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Connecticut Kitchen Accident Changes Shirt Hanger Industry Forever

Connecticut Kitchen Accident Changes Shirt Hanger Industry Forever

New invention discovered by accident may change dry cleaning and advertising industry forever.

(PRWEB) December 14, 2004

What do you get when you mix a wire shirt hanger, a plastic trash bag and leftovers? A ruined rug, an angry homeowner and an idea for an invention that will transform an industry. Local dry cleaners may be delivering a welcome surprise soon - environmentally friendly, recycled paper shirt hangers with great offers from National brand names.

Called WonderBoard Shirt Hangers™ by J. D. Schulman, inventor and President of Hanger Network Media (www. hangernetwork. com), they are stronger than their steel counterpart and are easier for consumers to recycle or dispose of safely.

“It was a simple accident. I ripped a plastic trash bag as I was stuffing wire shirt hangers into the bin. As I removed the bag, it leaked all over a fine rug in my mother’s New Canaan kitchen,” said Schulman. “Then I learned that wire hanger prices have skyrocketed to the point where cleaners are really feeling new financial pain. Consumers don’t like wire hangers, and cleaners are getting squeezed by huge cost increases. I knew there was a market for a better hanger.”

In this case, better really is better. The patent-pending WonderBoard Shirt Hangers will be provided to dry cleaners for free through CleanerÂ’s Supply, Inc. (www. cleanersupply. com) in an exclusive distribution agreement. CleanerÂ’s Supply services over 35,000 dry cleaners across the United States from distribution facilities in New York and Nevada.

In addition, not only are the hangers made from recycled paper products, but are actually easier to recycle as well. “Even if a consumer does not recycle them, most people I have spoken to agree that our biodegradable hangers are much better in a landfill than 187 million pounds of wire every year,” said Schulman.

The company is currently searching for a CEO and venture funding. “I have raised millions in private equity before, but this is the job for a seasoned advertising executive who wants to build a great company. Our projections reach 40 million hangers per month by June, 2005. We need talent that can make a call to National brand mangers and really get them interested, motivated and closed, “ Schulman said.

Advertising sponsored disposables are not new. National ads can be found on everything from pizza boxes, register tapes and even toll receipts. “This is true, but I have never seen any advertising that gets deep within a White Collar consumer’s home and stays there for weeks – even months. The effect of seeing National brands as you get going in the morning and when you get home at night – all with great offers or coupons is extremely powerful. I can think of national coffee chains, financial services firms and travel related brands that would jump at the chance of getting to their audience first thing in the morning and again in the evening.”

In an age where consumers are scanning more junk snail mail and junk email at home – not to mention endless cable and online advertising, in home marketing with shirt hanger advertising may be just the thing to reach a broad based White Collar audience in an affordable, effective way.

And help the environment and kitchen rugs across the U. S. to boot.

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A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii Opens New Blog

A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii Opens New Blog

Www. TreasuredMoment. com opens a new wedding-oriented blog for Hawaiian nuptials, expanding their customer service and giving greater insight into their expertise.

Duluth, MN (PRWEB) May 27, 2008

A Treasured Moment has been Hawaii's premiere wedding planner for over 8 years, and now they're expanding on their considerable services with a new customer-oriented blog.

"The reason I chose the wedding business was because I really like working with people, and I wanted a creative outlet," says Sherry Christiansen, owner of www. TreasuredMoment. com. "Other than flowers, everything we offer is a service -- vocalist, photographer, videography, and so forth. Some of these were services we offered prior to my taking over 3 years ago, but I have upgraded the services and added new packages that were all-inclusive. We've added unique services like our hula dancers, conch shell blower, cake and beach setup with covered chairs, flower coordination, all on the beach. We recently added Maui packages -- we had previously just been in Oahu -- and I also added a travel site at www. ATMWeddingTravel. com where couples can go online and book travel arrangements."

These services will be discussed in greater detail on the new blog, www. HawaiianWeddingBlog. com. "My blog is going to focus on the web site, and also testimonials of our services from current and past couples," says Sherry. "I'd like to add travel tips and current information from the Hawaiian Visitors & Convention Bureau like the best travel deals, certain specials being offered by hotels, and the like. I'd also like to give information on great excursions and attractions in Hawaii."

Now in their ninth year of business, A Treasured Moment Weddings of Hawaii will continue progressing with new services and options. "I have some plans for some niche marketing for specific types of weddings in Hawaii," explains Sherry, who is keen on maintaining her pristine reputation. "It's very hard to beat our prices. We offer a lot of services that people have difficulty finding with most of our competitors, and nine times out of ten we exceed customers' expectations. It's really gratifying to me after the wedding to talk to the couples and see their photos, and to hear such positive feedback about the services that we offer."

Sherry also gives away a free 52-page eBook on how to plan the best Hawaiian wedding as a free gift to her customers. She is currently focusing her efforts on a non-profit organization, using her experience owning a treatment center to pair troubled youths with rescued dogs as social rehabilitation.