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MyMallorcaInfo Expands and Customises Language Availability

MyMallorcaInfo Expands and Customises Language Availability

MyMallorcaInfo, the leading Mallorca travel and information website, has introduced new customisable multilingual content to reach an even larger audience.

Alaro, Balearic Islands (PRWEB) July 24, 2010

MyMallorcaInfo has introduced customisable text content in multiple languages as part of significant upgrade plans, a move which follows on from last month's launch of 360 degree virtual tour and video content.

Now in its third year, MyMallorcaInfo (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/ (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/)) has maintained a policy of continuous upgrades for the benefit of both clients and visitors to the site, and this latest advance will present detailed information about Mallorca to an even larger audience.

The site is now available in English, Castellano Spanish, and French, with German due for introduction later this month, and Russian shortly thereafter. Other languages will follow. At first, all the translations will be computer generated from English, but the system provides the ability for text to also be easily written directly in the individual languages.

Mike Goggin, director of MyMallorcaInfo, said, "We know that computer translations are not always the best, but we wanted to cater for as many visitors as possible across different nations. Because we can override the computer translations at any time, we can present versions of our data specifically tailored to our clients' target markets. Different parts of Mallorca tend to attract visitors from specific countries, so many Hotels in Mallorca (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/en/hotels-accommodation-in-mallorca (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/en/hotels-accommodation-in-mallorca)) would probably choose to have a strong German focus, for example, and we can cater for that".

The basic translation service is absolutely free, with professional translations also available on behalf of clients of MyMallorcaInfo.

The new system applies across the entire website, including the free system for announcing events in Mallorca (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/es/mallorca-events (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/es/mallorca-events)), and the five day Mallorca weather forecast (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/es/mallorca-weather (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/es/mallorca-weather)), making it an invaluable source of information to an increasing number of nationalities and publicising the interactive and media rich content about products and services to a significantly wider audience.

MyMallorcaInfo specialises in providing accurate and current information about Mallorca for visitors to the website, as well as actively showcasing and marketing its clients across the internet. Using leading edge technology and techniques, and through close collaboration with the leading full search agency Bigmouthmedia, MyMallorcaInfo ensures that clients receive better internet positioning than most can achieve on their own. Unlike many other information websites, MyMallorcaInfo does not have any other spin-off operations and focuses completely on excellent design, excellent marketing and excellent customer service. The integration of advanced technologies and internet marketing techniques is an important part of this process.

About MyMallorcaInfo
MyMallorcaInfo is part of the award winning MyDestinationInfo group which is currently used by over 5.5 million travellers a year and incorporates destination information websites around the world from London to Cape Town to Cairns and everywhere in between. MyMallorcaInfo offer a wealth of information on Mallorca restaurants (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/en/mallorca-restaurants (http://mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com/en/mallorca-restaurants)), hotels, golf, nightlife and more. The website combines accurate information on the local area and businesses with the added usability of an online booking engine, offering travellers a one-stop shop where they can research and book their holiday on a single website.

For further media information, please contact:
Mike Goggin
C/ Joan Rossello de Son Forteza 18
Balearic Islands
+34 664 744 813
Mallorca. mydestinationinfo. com


Mompreneur Lesley Hatfield Proves Women Can Have it All

Mompreneur Lesley Hatfield Proves Women Can Have it All

Lesley Hatfield, a mother (to two year old Jack) and founder of Fitbreaks and NiteSweatz, followed her dream to have it all - a happy family life and successful professional career - and the world has taken notice. She has a feature article and full page photo in the March 2008 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine (attached) and CNBC has highlighted her success on "The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch."

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) March 4, 2008

Lesley Hatfield, a mother (to two year old Jack) and founder of Fitbreaks and NiteSweatz, followed her dream to have it all - a happy family life and successful professional career - and the world has taken notice.

When Hatfield was a child, she asked her mother for a Bermuda handbag - a pricy handbag for the time and out of the question for a single mother of three. So, Hatfield's mom gave her daughter something more valuable than any handbag, she taught her some basic business skills that would carry Hatfield through her successful entrepreneurial life. Find something people want and need, supply them and charge a premium. She also explained start up costs, loans and COG. Hatfiled was a natural and was soon selling salt water taffy at school to buy herself that Bermuda handbag.

Since then, Hatfield earned a degree in Exercise Physiology, practiced as a personal trainer and then started her first real business called Fitbreaks - 20 minute exercise sessions done in the corporate environment in business attire.

While training with a client one day, Hatfield learned that her client was suffering from hot flashes at night and wasn't able to sleep. Hatfield said, "Why don't you just sleep in your running clothes which are made to wick moisture?" It was Hatfield's AHA moment, and as a result, developed NiteSweatz.

NiteSweatz is a line of fashion-forward, thermo-regulating pajamas, daywear and intimates that wick moisture away from women's bodies making them more comfortable while sleeping, working and working out.

Hatfield followed her dream and now the world is taking notice. She has a feature article and full page photo in the March 2008 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine (attached) and CNBC highlighted her success on "The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsch," twice (visit NiteSweatz. com Press Page (http://www. nitesweatz. com/press/presspage. php) to view coverage). NiteSweatz has also been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine, twice (latest coverage attached)

How does she do it?

  • Multitasking with the help of technology - her Blackberry allows her to receive playground to the grocery store.
  • Delegating when possible - she uses a housekeeper and babysitter
  • At Home Office - allows her to stay connected to family while working
  • Rejuvenation - eats right and exercises to keep a clear mind and body, also uses playtime with son as exercise
  • Family Travel - brings husband and son on business trips when possible

Hatfield is proof that today, women can have it all - a healthy family life and great professional success. For more information on Lesley Hatfield and NiteSweatz, visit NiteSweatz. com or call 800-611-0069.

Contact: Suzanne Quinn/Glow Communications, 207-781-2598