Saturday, November 14, 2009

Announcing a Soul-Stirring Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest and Embracing the Divine Feminine Online Guided Meditation

Announcing a Soul-Stirring Women's Journey to the Amazon Rainforest and Embracing the Divine Feminine Online Guided Meditation

Join a magical 10 day, soul-stirring Women's Journey to the Rainforest - Embracing the Divine Feminine Nov 7-16, 2009 and participate in Kathleen McIntires's latest Into the Lap of the Divine Mother online meditation.

Nevada City, CA (PRWEB) September 22, 2009

SoaringInLight. com is pleased to announce the release of Into the Lap of the Divine Mother, an online guided meditation by Kathleen McIntire (http://www. soaringinlight. com/Lap-of-DivineMother). Through this meditation experience the unconditional love that only the Divine Mother can give. Into the Lap of the Divine Mother is part of Kathleen McIntires's gentle, powerful work to re-ignite the Divine Feminine within each of us and to bring about a transformation of consciousness on our planet.

Kathleen is co-leading a Women's Journey to the Rainforest - Embracing the Divine Feminine November 7 -16, 2009. She will lead a small group of women on a sacred journey of the heart to the Upper Amazon of Ecuador. This journey will be steeped in ceremony and ritual. For more information visit Rainforest Trips on SoaringInLight. com (http://www. soaringinlight. com/Rainforest_trips).

"What better place to unleash the Divine Feminine than in the place where she is so fully alive and potent - the Amazon rainforest! This is a journey of the heart to listen deeply to the Divine Feminine and to unleash what wants to come through." With this acknowledgement, Kathleen invites women who share this desire to join her.

"Through my journeys to Ecuador, I feel that this remote pristine rainforest is the womb of our planet. The womb is a safe and protected place. A journey to the rainforest is a return to the womb for healing, grounding, spiritual growth and direction."

"Why am I so committed to this trip?" Kathleen asks. "Our world is starving for love, starving for the gifts of the Mother. On this journey, our circle of women will create sacred space for consciously setting an intention in alignment with the Divine Feminine for her power to be unleashed upon the world. Now is the time - time for powerful women to gather and dream a world of love that works for all life. The Achuar, the Indigenous people of the Ecuadorian rainforest we visit, are a dream culture. What more potent place to dream than in the rainforest with them."

"This trip is an initiation more fully into our Divine Selves. As Divine beings we are Creatrices. This trip is for women who are ready to create a new paradigm, to get in touch with their deepest truth, their own unique call. It is for those who are ready for a breakthrough, to let what is no longer serving them be released."

Kathleen and Robin Milam will lead the trip in partnership with The Pachamama Alliance (http://www. pachamama. org/). The group will gather in the majestic Andean mountains of Ecuador and then travel to the heart of one of largest untouched stands of primary rainforests in the world. The group will stay at the beautiful Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve (http://kapawi. com/), recognized by National Geographic as one of the top 50 Ecolodges in the world. In the rainforest, the group will meet with women and shamans of one of the world's oldest and most intact remaining dream cultures.

Deadline for registering is September 30. Interested women need to register now. Registration forms are available at Pachamama Women's Journey to the Rainforest Enrollment Form. (http://www. soaringinlight. com/TripForm)

Kathleen McIntire is a seer and a healer. Her intention is to reignite the flame of remembrance of the Divine Feminine. She gives voice to transformational messages of our time which include liberation, truth, empowering and awakening. For more information on Kathleen's work, the Women's Journey to the Rainforest and Kathleen's guided meditations, visit http://www. soaringinlight. com (http://www. soaringinlight. com).

Kathleen P McIntire
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