Thursday, December 30, 2010

Partnership Solves Difficulty in Finding Time for Employee Training

Partnership Solves Difficulty in Finding Time for Employee Training

A partnership between MaxImpact and Macomb Community College allow companies to have completely customized online workshops at their desks. Employees will no longer have to gather together at the same time, travel, or give up lunch hours for training classes.

Rochester, MI (PRWEB) December 10, 2005

Companies have long struggled with trying to find a time to get all employees to take part in a specific workshop or seminar without having a dramatic impact on their daily operations. That dilemma is now in the past thanks to a partnership between MaxImpact of Rochester Hills, Michigan, and Macomb Community College in nearby Clinton Township.

Building on an existing partnership, the two are now making available over 50 different classes in an online format, completely customized to a single organization.


Each new organization to the program selects the topics they want to present to their employees. Organizations also have the option of having a needs survey performed to identify the classes their associates feel are the most important. The class(es) are scheduled and each employee is provided with instructions for participation.

Employees then log into the class website to obtain assignments and participate in discussion boards with the other participants from their same organization. Class participation ranges from 10 to 30 minutes per day, with the employee signing into the class when it has the least impact on their job responsibilities.

The employee-to-employee networking and interaction during their class will build camaraderie and relationships as they interactively learn skills.

Unique Benefits

Here are the unique benefits for the companies and employees:

  •  Classes are customized to each organization based on the organization’s business, policies, and specific needs.
  •  Organizations with multiple locations are able to have employees interact in the same class without travel expenses, a great way to increase the team spirit and cohesiveness among facilities. These classes
are 100% on the Internet, available on any PC throughout the world.

  •  Classes are completely interactive! Participants are interacting with others in their company.
  •  Each employee participates as they are available and when it is best for them. The time an employee participates is completely up to them.
  •  Classes are available 24/7 so all shifts can participate at the same time. Also traveling employees are able to participate based their local time and appointment schedule.
  •  Participants earn CEU credit hours which can be applied to degree programs at many colleges and universities.

Getting Started

This is a unique opportunity for an employer to build the skills of their employees. No other offering provides for customized team-building interaction at each participants own speed and on their own schedule while satisfying a business need and earning CEU credit hours to be applied to lifelong learning. To get started in this program, contact MaxImpact at 248-802-6138 or via email to info@getmaximpact. com.

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