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All Access Live: The Little Music Show That Could – Breaks National Ground

All Access Live: The Little Music Show That Could – Breaks National Ground.

ProducersÂ’ grass roots syndication approach brings All Access Live into 30 Million homes.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) December 1, 2004

All Access Live, the weekly 30-minute concert series brought to you from Austin, Texas — the Live Music Capital of the World — is breaking national ground! The very first episode of All Access Live premiered on Austin’s WB on October 4, 2003. One year later, this concert series has expanded from one mid-sized market to débuting this fall before an audience of 30 million households. This unfiltered behind the scenes concert show featuring Platinum recording artists such as Los Lonely Boys, Blues Traveler, 3 Doors Down and others; as well as up and comers like Gavin DeGraw and Ben Kweller, is currently broadcast via satellite and airing coast to coast in 28 cities throughout nineteen states including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Phoenix, Washington D. C, Seattle and Orlando to name a few. The new affiliates will broadcast a 52-week run of 26 original episodes.

The showÂ’s producers Art Attack Productions, Inc. took an unconventional approach to getting the show out to the masses. With the help of Atlas Worldwide Syndications and through a series of cold calls from the producers themselves, All Access Live slowly gained ground one market at a time and continues to add more markets almost weekly. It is estimated that All Access Live will reach over 50% of the country by early 2005.

“Like our syndication approach, there is an overall grassroots vibe to the show that our viewers can really identify with”, says the show’s Executive Producer, Gigi Greco. All Access Live directly targets the coveted 18-34 demographic via viral and lifestyle marketing. In addition to a steady flow of email blasts, press releases and on-air mentions through AAL’s radio partners; an enthusiastic and dedicated All Access Live Street Team consisting of young music lovers excited by the return of live music programming on TV spreads the news by the use of street distribution and word of “mouse”, handing out fliers and posting detailed show info on artist and music related websites, message boards, and blogs. To learn more about All Access Live, please visit: www. allaccesslive. com.

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Gigigreco@artattackprods. com

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Family Safaris in Africa Offered by Safari Specialist

Family Safaris in Africa Offered by Safari Specialist

African safari trip specialists Natural High are now offering a range of family safari packages in several locations including Tanzania, Kenya and Zambia.

UK (PRWEB) November 19, 2009

One of the things many parents aspire to, but can find infuriatingly elusive, is the perfect family holiday. There's a relatively short window when the children are old enough to enjoy travelling, but young enough not to feel that the only thing that would make it better would be if the parents weren't there. And then of course there's the cost of the family holiday.

Most hotels view anyone over the age of 12 as an adult. One well known theme park in the States, (apparently impervious to the inherent irony of their position) even views anyone aged more than 10 years old as an adult, when it comes to paying.

So how refreshing it is to hear of one African safari company (http://www. naturalhighsafaris. com), who really understands the plight of families. Far from penalizing children older than 12 years old, Natural High Safaris takes the view "Who wants to be a grown up?

One thing that a safari in Africa awakens in us all is our inner child, so Natural High are delighted to be able to offer a range of spectacularly authentic family safaris in Africa (http://www. naturalhighsafaris. com/content/family. html), where any family travelling with children up to the age of 21 will only pay the child accommodation rate.

So for families looking for an exceptional experience, one that takes them and their children out of their every day world, where can they begin? Well, if it's wild animals they want to see, then few African countries can rival the quantity and diversity of National Parks in Tanzania. A Tanzania safari (http://www. naturalhighsafaris. com/content/tanzania. html) would be a very good choice for a family seeking real adventure in Africa.

The Serengeti offers high-octane game viewing, with the wildebeest migration taking centre stage, and ample chance to see all the major animal species. For families looking to get a little more remote and perhaps do a bit of walking, then Southern (Selous and Ruaha) and even Western Tanzania (Mahale and Katavi) are good places to start.

For something completely different, a safari in Kenya (http://www. naturalhighsafaris. com/content/kenya. html) could be perfect since Kenya boasts some of Africa's most beautiful scenery. While places like the Mara provide stunning game viewing, what most people come to Kenya for is its vast wild areas where there are few rules and the feeling of wilderness is intoxicating. Here anyone can walk, ride, swim in rivers and generally behave like they last did when they were 8 years old.

Anyone considering their options for a family holiday might well be thinking about the adventure of a safari trip but this is always a better choice when the children are allowed to be children in every sense including the cost of the holiday.

After more than a decade working as a safari guide (http://www. safarigeek. com/), camp manager and bush pilot, Alex Edwards started Natural High Safaris offering a range of safari adventures.

