Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Trendy New Fitness Service Opens in West Michigan

A Trendy New Fitness Service Opens in West Michigan

Personal Trainer 4 You provides a very personal, result-oriented alternative for getting fit. The in-home fitness service offers a variety of programs including outdoor workouts for both the beginner and the advanced client.

Muskegon, MI (PRWEB) August 9, 2006

In-home fitness services are not new to the fitness industry. They provide an excellent opportunity for busy executives, traveling salespersons, stay-at-home moms, and senior citizens to fit in a customized workout without traveling from the comforts of their home or hotel. Google the words "In-home Fitness Training", and see how all over the United States many fitness businesses claim this specific niche. However, to Muskegon and neighboring towns, the in-home fitness business has remained largely untapped. That is until this summer of 2006.

Local business, Personal Trainer 4 You, actually began before the name, before the logo, and before the website, www. personaltrainer4you. com. It all started with an opportunity to provide an auctioning item to a local charity. Originally asked to cook a French-themed dinner for the winning bidder, the French certified personal trainer, Boualem Aggoune, changed the item from dinner to one free hour of personal training at the bidder's home. Consequently, this particular winning bidder became a consistent and valued client for Boualem, providing not just a business opportunity but offering investing and business development tips from the very beginning.

"I'm a dreamer," admits Boualem. "I foresee Personal Trainer 4 You going beyond both the fitness industry and beyond local services. I want to go nationally; I want to go multilingual. My passion is health, fitness, food and culture. I want to share that with the rest of the world."

Currently, Personal Trainer 4 You offers a variety of in-home and outdoor training programs to suit individual needs. Boualem had this to say about his niche in the ever-growing fitness industry: "In-home training services provide at-your-door, on-your-time service that will help both the time and motivationally challenged. No more excuses. There is no drive-time for the client, and the trainer brings the motivation, the equipment (if necessary), and the instruction, all tailored to the client's needs." From beginning weight-loss clients, to serious muscle builders, and competitive soccer players, Personal Trainer 4 You believes that their clients won't be dissatisfied with their services.

Is that all Personal Trainer 4 You offers? Absolutely not. Personal Trainer 4 You has been developing a website for over 8 months now and offers free e-mailed newsletters and related health and fitness articles. The owner anticipates that he will hire a certified nutritionist within the next month to provide even more content for his website and to provide consultation opportunities.

For more information on Personal Trainer 4 You, check out their website at www. personaltrainer4you. com, email them at info@personaltrainer4you. com or call at (231) 773-8926.