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Denise Solay Foils The Fabled EyeglassElves With Her NECGLASSES™ Eyewear Necklaces

Denise Solay Foils The Fabled EyeglassElves With Her NECGLASSES™ Eyewear Necklaces

Denise Solay, one of America's leading jewelry designers, has created her new NECGLASSES™ Collection of Designer Eyewear Necklaces to enable fashionable women to highlight and preserve their increasingly exciting, expensive and luxurious eyeglasses without being forced to wear "drugstore quality" leashes, loops or lariats.

New York, NY (PRWEB) March 4, 2008

With the introduction of her new NECGLASSES™ Eyewear Necklaces Collection, Denise Solay, one of America's leading jewelry designers, has saved millions of women from the anguish of unintentionally losing, or breaking today's increasingly expensive and beautiful, eyeglasses.

Solay says "The EyeglassElves™, who, I believe are employed by rogue eyeglass makers, wreak havoc by hiding your glasses, and secreting them in places where they will be stepped on, sat on or otherwise rendered unwearable."

Solay first discovered this when a friend sat on her new glasses, which had been mysteriously hidden beneath a cushion in her studio. "Probably by one of those Elves." She says.

With fabulous sunglass and eyeglass frames becoming the new fashion "must haves," Solay was spurred to outsmart those EyeglassElves by creating an equally fabulous collection of eyeglass necklaces to enable their owners to protect their glasses while looking better than ever.

Denise Solay's NECGLASSES are Sterling Silver and Semiprecious Stone, designer necklaces that are also eyeglass, sunglass or reading-glass holders. This is real, designer jewelry! Not the usual lanyards, loops, and leashes that are traditionally found at optometrists, sunglass stores and gift shops.

This is jewelry that today's chic businesswoman can wear to the office to keep her glasses handy, and can also be worn "sans glasses" as a beautiful necklace with no hint of their other use.

The collection also includes CORDON DU SOLEIL™ Sunglass Necklaces, that a style-conscious traveler wouldn't hesitate to wear to the chicest St. Barth's boîte, and, CERCLE DU SOLAY™ beautiful necklaces that are designed so you can hang a pair of glasses from them, but don't look like that's what they're designed for.

NECGLASSES can be seen online at: [http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3378/NECGLASSES. htm (http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3378/NECGLASSES. htm) __title__ NECGLASSES Webpage]

CORDON DU SOLEIL can be seen online at: [http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3418/CORDON_DU_SOLEIL. htm (http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3418/CORDON_DU_SOLEIL. htm) __title__ CORDON DU SOLEIL Webpage]

CERCLE DU SOLAY can be seen online at: [http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3494/CERCLE_DU_SOLAY. htm (http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3494/CERCLE_DU_SOLAY. htm) __title__ CERCLE DU SOLAY Webpage]

And the EyeglassElves? Well, Solay says, "After years of fabled mischievousness creating frustrations, such as losing one sock or glove from a pair, the Elves were considering going into the business of making women lose one earring from a pair, until they found out that I had already designed exciting, 3 earring sets called THREEEZ™. "

THREEEZ can be seen online at:
[http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3284/THREEEZ. htm (http://www. denisesolaydesigns. com/pages/3284/THREEEZ. htm) __title__ THREEEZ Website]

Ahh! An Elf's life is never easy!

For anyone who is overly concerned, EyeglassElves are an invention of Denise Solay's imagination.

NECGLASSES, CORDON DU SOLEIL, CERCLE DU SOLAY, THREEEZ and EyeglassElves are trademarks of Denise Solay Designs, a division of The World on a String, Inc.