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DanceSF: Put On Your Dance Shoes And Let The Rhythm Move You

DanceSF: Put On Your Dance Shoes And Let The Rhythm Move You

DanceSF, the premiere school for learning salsa in the San Francisco Bay Area announces another month of sizzling classes for all-comers.

SAN FRANCISCO (PRWEB) October 31, 2005

When successful San Francisco entrepreneur Evan Margolin wanted to unwind from his grueling dotcom days, he danced. Literally. An accomplished, world-renowned dancer, Margolin had an unquenchable passion for salsa. But, to his dismay, he was surprised at how difficult it was—in a city as cosmopolitan as San Francisco—to find a good place to learn to dance.

Rather than settle for less, the web-savvy Margolin used his business acumen to start DanceSF (www. DanceSF. com), the Bay area’s leading dance school for club-style, social dancing.

Now, in the span of only a few short years, DanceSF has become one of the most popular and largest salsa dance schools in the United States teaching anywhere from 50-200 couples every week how to salsa dance.

“I have traveled across the world to salsa dance and taught well over 10,000 people how to dance with grace, elegance and style,” says Margolin. “Salsa dancing is my passion and my students say my lessons have changed their lives in many amazing ways.”

“When you go through my dance school, you will be able to dance in a graceful and sensual way with your partner that will leave them dazzled and speechless even if you’re a complete beginner,” explains Margolin.

DanceSF offers fun and social dance classes for people of all ages and all skill levels all across the Bay area, including the East Bay and South Bay.

“Our dance classes are geared towards beginner dancers and we provide everyone a wonderful, supportive, and fun environment to learn to dance.

But, for Margolin, salsa dancing is about more than just dancing, it’s about self-confidence. “This is what salsa dancing can do for you—confidence on the dance floor, confidence in life.”

“DanceSF is truly committed to teaching people how to dance salsa. This isn't just a job; it's more of a passion. Our highly qualified teachers have taught dance for years in some of the best schools, classes, and nightclubs across the world. We know what to teach, how to teach it, and how to help all dancers feel the excitement of salsa.”

DanceSF offers a wide variety of salsa classes for all skill levels. “Classes are taught on multiple days of the week, throughout the Bay Area,” explains Margolin. “So no matter where you live, no matter when you have free time, they’ll be a class available for you.”

For more information about DanceSF and its upcoming classes, visit http://www. DanceSF. com (http://www. DanceSF. com).

About DanceSF

What was once just his passion, Evan Margolin has turned into a very popular dance school, DVD series, and website fueling the worldwide salsa dance craze.

With a goal of helping beginner dancers learn the joy of salsa dancing, Margolin has created a suite of fantastic opportunities to get people out on the dance floor, including: DanceSF—the premiere salsa dance school in the San Francisco Bay area staffed by internationally-recognized salsa instructors; Learn to Salsa (http://www. SalsaDanceDVD. com)—a (http://www. SalsaDanceDVD. com)—a) 3-set DVD collection with over 6 hours of dance instruction guaranteed to turn any beginner into a dance aficionado in just minutes; and, SalsaCrazy. com—a one-stop online destination for comprehensive Bay area salsa event and nightlife information.


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Http://www. DanceSF. com (http://www. DanceSF. com)