Thursday, July 29, 2010

Travel Search Engine Mobissimo Invents Recommendation Box : New Way to Find Best Fares on Non-Stop Flights, Business Class and Alternate Routes

Travel Search Engine Mobissimo Invents Recommendation Box : New Way to Find Best Fares on Non-Stop Flights, Business Class and Alternate Routes

Today Mobissimo (www. mobissimo. com), the world’s most comprehensive travel search engine, launched a powerful new recommendation feature to help travelers plan trips and compare fares: Mobissimo’s Recommendation Box® gives a dashboard of the lowest fare options available for any destination, including the lowest fares for non-stop flights, the best fares on alternate dates, the best fares to the related geographic region, and the cheapest business class fares.


Mobissimo's Recommendation Box updates dynamically according to the user's query, and displays all possible options including, for example, Eurostar and Rail Europe fares for many European destinations. In addition, Mobissimo's Recommendation Box can offer suggestions based on activity: when a user searches for particular beach destinations such as Cancun, Honolulu or Miami, the search engine will automatically recommend fares for the cheapest beach destination.

With a single click, Mobissimo's real-time travel search gives travellers direct, up-to-the-second access to travel deals from the widest available range of online travel agencies, major air carriers, low cost airlines, car rentals, and hotels.

"We are setting the industry standard for what travel comparison search should be – quick, easy, and comprehensive. With Mobissimo's innovative Recommendation Box, the best travel options are available in one place so that Mobissimo users can find better, cheaper travel options, and spend their time travelling instead of searching," said Beatrice Tarka, Mobissimo's CEO and co-founder. "We have created an API to feed alternate travel options to our Recommendation Box — such as train travel and travel package information — and we can offer our users the whole picture of the travel offer available."

To make online travel planning quick and easy, Mobissimo displays destination information collected from many sources around the Web, including weather, maps, photos, and links to travel guides. Finding the right travel option is easy with Mobissimo features that enable easy navigation of search result pages: slider filters that refine search options (inbound/outbound time and number of stops), hotel star filters to find that perfect 5-star hotel, and airline selector to quickly find the fare of your preferred airline.

In addition to Mobissimo's powerful search capabilities, industry leading international and foreign language sites and suppliers, and unmatched coverage of low-cost airlines and economy hotels, Mobissimo continues to pioneer and launch a vast array of recommendation tools to help travellers discover new destinations, routes, and options.

About Mobissimo

In Italian, Mobissimo means the "ultimate in mobility." For consumers, Mobissimo is the ultimate travel search engine because it saves travelers time and money and improves the way they discover travel information. Mobissimo simultaneously searches more than 180 different travel sites in 30 countries and five continents, including major global airlines, low-cost carriers, consolidators, and hotel/car rental sites, to find the best fares and rates online. Mobissimo's powerful Travel 2.0 search tools include OneBox natural language search and ActivitySearch for theme-based travel planning. Launched in 2004, Mobissimo continues to be the leading travel search innovator and works with the world's leading travel brands, including Alitalia, American Airlines, British Airways, Ebookers, Lufthansa, Opodo, Orbitz, United Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Travelocity, and Virgin. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, and is privately held. For more information and to experience Mobissimo, please visit www. mobissimo. com.

14 Hotels in Victoria Have Now Been Awarded the Prestigious Green Eco-Leaf Rating

14 Hotels in Victoria Have Now Been Awarded the Prestigious Green Eco-Leaf Rating

30 Hotels in Victoria are listed as environmentally friendly and 14 have recently been awarded the Green Eco-Leaf Rating by completing a 70 point comprehensive eco-audit survey administered by iStayGreen. org - the online social network of environmentally friendly travel.

