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Privasoft CTO Interviewed by SKY Radio

Privasoft CTO Interviewed by SKY Radio

Privasoft’s Stephen Davis Discusses how to Leverage Technology to Meet the Requirements of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Arlington, VA (Vocus) July 30, 2010

Privasoft, a world leader in specialized software for managing requests in response to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is pleased to feature the interview (http://www. privasoft. com/site/Company/CTO-radio-interview. html) of Privasoft CTO, Stephen Davis by Dennis Michael of SKY Radio. In the interview, Davis discusses what government is doing to address increased activity under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and explains how technological advances are necessary to keep up with the increasing demand for publically-held documents.

“Early last year, the Obama administration issued a directive on transparency and open government…[and] called on agencies in the government to provide information to the American public … to make it readily encourage interaction with the public and to use technology to do that” explains Davis of the expansion of the FOIA. He goes on to discuss how these directives affect FOIA professionals, most specifically by increasing the number of FOIA requests, in which government documents must be reviewed and disclosed by FOIA personnel.

Davis indicates that automated processing methods for handling FOIA requests allow for faster access to information for the public, which result from increased efficiency in FOIA offices. He explains that with Privasoft’s AccessPro Suite, FOIA offices can become better equipped to process FOIA requests quickly and generate performance data necessary for operational oversight and improvement in the overall results of their units.

As CTO, Davis is Chief Architect of the AccessPro Suite, Privasoft’s software solution for automating the FOIA process. Including electronic redaction, case tracking and a public portal, more FOIA teams use Privasoft software to manage their operation than any other FOIA solution provider in the world.

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Sky Radio Network provides business, technology, health and entertainment programming to some of the largest airlines in the world, including United, American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and Virgin America.

Their goal is to provide high-quality business and technology programming which educates, informs and entertains airline passengers. Sky Radio is proud to deliver unparalleled programming, which addresses the needs and interests of millions of Business and Leisure travelers and contributes to making each passenger’s flight an enriching experience.

About Privasoft - http://www. Privasoft. com/ (http://www. Privasoft. com/)
For nearly 20 years, Privasoft has been delivering software and services to automate case management in public sector and regulated industries. Privasoft customers must comply with legislative, regulatory and internal requirements and are represented in health care, law enforcement and all levels of government. They rely on Privasoft to capture, analyze, track, process and report on case work related to information disclosure processes. Privasoft is a Microsoft Certified Partner with offices in Ottawa, ON, Arlington, VA, and Brentford, Middlesex.


Edufone's Podcast Listeners Realize Their Dreams of Learning Spanish or English While They Commute

Edufone's Podcast Listeners Realize Their Dreams of Learning Spanish or English While They Commute

On July 20, Edufone will release the first of its free Travel Series podcasts.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) July 19, 2007

Edufone will release the first of its free Travel Series podcasts.

Edufone's unique language learning system works with the three devices people cannot live without: a computer, an mp3 player or iPod, and a cell phone. People can download their fun educational software directly to their cell phones and practice their vocabulary while waiting in line. Their free podcasts can be listened to on computers or downloaded and burned to CD-ROMs or loaded onto iPods, MP3 players, or newer cell phones.

People from all over the world download Edufone's podcasts. In June 2007 their website, www. edufone. com, received about 50,000 unique visitors. Free demo versions of the cell phone software are available by browsing to wap. edufone. com from a cell phone.

After high school Edufone founder, Jade Lindquist volunteered to vaccinate people in Nicaragua. Armed with equipment and two years of high school Spanish, she struggled to understand the rapid conversational Spanish surrounding her. Remembering how disempowered she felt when she tried to communicate in Spanish, she wants to help others improve their Spanish and English.

When Lindquist enrolled her children in ESL classes, she met many Hispanic parents who wanted to learn English. Empathizing with their struggle to be understood, she gave individual lessons to some of the parents but she couldn't keep up with the demand. She wanted to find a way to teach many more people. Technology came to her rescue. Knowing that most people have a cell phone with them at all times, she created educational software that can be downloaded directly to cell phones to practice Spanish and English vocabulary.

Knowing that people need to hear the language they're learning, Lindquist teamed up with a local Spanish teacher, Carla Staufert-Sevier, to create quality free podcasts to teach Spanish and English. Since people are very busy but they often spend an hour or more commuting each day, podcasts are an ideal way to learn a language during a commute or while doing household chores. Lindquist listens to Chinese podcasts before going to sleep. Not only does it take her mind off her business, but Chinese seeps into her subconscious, and sometimes she even dreams in Chinese. Since we hear our own native language about 8,765 hours by the time we're two years old, Lindquist encourages their podcast listeners to try to listen to the language they're learning at least an hour a day.

If you'd like more information about Edufone, please contact Edufone founder, Jade Lindquist.