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ESCAPE ENTREPRENEUR -- on every continent, just can't wait to learn again

ESCAPE ENTREPRENEUR -- on every continent, just can't wait to learn again...

From Nebraska kid to professional engineer, management consultant, division manager, and business development executive in industries from automotive to high technology, Pamela Olson becomes a world traveler and founder of INVITING ADVENTURE, Inc. Her company offers opportunities for personal or corporate creativity, growth, fun and renewal, via yoga, painting, hiking, photography, writing and walking escapes in Colorado Rocky Mountain nature.

(PRWEB) May 9, 2003


My family travels in the 1960's and 1970's wouldn't be considered sheik to many folks today, but they were FUN, memorable, always an adventure and always an education. More importantly, our road trips sparked a curiosity and interest in me that drove me to explore with my mind, soul, and body in new lands in the USA and World. Our driving/camping trips also taught me how to improvise and have fun in the face of unknown "disasters." The car breaking down, torrential rain and leaky tents, snagged fishing rods, and having to carry our little boat over many spots of a dry river during a family float trip all built character (right Mom and Dad?).

As a kid my parents put importance on traveling to learn about geography, history, other cultures, natural wonders, reading maps, unknown territories (there are many lands outside of Nebraska), and having fun. My memories from exploring and learning from my travel journeys are both strong and strong guides for my daily life and continuing independent travels.

I remember being read every word of every sign at Presidential Birthplaces and State Parks as well as the details of each highway and byway as a child. I'm a good navigator today because of my childhood car trips (we were often told to "be quiet and find out where we are on the map"). My curiosity in the world continued to greatly increase over the years. I didn't know it as a kid, but the road trips were learning vacations: learning in family dynamics, history, nature, geography, wildlife, and culture, etc..


I don't remember having a goal to travel to every continent in the world nor to all 50 States. My childhood adventurous spirit just took me there. I started counting my travels one day during a 5+-hour airport delay sitting on a hot airplane. I completed vacationing on EVERY one of the seven world continents when I went to Antarctica in February 2001! I've also traveled in 47 of 50 States and in 30 foreign countries. Three States left. I'm NOW on a mission! Oregon, Rhode Island, and Delaware here I come!

My travel memories and education are endless. The different cultures I've seen, people I've met, birds that have serenaded me, architecture, languages, geography, art, aromas, and customs I've encountered have taught

Me more than any book, teacher, professor or university curriculum could ever dream about. The unexpected and unknown joys, hassles, and adventures in each country created endless lessons and memories.

Because my childhood experiences showed me how to turn inconveniences and the unexpected parts of travel into a fun game to solve, I was well prepared when I later faced my own travel and life challenges. From a child growing

Up in Nebraska to being an engineer, management consultant, division manager, account executive in many different industries, I also became a world traveler and visitor on every continent in the world. Who would've guessed that the Olson childhood road trip travel games could continue so long and far?

I've worked with and met people who have never traveled outside of their State nor outside of the Country, by choice and that's okay. Imagine folks who have never experienced the differences in cultures in our own country between people in New York and Nebraska, South Carolina and California, Alaska and Illinois for example. The differences are interesting not to mention the unique varying State histories, natural and man made sights. Similarities in humanity are also interesting and exist no matter which part of the U. S or the world we are in -- people are people, kids are kids.


In this time of world strife, I want to offer different ways for folks to enjoy new nature environments away from populated tourist areas. Remote areas in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado offer unique wildlife, scenery, plants, aromas, creative and active challenges and these serene environments offer "nature's powerful peace" that anyone can enjoy if they stand still long enough to listen and absorb. As an entrepreneur, I'm continuing to create alternate

Ways to for people to legally escape!

After a career in corporate America I decided that it was time to try the entrepreneurial route to help others start creating their own opportunities for personal growth, fun, renewal, education, growth and play. Through a blend of active and creative escapes in nature (painting, backpacking, yoga, walking, photography, writing) INVITING ADVENTURE, Inc. (website: http://www. invitingadventure. com (http://www. invitingadventure. com)) was born. INVITING ADVENTURE ESCAPES in 2003 are set in the mountains of COLORADO and are easy ways to travel closer to home while meeting folks who share similar interests.

Opportunities to learn from relaxing in nature's powerful peace, from an art instructor, from hiking/walking in nature, or from nature itself are endless. INVITING ADVENTURE's creativity ESCAPES are for people of ALL creative levels, are individualized, and are done in nature, NOT in a classroom. Our modern cabins are remote at the base of beautiful 14,000' mountains, but we are only about three miles outside of a small town so we can have the best of both worlds (nature and civilization if we want it). We also create escapes for corporate groups looking for new retreat ideas for their teams.

In this hectic world we don't consider INVITING ADVENTURE ESCAPES luxuries, we consider them mandatory. Many of us are hardworking people who like to have freedom during our vacation schedules to learn, relax, exercise, renew and create. We create loose structures in our ESCAPE agendas so all escapees (vacationers) can decide how much or how little to participate.


Check out our website at http://www. invitingadventure. com (http://www. invitingadventure. com) for more information then email or call us at 312.988.9238. We'd love to chat with you about how you can enjoy some POWERFUL PEACE, creative and active fun, growth and renewal closer to home this year. Our next ESCAPES (September 14-19 and September 22-27) in Colorado Rocky Mountain fall colors will be beautiful!

It's amazing what childhood escapes can do to a kid's life, education, and curiosity. From a Midwest kid on driving trips, to playing the trombone in the University of Nebraska Marching Band, to getting BS Engineering and MBA degrees, (University of Nebraska - Lincoln and University of Chicago Graduate School of Business) to working in corporate America as an engineer and business executive, to traveling on every continent in the world, SPARKS CAN FLY and ADVENTURES CAN MULTIPLY. THANKS MOM and DAD for the traveling education, sparks and fun! On the road againÂ…just can't wait to learn againÂ…can't wait to ESCAPE with INVITING ADVENTURE again!