Natural High Safaris offer a wide range of safari experiences in several African countries including Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia and Botswana.


Worldwide Transportation Library Launches Mobile Service for Smartphones

Worldwide Transportation Library Launches Mobile Service for Smartphones

The Worldwide Transportation Library (WWTL) provides road and railroad photographs to international travelers. Today the WWTL offers visitors a mobile platform that supports modern smartphones that have an Internet connection and web browser. This new platform represents the WWTL's reach to a wider audience using contemporary technologies and social trends.

San José, CA (PRWEB) October 9, 2009

The Worldwide Transportation Library (WWTL, http://wwtl. info (http://wwtl. info)) today announces the public availability of a mobile delivery service designed for smartphones. Known as 'WWTL-Mobile' ( http://m. wwtl. info (http://m. wwtl. info)), the new service allows smartphone users to access the WWTL's complete library of international photographs through their 3G Internet connections. With a collection of photographs from five continents and numerous countries, WWTL-Mobile takes viatological studies to the next level by integrating GPS coordinates, feedback forms, and interregional distance charts into one page and distributing these data to Palm, Blackberry, and Google Android-based phones. 

As social trends demand that data can be shared by anyone at anytime, WWTL-Mobile integrates with social bookmarking tools like Facebook, MySpace, and Delicious so users can distribute photographs to their friends. By scrolling down to the bottom of a roadside photograph and clicking on a preferred social networking service, users may share untraveled roads with their friends in just a few seconds.

"The Internet as we know it is not the same Internet that existed ten years ago", states Carl Rogers, owner of the Worldwide Transportation Library. "Not everybody has time to sit in front of a monitor and hop onto the Internet. What 'WWTL-Mobile' does is leverage smartphone technologies to deliver a library of 2,326 road photographs. Whether you speak English, French, Italiian, German or Spanish, the WWTL-Mobile supports your smartphone and most importantly keeps road photographs sharable with your friends and family."

With five continents worth of railroad and highway captures, the WWTL caters to tourists who map their own travels. It also serves as a web-resource for viatologists (i. e., those who scientifically study roads). The WWTL touts a large library of photographs, videos, and 360-degree panoramic views from the world. As a global supplier of media, the WWTL also offers translations in French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

Worldwide Transportation Library
Carl Rogers
Http://wwtl. info (http://wwtl. info)


New Backpacking Book Encourages Mid-Age Women to Backpack

New Backpacking Book Encourages Mid-Age Women to Backpack

True adventures, challenging journeys, and life-affirming trips. Practical wisdom and tried tips. Three dozen women, in the prime of their lives, take readers backpacking in the Sierra Nevada, the Rockies, the Appalachians and more.

(PRWEB) April 30, 2003

When San Francisco Bay Area author and teacher Susan Alcorn began backpacking at age 48 with the goal of climbing Mt. Whitney, she had little idea what she was getting into. With a pack heavier than anything ever before to rest on her shoulders, an oxygen-rare environment that made her stop every fifty yards to catch her breath (and let her pulse stop its pounding in her ears), and an encounter with a bear that hadn't read the "above timberline, no bears allowed" sign, she quickly realized that backpacking was not for sissies.

We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill - Tales and Tips from Seasoned Women Backpackers opens with the author describing her adventures into the Sierras? at a time in her life when most of her acquaintances were choosing to buy recliners rather than backpacks. She describes the bear encounter, the kindness of strangers helping replenish food supplies, the lightning storm on Forester Pass, and the culminating climb to the top of Whitney? at 14,996 feet the highest point in the lower 48.

As Ms. Alcorn continues her backpacking adventures, she realizes that she isn? t seeing many other middle aged women on wilderness trails. Having experienced the rewards that travel into the backcountry provides, Ms. Alcorn decides to find other older women who are backpackers, collect their stories, and write about their adventures, insights, and wisdom.

Her goal, shared by many who contributed to We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill, was to encourage women to backpack -- particularly those of middle age who have much to gain from the challenges and rewards of the wilderness.

Readers of We're in the Mountains, Not over the Hill gain insight into why and how women backpack. They are introduced to women who hold records for their accomplishments as well as those with more modest achievements. This is a true, emotionally honest collection of stories of strong, gutsy women, all in the prime of their lives, who continue to challenge themselves which provides humor, insight, and inspiration to women and men of all ages.

We? re in the Mountains, Not over the Hill - Tales and Tips from Seasoned Women Backpackers can be ordered from Shepherd Canyon Books, 25 Southwood Ct., Oakland, CA 94611, at www., and from your bookstore.