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Software Maker Offers New Hope for an Industry Plagued by Errors and Complexity

Software Maker Offers New Hope for an Industry Plagued by Errors and Complexity

Toolbuilders Laboratories releases Sempre, a development tool that lets programmers build better applications and gain the upper hand against errors.

Spokane, WA (PRWEB) January 9, 2005

Airline computer "meltdowns" have been cited for one of the worst holiday travel seasons on record, offering yet another example of the software industry's continuing struggle to produce and maintain complex, reliable systems. Helping software engineers gain the upper hand is the mission of Toolbuilders Laboratories, which today released a product that promises to radically improve software as it written. The company’s first commercial release of its self-described source code improvement environment for the C language offers developers capabilities found in far more expensive packages through its self described Code Improvement Environment. Sempre Developer Personal is priced at $199.00 and was launched today through e-commerce partner element-5, a company with a proven reputation for delivering high customer satisfaction experiences for online sales in the technical products industry. After a $100.00 discount for “early adopters”, the tool will cost just $99.00.

"We've experienced a tremendous amount of interest in Sempre even prior to release," said VP of Operations Shad Wheeler. " Our advertising campaign on Dr. Dobbs' and C-Users Journal websites have been part of an aggressive online marketing blitz resulting in heavy traffic to our website and a steady increase in our community forum membership. Developers are definitely interested in what we have to offer."

Sempre Developer Professional, the big brother of Sempre Developer Personal, is being released at the same time and sells for $799.00. It is also discounted for early adopters and includes an upgrade credit from the Personal version. The similarly priced Sempre QA Professional will be released around Q2 of 2005 and will contain features sharply focused on quality assurance activities. The Professional versions of Sempre will initially be available only through direct sales channels. Professional services are available to leverage SempreÂ’s more advanced capabilities in highly specialized environments.

Sempre is a static analysis, code refactoring, and code comprehension suite all delivered through its code improvement environment resembling the integrated development environments (IDEs) developers are familiar with. The remarkable interface that fuses all these features together is intuitive enough that new users can quickly dive into some of its most advanced capabilities, helping to support marketing claims of rapid productivity ROI.

“Sempre has been very effective for us on our NASA and DoD projects,” says Dr. Joel Henry, a researcher who performs independent verification and validation at the University of Montana. “It performs fast, automated source analysis and has been instrumental in uncovering critical issues that went undetected.”

According to Toolbuilders, one of Sempre’s most notable features is its Visual Backtrace™ technology; a sort of source code visual aid that helps developers better comprehend call structures within a body of code. Visual Backtrace is an enhanced multi-path tracing feature that builds an exhaustive list detailing critical aspects of entities as they are traced. In turn, this helps auditors analyze a greater number of paths, in less time, across the entire code base.

Sempre is one of the few desktop tools of its kind that allow for both the auditing and editing of source code, setting it apart from other “review only” code auditing systems. Changes to code are quickly recognized and adjustments made to the displayed source trees and other code browsers. Re-analysis incorporates these changes quickly enough to make feasible the process of editing and auditing during code authoring.

Using patent-pending Contextual Source Analysis™, Sempre is able to automatically analyze large scale C language code structures to perform semantic evaluations, making it far more powerful than lexical tools.

“Comparing Sempre to analysis tools that do not understand code context is like comparing a tool that can evaluate the meaning of an entire document to a spell checker,” says Product Manager Scott Love. “The powerful analysis results are referenced by virtually every editing assistance feature Sempre offers, and provide richly detailed, meaningful analysis reports.”

Toolbuilders Laboratories is located at 505 N. Argonne, Bldg A, Suite 1, Spokane Valley, WA 99212. Contact by phone at (800) 837-9712, or by e-mail through info@toolbuilders. com