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(PRWEB) May 12, 2000

New York, NY – May 9th, 2000 – Volatile Media Inc., the premier custom media company and parent company of EZCD. com, takes the lead in the custom entertainment market by introducing the EZGamer. com network – a new network of gaming sites that provide custom game demo CDs and exciting promotions.

EZGamer. com has amassed the largest catalog of licensed videogame demos and supporting material including movies, patches and hint guides on the Internet. This catalog is available to participating sites in the network, along with the convenient e-Commerce tools to extend each siteÂ’s editorial content to encompass custom game demo CD sales.

Almost every new video game releases a demo for consumers to download in order to introduce the game and build exposure. Often consuming up to 50MB of a computer’s storage space, game downloads can take as long as 15 hours to download – and up to 30% of downloads fail mid-stream and must be restarted.

To overcome this frustrating consumer experience, EZGamer. com facilitates the rapid creation and fulfillment of custom CDs which can fit up to 640MB of videogame demos (approximately 20-30 games), and are shipped within 24 hours. “Everyone loves games, and EZGamer. com makes them more accessible than ever before,” explains Jeremy Kagan, President and CEO of Volatile Media Inc. “With our growing catalog of game demos, fans can avoid long downloads and still try all the new games they want. We can mail each player a custom CD with 25 games in less time than they could download the same games.”

Volatile Media will soon be announcing exciting new partners and promotions for EZGamer. com in the gaming marketplace, as well as cross-promotions with Volatile MediaÂ’s flagship music site, EZCD. com and its new download site With over 250,000 songs from over 20,000 artists, Volatile MediaÂ’s music sites together represent one of the largest collections of independent music on the Internet.

Volatile Media Inc., which operates EZCD. com, and EZGamer. com is the leader in custom distribution of music, games and entertainment content to college-age and generation Y consumers. Consumers can buy custom compilation CDs at EZCD. com, download songs from, buy custom videogame demo CDs on EZGamer. com, or learn more about the artists from the sites extensive library of information, sound clips and videos. EZCD. com is the premier destination site devoted to providing music lovers with Music Your Way™. With approximately 100 different genres to choose from and a collection of nearly 250,000 songs, over 20,000 artists and more than 500 labels, EZCD. com allows consumers to purchase any combination of songs and videos, specify the order and even the title.

EZCD. com has established relationships with labels and distributors such as Beggars Banquet Group, Deep South, Knitting Factory Records, and The Orchard. Corporate partners include American Express, BMG Special Products and Liberty Travel. EZCD. com also operates dozen of stores for leading music, games, lifestyle and entertainment sites and partners including SaulGoodman. com, Duffelbag. com, Clubplanet. com, JamBands. com, eBop. com and more for cutting edge reviews and news. Through EZGamer. com, EZCD. com also works with Videogame publishers including Eidos, Gathering of Developers, GT Interactive, and Microsoft.