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Heavenly Hideaways Offers Money-Saving Tips for Couples Seeking a Romantic Vacation Amidst an Economic Storm

Heavenly Hideaways Offers Money-Saving Tips for Couples Seeking a Romantic Vacation Amidst an Economic Storm

Couples can still enjoy romantic getaways during these challenging economic times. Heavenly Hideaways suggests ways to save so that a romantic escape can still be included in the family budget.

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The financial stress from the economic recession has impacted the romantic lives of couples. As household budgets are squeezed, discretionary expenses such as romantic gestures or getaways tend to be cut first. However, taking time off together as a couple can help to strengthen bonds, reinforce commitment to each other, and reduce stress while weathering the economic storm together. Heavenly Hideaways, an online directory of romantic getaways, offers these tips to help travellers take advantage of many substantial savings as airlines, hotels and restaurants try to lure customers during a time when many families are cutting expenses.

"Couples can still enjoy a romantic getaway by scaling back, rather than eliminating it completely," comments Greg Lynch from the Heavenly Hideaways directory and a firm believer in reconnecting as a couple. Lynch says that taking a break from the worries and pressures of circumstances beyond one's control can provide a much-needed break to refresh the mind and spirit.

Traveling in this economic climate can yield savings that ordinarily would not be available. Discount and full-service airlines are fighting a price war for customers. For destinations close to home, couples may decide on a romantic road trip instead, avoiding headaches like airport lineups, luggage restrictions, and lack of privacy. Lower gas prices also help to reduce travel costs while roadside picnics can trim spending on restaurant dining.

A decrease in vacationers has seen accommodations offering incentives to try to entice guests. Discounted rates are not uncommon these days, and significant price savings can often be found online, particularly if couples are willing to travel mid-week or during the off-peak season.

Room rate discounts may be the most obvious way to save money, but other incentives can provide just as much opportunity to save a few dollars. Incentives can include:

  •  Meal vouchers or discounts if guests dine in the hotel's on-site restaurant;
  •  Discounts on spa treatments, guided tours, or area attractions;
  •  A free night with a minimum stay;
  •  Travelers who are able to book far in advance and pre-pay for their stay can sometimes enjoy discounted rates. These types of offers are usually non-refundable and cannot be rescheduled.
  •  Special package rates can help travelers save even more by including meals, extra amenities, or activities along with the room for discounted pricing.

If time and financial constraints make it difficult to take an extended romantic getaway, opt instead for short overnight or weekend trips. As an alternative to flying or driving long distances, check with local hotels and resorts seeking to attract hometown guests to their restaurants or for overnight stays. "It helps to get away from home, even if you stay in town, just so that you're not tempted to work or do chores," Lynch says.

Deep discounts and special package deals make it easier for couples to indulge in a romantic escape. Lynch does caution against getting caught up in the moment and spending extravagantly. "It's easy to spoil ourselves before realizing that the budget is blown," he says. Lynch suggests setting a firm budget before starting the trip and then sticking to it. If necessary, bring only enough cash to cover daily expenses and agree beforehand to forego any credit card purchases.

A romantic trip may last only a day or two, but the memories last far longer. The time spent together as a couple can create lasting memories and a reminder that there's more to life than the stock market and credit crunch.

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