Thursday, June 10, 2010

Never buy designer fashion again! Just swap for it

Never buy designer fashion again! Just swap for it.

Swapstyle. com is a fashion swap site. where members from around the world swap thousands of dollars worth of clothing without exchanging a cent. Basically Its every girls dream come true! A fashion store thatÂ’s open 24/7 and the items are free, all you need to do is upload some of your own items to swap and you can get started! its that easy!

(PRWEB) June 21, 2004

Swapstyle. com is a website where members can swap top quality fashion and more with people from all over the globe. Effectively your wardrobe will be based all around the world.

Before www. SwapStyle. com, people would have to gather all of their items into their car, travel to a friend's house and trade with a small group of friends. www. SwapStyle. com brings the party to you on a world wide scale, without the travelling or the hassle of the old days of swapping. You can be swapping the latest fashions with people in London, New York, and Milan without even leaving your home. Your swapping isn't limited only to your circle of friends. The clothes that have been accumulating dust in your wardrobe could be what someone in another country or another suburb would love and vice versa.

Www. SwapStyle. com takes you out of your local shops and into the wardrobes of the world. "Who knows? You could be swapping your jeans for Madonna's top!

Swapstyle. com is the brainchild of business partners and couple, Emily Chesher and Joshua Czikowski.

While studying fashion design, Emily found it impossible to afford the designer clothing that she loved whilst on a student budget. Emily became disillusioned with popular auction websites' hidden fees and being outbid for clothes that were over the recommended retail price.

"We are such a consumer driven society, I know how easy it is to spend hundreds and still not be able to find something to wear" says Emily.

Enter Josh, entrepreneurial web designer and 3d animator. He adapted the best qualities of other auction sites and created a more youthful, user-friendly site that focuses on fashion. Their relationship spawned swapstyle, a fusion of fashionable items such as clothes, DVD's, CD's, cosmetics and the latest hip technology.

Never will there be that one-off buy for a one-off event that will sit lonely in the back of your wardrobe. Buy the garment, go to the event and swap it later on, or find the garment on swapstyle for the event and then swap it on afterwards.

Swapstyle. com, Guilt free shopping™

Cost: Join before August 1st 2004 , and get one year's membership free! The yearly membership fee after August 1st 2004 is: $4.95 AUD a month

Or $30.00 AUD a year



Www. SwapStyle. com

Emily@swapstyle. com

(W)+61 2 9552 1571

How do you KoBu?

How do you KoBu?

KoBu is now more than just Power. Recently KoBu announced that they would be having more programming than just the KoBu Power program they have already been using. On top of this, KoBu has been making appearances once again including one this past weekend at the Philly Fit Bash in Oaks PA.

Oaks, PA (PRWEB) May 24, 2006

It was a windy yet exciting day for KoBu at the PhillyFit Bash in Oaks, Pennsylvania. KoBu having already announced on its website (www. kobupower. com) that they would be taking pre-orders for four new programs on top of their main one already being used, KoBu Power. Making their total lineup of programs to include: KoBu Power, KoBu Cardio, KoBu Kids, KoBu Defense, and KoBu Chi. The PhillyFit Bash is the first time that people would see one of these exciting new workouts as the KoBu team performed a Demonstration at 12:15 PM of their new KoBu Cardio program. KoBu performed live on the main stage, a stage that just one hour after KoBu completed their workout featured Billy Blanks doing his Boot camp program. KoBu was so well received that the day ended with an interview from CN8 News with the creator Michael Graves and his two daughters Josette and Ciara. KoBu is not finished however, later this week they are traveling to Pittsburgh where some top models will be featured taking part in the KoBu workout at the Kumite Classic. They will also be participating in the Club Industry East show coming up in June in Philadelphia.

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