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Introducing Jetwerk, for Connecting on a Business and Social Level While Traveling

Introducing Jetwerk, for Connecting on a Business and Social Level While Traveling

Don't let running into friends be just a coincidence.

Los Angeles, CA (Vocus) July 30, 2008

Jetwerk, the social network for traveling business and entertainment professionals, today announced the debut of its website that will enhance travel by taking business trips and turning them into memorable experiences by easily connecting professionals with their friends, family or colleagues that may be at the same place at the same time.

"There's a large gap between the major social networking sites and those focused on business networking -- the former feels like wearing clothes that are too young for me and the later feels like a job fair," said Jetwerk Co-founder, Tim Godwin. "Everyone has a story of how they had crossed paths with friends or people they do business with after the fact. Some of my best travel memories and business dealings came from those times of running into people while on the road. Jetwerk will help make that happen more often."

Jetwerk is a unique social networking site for business and entertainment professionals that travel frequently and would like to make the most of their travel time. So many times people are out on a business trip, and had they known there are people they know in the same town, they could be spending quality time with people they want to be with. Jetwerk does this by cross referencing trips with friends in the same network, then notifies both parties by email.

The Jetwerk concept was born when co-founder, Rob Rampley, took a trip to Sweden and realized after the fact that a friend from New York had been there at the same time. "It never crossed my mind to let my New York friends know I'd be in Sweden."

While traveling, Jetwerk can connect people to their close circle of friends, everyone they know, or someone new. Visit www. jetwerk. com and start connecting.

About Jetwerk:
Founded in 2007, Jetwerk is a social networking service that enhances travel experiences for business and entertainment professionals. Founded by Rob Rampley, Christopher Compton, and Tim Godwin, Jetwerk caters to those that want to ensure they maximize the time they have while traveling by knowing who will be at the same place at the same time. For more information, visit www. jetwerk. com.

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LAEDC Supports LAX Consensus Plan and Pledges to Continue Working On A Regional Airport Strategy

LAEDC Supports LAX Consensus Plan and Pledges to Continue Working On A Regional Airport Strategy

For the first time since the LA Summer Olympics in 1984 has the city come up with a LAX Expansion Plan everyone can live with.

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 17, 2004

The Board of Directors of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) voted overwhelmingly today (Tuesday, June 15, 2004) to support the “Consensus Plan” for LAX sponsored by Councilwoman Cindy Miscikowski.

“The Consensus Plan is highly responsive to the issues raised by the LAEDC last November 3, 2003 regarding Mayor Hahn’s Alternative D,” said Chairman Viggo Butler of the LAEDC’s Airport Task Force.

“It reorders the priorities in a logical manner and provides the flexibility to reconsider the more costly and controversial elements like the Manchester Square Ground Transportation Center and the elimination of Terminals One, Two and Three which we continue to oppose.”

“The Consensus Plan also identifies the need for a Regional Airport Plan, which the LAEDC has advocated for the past three years as a critical element of our “60 Mile Circle Report,”explained Robert Hertzberg, chairman of the LAEDC. “We need to develop regional support for additional passenger and air cargo service at other airports in Southern California. LAX cannot handle all future growth.”

Butler, former COO of Lockheed World Airports, noted that passenger convenience is the key to attract flyers to other airports. This is why the LAEDC has been such a strong supporter of remote flyaway check-in locations where passengers can obtain seat assignments, check luggage for their flight and be transported by comfortable, swift, diamond lane buses to their airport gate. A well-planned flyaway system would enable a passenger to leave from one airport and return to another, depending upon available flights, to meet business or travel needs.

The LAEDC and the Reason Foundation studied this option and issued a report recommending implementation three years ago as a near-term means of reducing traffic at LAX and increasing use of other regional airports like Ontario.

The LAEDC is now working on a multi-county public-private effort that will better distribute passengers and cargo throughout our rail and regional airport systems. “We are committed to creating multi-jurisdictional public-private partnerships to enhance the economic development and quality of life in the region.,” Hertzberg said.

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