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NewzealandAtoZ. com is Ready to Provide the Complete Guide to New Zealand

NewzealandAtoZ. com is Ready to Provide the Complete Guide to New Zealand

NewzealandAtoZ. com is your guide to New Zealand, for all the questions you need answered, from accommodation to Zorbing. NewzealandAtoZ will provide customer reviews for informed information about New Zealand in one place.

Christchurch, New Zealand (PRWEB) September 9, 2005

NewzealandAtoZ. com has just opened its web doors to the world. NewzealandAtoZ. com will provide facts and reviews about New Zealand for the tourist or anyone who wishes to make there new home in the “land of the long white cloud."

NewzealandAtoZ. com is a New Zealand based website created by New Zealanders for the world to provide unbiased information about New Zealand products and companies (the only biased is towards New Zealand)

NewzealandAtoZ. com is full of important New Zealand facts. It has a first with giving the tourist the ability to place reviews on the many NZ golf courses. You will be able to read what other golfers thing about the courses.

This will extend to other areas of newzealandAtoZ. com over time. We want to help the tourist make an informed decision on what to do, where to stay, what to buy and on what river to do their fishing.

Another first is newzealandAtoZ has listed all major motorhome and campervan companies in one place so the tourist can see prices and conditions of rental without travelling all over the Internet www. newzealandatoz. com/motorhomecompanies. php (http://www. newzealandatoz. com/motorhomecompanies. php). NewzealandAtoZ have also consulted with an experienced New Zealand rental vehicle operator and put together common New Zealand terms and conditions when hiring a rental car or motorhome. This is to help the customer avoid extra charges.

NewzealandAtoZ. com will also hand pick popular New Zealand products and place them on the website for the world to see. These products will not pay to be part of NewzealandAtoZ.

For additional information on the news that is the subject of this release. Contact Glenn Bongartz or visit www. newzealandatoz. com

Glenn Bongartz, director of public relations


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