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Experience Harmony And Prosperity With MysticBoard. com's Comprehensive Feng Shui Suite Software

Experience Harmony And Prosperity With MysticBoard. com's Comprehensive Feng Shui Suite Software

Feng Shui is all about balancing the energy of Yin and Yang so as to bring about good health, happiness, and prosperity in our lives. Consulting the Feng Shui masters often turns out to be too expensive. Mystic Board's new comprehensive Feng Shui Suite Software helps in harmonizing the home as well as the office environment from various different aspects.

Stone Lake, WI (PRWEB) October 29, 2007

Swetha Lodha of Mystic Board is proud to announce the official launch of one of the most comprehensive Feng Shui programs - MB Free Feng Shui Suite Software which is available online at http://www. fengshuisuite. com (http://www. fengshuisuite. com). It is a comprehensive software program which helps one get an insight into the different aspects of life and thus aims to help in improving the surrounding environment so as to promote health, happiness, and prosperity.

Ecstatic about the fact that her hard work has come to bear fruit in MB Free Feng Shui Suite Software, Swetha Lodha, the CEO of Mystic Board says, "Although MB Free Feng Shui Suite is an advanced software, it is handy and very easy to use. It can also be downloaded as five separate softwares as per your needs." She continues by saying, "MB Free Feng Shui Suite is a comprehensive software that has been designed to calculate a person's Kua number, Lo Shu number, Ba Zi and Flying Star Chart. Apart from these calculations, the software also lets you prepare your own Bagua map for your house. It thus acts as an excellent guide which helps you understand, interpret and learn as to how to emphasize the important areas of life that need immediate attention for a better living."

Swetha Lodha adds, "The software is an interactive program which has an intuitive interface and is also very easy to use." Speaking about the accuracy of the software Swetha says, "Precision is the most important factor in Feng Shui softwares. All our softwares have been acknowledged to be highly accurate, reliable and have been appreciated by many experts on the board. Getting the calculations right has taken time and lots of patience to achieve."

According to the Chinese myths, the Kua number (http://www. FengShuiKuaNumber. com/ (http://www. FengShuiKuaNumber. com/)) is very important as it defines a person's auspicious and inauspicious directions as well as the personal colors to wear and avoid. It is calculated based on the date, time, place of birth and the gender of an individual.

Like the Kua number, Lo Shu (http://www. FengShuiLoShu. com/ (http://www. FengShuiLoShu. com/)) also holds a prime position in Feng Shui. The software creates the Lo Shu magic square based on one's date of birth so that one can get a clear picture of what life has in store and which elements need to be added for a better life.

It is the Chinese Four Pillars of Destiny or Feng Shui Ba Zi (http://www. FengShuiBaZi. org/ (http://www. FengShuiBaZi. org/)) which tells an individual about the kind of relationship that one will be sharing with others, about one's wealth prospects, character, personality and many more things related to a person's life. It is calculated based on the date, time and place of birth. Gender also plays an important role in calculating a person's four pillars of destiny.

Feng Shui Flying Star (http://www. FlyingStarFengShui. org/ (http://www. FlyingStarFengShui. org/)) is the analysis of the 'Qi' energy and the patterns that affect a person's life and work. It is calculated based on a person's name and the year when his house was built.

Bagua Chart (http://www. FengShuiBagua. org/ (http://www. FengShuiBagua. org/)) is the chart that relates the various areas of life to the eight sections of the living space. The important areas of human life are wealth, career, love, fame, travel, wisdom, health and children. The software helps one understand the areas in which making enhancements can take care of problem areas and which parts of the home ought to be focused on.

Swetha Lodha further states, "Developing these softwares has not been an easy task, keeping in mind the complex nature of the subject. But this was a challenge that we took up and we have come out with flying colors. If people gain positively from them, we shall feel that our efforts have been put to good use. Also Mystic Board is the first esoteric site to have come up with such a comprehensive Feng Shui program."

MB Free Feng Shui Suite Software has been developed keeping in mind the average Internet user. The sole aim of Mystic Board is to help people, and as such the software has been launched for free. The software tool thus created is a simple way to spread the importance and awareness of creating a balanced environment to serve as an additional personal growth engine. Also the software should be taken only as an initial guide and advanced detailed changes should be done only after consultation with experts who can be consulted free of cost on MysticBoard. com

MB Free Feng Shui Suite (http://www. FengShuiSuite. com (http://www. FengShuiSuite. com)) is absolutely free and has already proven to be a popular choice among users. It is further supported by MysticBoard. com, an online discussion forum, which has an exclusive section dedicated to Feng Shui (http://www. mysticboard. com/feng_shui (http://www. mysticboard. com/feng_shui)). Here, one can find experts offering advice and one can also take part in discussions on Feng Shui.

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