. Bezel set with 1.16 Karat Genuine Full Cut Diamonds. Curved case back with bull-eye windows, White Fashion Dial, Hidden Crowns, Scratch Resistant Curved Mineral Crystal, Black color treatment on Crystal, White Fashion Dial with applied Roman numerals, Luminous hands, Two quartz movements, Water resistant to 30M, 3 ATM resistant, Philip Stein Small Case Diamond. Large size stainless steel case; 1.16 karat genuine diamonds; Curved case back with bull-eye windows; 3 ATM resistant.

When Philip Stein Teslar is worn, wearer may experience

•Deeper, more restful nighttime sleep

•More calm and less tension in normally stressful situations

•Improved concentration and ability to focus at work

•Increased levels of energy

Www. MildredBarrett. com

Www. MildredBarrett. com boasts a client list of some of the most notable athletes and celebrities in America. Several years ago after a tragic auto accident took her son, as catharsis Mildred increased her world travels assembling an exquisite selection some of the finest gifts, jewelry, handbags and timepieces available. Soon friends were asking for her expertise in selecting gifts, jewelry and watches. Within a very short time Mildred was acting as personal shopper to some of the most notable names in the News. www. MildredBarrett. com was soon created to offer her friends easier access to her inventory and now you can utilize the same eye for luxury, shopping savvy and desire for the best that www. MildredBarrett. com clients have enjoyed for several years.

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