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SnowTrax. com Debuts Next Generation Ski Travel Search Engine

SnowTrax. com Debuts Next Generation Ski Travel Search Engine

Industry Newcomer Introduces E-Commerce to the Ski Travel Industry

Bethesda, MD (Vocus) October 12, 2010

As skiers and snowboarders prepare for the ski season, SnowTrax (http://www. SnowTrax. com) President Joe Bous prepares to jolt the ski travel industry into the 21st century. The freshly-released SnowTrax. com combines advanced travel search technology with a highly-customizable trip planning process, offering online travel planners an intuitive alternative to their previous outdated options. SnowTrax aims to answer the question, “where do I ski this season, and when?”

“We know that travelers are researching, running price-comparisons, and booking online,” says Bous. “SnowTrax is the first ski-targeted travel site that truly allows users to perform this process 100% on our site.” According to Bous, previous ski travel sites rely on unreliable price quotes and largely function to force visitors call a travel agent at their call center.

In addition to introducing the first wholly e-marketing solution to the online ski space, SnowTrax has also integrated “inspiration engine” functionality into its model. The site allows “destination-agnostic” travelers to filter dozens of ski resorts by a wide range of qualities covering terrain and mountain types, ski area characteristics, snowfall, services offered, and more. Next, users can compare flights and hotel rates at more than 5 separate ski resorts simultaneously; simplifying the bargain-hunting process and helping travelers build top value itineraries.

SnowTrax hopes to appeal to the types of travelers who are flexible and typically do a lot of research before booking reservations to ensure the best value. The site aims to provide users as much – or as little – data as they could want, from original ski resort profiles, alternative airport suggestions, alternative flight options that get travelers on the mountain the day of travel, ideas for additional ski areas nearby to check out, exact driving times, and the precise location of lodging in relation to ski lifts and shuttle bus stops.

“One of SnowTrax’s major strengths is that it can really be customized to fit a wide spectrum of travel planning styles,” says Bous. “Whether you prioritize convenience and want to be on the slopes as fast as possible, or you are more-price conscious and want the absolute best deal, SnowTrax can find you the packages that meet your specific needs.”

SnowTrax has negotiated some of the ski industry’s best lodging and lift contracts, offering high value packages at North America’s most popular resorts, including Aspen, Breckenridge, Whistler, Mont Tremblant, and more. See for yourself at http://www. SnowTrax. com.

About SnowTrax:

SnowTrax is an innovative online ski travel search and booking engine that points travelers to the best travel dates and destinations this ski season. SnowTrax partners with ski resorts, hotels, and airfare providers across North America to offer travelers competitive ski packages. SnowTrax empowers travelers by giving them detailed mountain and ski area information, real-time pricing, and intuitive tools that help users compare packages across 5+ resorts simultaneously. SnowTrax is based out of Bethesda, MD.

SnowTrax has pioneered the application of advanced search technology in the online ski sphere. Key features include:

  • Multi-destination searches: compare packages at 5+ ski resorts simultaneously
  • Vacation optimization: view cheapest flight vs. flight that gives you the most on-mountain time
  • Precise location of lodging: organize hotel results by the exact distance from lifts and shuttle stops
  • Insider insight: find your ski resort match using our extensive filter system, based on up-to-date statistics and expert opinion
  • Real-time pricing: SnowTrax displays to-the-minute rates; no price quotes required

To become an affiliate or partner with SnowTrax, please see http://www. SnowTrax. com for more information.

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AP9 Privacy Matters 123 Helps Consumers Safeguard Their Identities On the Road

AP9 Privacy Matters 123 Helps Consumers Safeguard Their Identities On the Road

AP9 PrivacyMatters123 offers tips on how to protect yourself from ID theft while traveling.

Norwalk, CT (PRWEB) January 11, 2007

Losing something along the way is a constant concern for travelers -- especially when that "something" is your identity. Fortunately, with a little planning and due diligence, you can reduce your risk of identity theft while traveling, notes AP9 Privacy Matters 123 (http://www. privacymatters123-program. com/), a leading membership security program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC.

In addition to benefits that help them keep their financial information in order, AP9 PrivacyMatters123 members can access benefits designed to help keep their identities secure at PrivacyMatters. com.

Wherever you go, there you are -- and so are identity thieves, whether it's a vacation destination or a business locale. AP9 PrivacyMatters123 (http://www. privacymatters123-program. com/) therefore suggests that travelers take the following steps to ensure that their identities don't stray from them when they're on the road:

-- Look into travel assistance. A lot of credit card issuers and other financial institutions offer programs to help travelers access emergency assistance if their passports, credit/debit cards and other personal identifiers are lost or stolen. While these programs may not aid in recovering the missing items, they can reduce the replacement time significantly.

-- Book your accommodations wisely. A cheaper hotel rate may seem like a financial godsend to travelers -- until someone breaks into their room and steals their wallet, their laptop and other personal items. To reduce the likelihood of a break-in, look for lodging at reputable hotels and motels.

-- Lock down your home. Beyond simply securing the doors and windows, alert the police and trusted neighbors or friends to impending travel plans. Some local police departments offer drive-by vacation checks to town residents, and having a close friend pick up the mail and newspapers can serve to hide obvious signs of absence. Putting timers on indoor lights to suggest that someone is home at night can also help mask travel plans.

-- Secure your documents. This applies to papers that are needed for traveling as well as those that are left behind. Any important documents left at home -- including bills, credit card and bank statements, and more -- should be put in a safe, secure place (like a home safe or even a bank safe) before departure. Personal documents that are taken on the road should be kept in the hotel safe whenever they're not being used. While hotel safes aren't foolproof, rental cars and hotel rooms simply don't offer the protection against identity thieves that personal documents require.

-- Use computers cautiously. Make sure the security software is fully updated before taking a laptop on the road, and think twice before accessing personal accounts from or inputting personal data into a public computer. Identity thieves are clever, and they're not above putting spyware on a computer in the business center of a hotel.

Whether you're at home or on the road, it's probably safe to assume that identity thieves are around every corner. Even if they're not, acting as if they are can help keep you safe rather than sorry, notes AP9 Privacy Matters 123.

About AP9 Privacy Matters 123

AP9 PrivacyMatters123 (http://www. privacymatters123-program. com/PrivacyMatters123_ResourceCenter. html) is a leading security and privacy membership program offered by Adaptive Marketing LLC. Headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., Adaptive Marketing is a category leader in both membership and loyalty programs, bringing value direct to consumers through an array of benefits in healthcare, discounts, security, personal property and personals. Members may access their benefits at PrivacyMatters. com (http://www. privacymatters. com/). With broad online and offline distribution capabilities, Adaptive Marketing (http://www. adaptivemarketing. com/) offers its corporate client partners effective tools to enhance market presence, strengthen customer affinity and generate additional value through programs such as AP9 Privacy Matters 123.