Victoria, British Columbia (Vocus) May 29, 2010

Currently 30 hotels in Victoria, BC (http://www. istaygreen. org/getcityus. cfm/city/Victoria/st/BC (http://www. istaygreen. org/getcityus. cfm/city/Victoria/st/BC)) are listed as environmentally friendly with iStayGreen. org. 14 of the 30 properties have completed the comprehensive environmental audit administered by iStayGreen. org. Ratings range from 1 Green Eco-Leaf to 5 Green Eco Leaf and are summarized as follows:

  •  1 Green Eco-Leaf - Acceptable
  •  2 Green Eco-Leaf - Good
  •  3 Green Eco-Leaf - Very Good
  •  4 Green Eco-Leaf - Excellent
  •  5 Green Eco-Leaf - Exceptional
Properties that have completed the 70 point comprehensive eco-audit survey are Hotel Grand Pacific (http://www. istaygreen. org/property. cfm/hid/10195856), Chateau Victoria Hotel And Suites, Parkside Victoria Resort (http://www. istaygreen. org/property. cfm/hid/11397703), Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa (http://www. istaygreen. org/property. cfm/hid/10208034), Queen Victoria Hotel And Suites, The Oswego Hotel (http://www. istaygreen. org/property. cfm/hid/11356444), Quality Inn Downtown, Victoria Regent Hotel, Days Inn Victoria On The Harbour (http://www. istaygreen. org/property. cfm/hid/11305673), Ramada Victoria, Brentwood Bay Lodge and Spa (http://www. istaygreen. org/property. cfm/hid/11320256), Best Western Inner Harbour, Accent Inns Victoria, and Travelodge Victoria Gorge Rd.

All Green Eco-Leaf Rated properties are committed to environmentally friendly initiatives. Richard Varner, founder of iStayGreen. org states: "Simple changes helped these properties to earn their Green Eco-Leaf Rating and take the environmental lead among the 55 lodging properties in Victoria. It's great to see they're intent on insuring a more sustainable future in travel."

To insure a more sustainable future some of the eco-initiatives put in-place at the property include: an on-site Green Team has been created - guests are offered the ability to carbon offset their stay - low energy lighting initiatives are in-place - energy efficient lighting is installed when replacing old lighting - energy sensor initiatives are in-place - HVAC control system installed - off-grid alternative energy source utilized - sheets reuse option for multiple night stays - towels reuse option for multiple night stays - eco-initiatives are actively promoted to the public - eco-incentive programs have been created for staff - water conservation initiatives are in-place - water conserving devices are installed when replacing old fixtures - gray water is recycled - low water consumption landscaping has been installed - recycle containers are located inside guestrooms - recycle containers are located around the property common areas - reusable food & beverage service is used in lieu of disposable service items - compostable disposable service items are utilized - recycled paper products (bath tissue, facial tissue, paper towels, napkins, etc) are utilized - environmentally friendly chemicals are used in cleaning - environmentally friendly detergents are used for laundry - environmentally friendly chemicals are used for carpet cleaning - the entire property is non-smoking - cotton bedding and towels (non-synthetic) are utilized - low VOC materials (paint, adhesives, air freshener, carpet) are used at the property - bulk amenities and soaps are dispensed in guestrooms - plus much more. . iStayGreen. org allows you to filter your search to show only the environmentally friendly hotels in Victoria (http://www. istaygreen. org/getcityusgrn. cfm/city/Victoria/st/BC).

The lodging industry recognizes the need to create a sustainable future for travel. While there are currently only 30 Victoria lodging properties that have achieved the Green Eco-Leaf Rating, it is anticipated that many other properties in the area that are promoting eco-friendly initiatives also will seek to be rated. This eco-rating allows the public to know the specific environmental initiatives in place at a property, which enables the environmentally conscious traveler to make informed lodging decisions.

To find out how a property can earn the Green Eco-Leaf Rating, contact Richard Varner at 602-864-5553 or visit http://www. iStayGreen. org (http://www. iStayGreen. org).

About iStayGreen. org:
With iStayGreen's rapidly growing searchable directory of 100,000 lodging properties and over 4,500 already Green Eco-Leaf Rated, it's easy for anyone to quickly locate and compare "Green" lodging worldwide. To earn a Green Eco-Leaf Rating, hotels must complete a thorough self-audit, and then are rated based on their eco-initiatives. The site also provides an effective way for hotel owners and operators to promote all of the good "Green" things they are doing. Visitors to the site can create their own profiles, add friends, recommend properties, upload photos, form groups, create and respond to forum threads, make reservations, and add comments and reviews to hotel profiles.

Contact: Richard Varner

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