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Single-use Format Revolutionizing Personal Care Industry

Single-use Format Revolutionizing Personal Care Industry

OSG’s Consumer Products has built its reputation on innovative package solutions serving the personal care industry, such as single-use facial cloths and body wash towelettes.

Mahwah, NJ (PRWEB) December 12, 2005

OSG’s Consumer Products facility in Mahwah has built its reputation on innovative package solutions serving the personal care industry, such as single-use facial cloths and body wash towelettes. As the first manufacturer to introduce the single-unit dose application for over-the-counter products just a few years ago, OSG has seen the single-use format revolutionize the personal care industry for both the marketer and the consumer. But the revolution has just begun.

“The single-unit dose format is a relatively new concept,” notes Craig Berry, Executive Vice President of the Coating Division at OSG. “At four years young, the format is still evolving. More product lines and industries are sure to come to see the advantage it offers their consumers.”

The single-unit dose format can be delivered in a number of formats and applications, from coated non-wovens (such as cloths saturated with product then dried and wet-activated) to dissolvable films (ideal for soap, shampoos, moisturizers, creams and gels) and edible films (ideal for cough suppressants, breath strips, appetite suppressants, and other product formats).

Says Berry, “The single-unit dose delivery approach is a boon to marketers as it serves to help them meet a unique consumer need–convenience. Additionally, it extends their product line, giving them new opportunities for their products. This delivery approach is ultimately convenient, portable, and easy to use. If a consumer for instance is traveling, they can pack just the soap and shampoo they need, not large containers that take up space. For an individual that can’t swallow pills, they can better tolerate edible films. Single-unit dose simply gives consumers greater options for the products they need and use.

OSG’s Consumer Product facility in Mahwah has been serving the personal care market for decades, with 25 years packaging experience and 15 years in specialty coating. OSG offers comprehensive services that address the total needs of businesses venturing into this packaging format.

Says Berry, “Being able to take a client from concept to deliverable is critical in this format. The sensitivity of this format presents a number of challenges. For instance, if a product such as a coated non-woven or film product has to be handed off to different companies to manage different stages, critical errors can occur that cost time and money. OSG takes a comprehensive approach to the process so that all aspects are managed in one place–the development, blending, coating, cutting, and packaging–minimizing the possibility of error. By managing all phases, the product transitions smoothly and successfully from start to finish, giving the marketer the opportunity to turn to one vendor for all its needs. And for those venturing into this format for the first time, not only do they have a single source, they have the power of experience at all phases behind them.

Recently, OSG and National Starch and Chemical of Bridgewater, NJ, a leading global manufacturer of adhesives, specialty polymers, electronic materials and specialty starches, entered into a joint manufacturing and marketing agreement for personal care dissolvable films. The joint venture will help expand the reach of such packaging applications within the industry with more product formats venturing into single-unit dose packaging. Through the joint venture, OSG’s comprehensive process, development, and manufacturing capabilities will be complemented by National Starch and Chemical formula and research capabilities.

OSG’s Consumer Products facility in Mahwah is a leader in small, single-unit, and sample packaging for the personal care market. OSG offers a broad array of standard, customized, and unique package designs and formats. Package formats include liquid-filled, device, cream and powder pouches; pre-saturated swab sticks, and individual and multiple towelettes; and liquid-filled semi-rigid thermoform packaging.

OSG is one of North America’s largest contract manufacturers of cosmetics, household, personal care and healthcare products. With corporate headquarters in Woodcliff Lake, N. J., Outsourcing Services Group, Inc. maintains manufacturing operations in the U. S., Canada and Mexico. OSG is a leading supplier of outsourced supply chain solutions to the healthcare, cosmetics, personal care and household products market.

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Travel Insured Launches New Airline Ticket Protector: Online Plan Features Higher Limits, New Benefits, Cancel for Any Reason Option

Travel Insured Launches New Airline Ticket Protector: Online Plan Features Higher Limits, New Benefits, Cancel for Any Reason Option

Travel Insured International introduces a new Airline Ticket Protector plan for budget-minded leisure and business travelers. The plan covers airline tickets as the first priority, but Trip Delay and Baggage Loss are included, and Emergency Medical Protection, and Cancel for Any Reason Coverage are value-added options.

East Hartford, CT (PRWEB) March 20, 2009

Travel Insured International (www. travelinsured. com) has strengthened protection for families and business travelers for whom airline tickets are the primary trip expense by launching a new, stronger Airline Ticket Protector plan. It is available for purchase online only starting Monday, March 23, 2009. The plan dramatically expands program coverage, while introducing new benefits and value-added options not previously available in the airline product. Affordable base prices for the plan begin at $16 per passenger.

The new Airline Ticket Protector will appeal to leisure travelers flying to visit friends and relatives, business travelers for whom land components may be hosted but airline tickets are an out-of-pocket expense, or independent vacationers for whom airline tickets are prepaid but land arrangements are flexible and paid during travel.

The new Airline Ticket Protector increases available coverage on Trip Cancellation or Trip Interruption to ticket costs valued up to $3,500, a generous upgrade from the $1,000 maximum ticket price covered under the old plan. Travelers may qualify for a waiver of pre-existing medical conditions if the plan is purchased within 14 days of the initial trip deposit. Trip Delay coverage is increased to a maximum $500 with no daily limit compared to the $100 limit under the previous plan, and Baggage Delay coverage has been doubled in the new plan to a $200 maximum compared to $100 in the previous one.

New coverage included in the New Airline Ticket Protector are a maximum $500 Missed Connection benefit and $1,000 in Lost Baggage & Personal Effects coverage.

Travelers in need of more comprehensive coverage can take advantage of new value-added options in the new Airline Trip Protector plan:

  • Cancel for Any Reason Option: Travelers within 14 days of their initial trip deposit can purchase this option, available for a 50% premium supplement and paying potential benefits of up to 75% of total trip cost in a cash refund.
  • Flight Accident Option: Available for up to $1 million coverage and priced from $8 to $50 per person depending on the benefit level selected.
  • Combined Emergency Medical Option: $50,000 in Emergency Medical Expense with $250,000 in Emergency MedEvac coverage. Priced at $25 per person.
  • Car rental collision damage waiver (CDW) Option: $7 per day price is charged only to the primary traveler named on the Airline Ticket Protector plan.

All plan options must be indicated and paid for on the Airline Ticket Protector application. When selected, the Flight Accident, the Emergency Medical, and the Cancel for Any Reason Option will be applied to all travelers on the same application.

About Travel Insured International
Travel Insured delivers comprehensive travel protection benefits ranging from trip cancellation and trip interruption to emergency assistance and Medevac insurance, travel accident and sickness medical expense, accidental death and dismemberment, missed connection and baggage delay or loss.

The company's travel insurance plans include its comprehensive Worldwide Trip Protector, the most popular travel protection plan (http://www. travelinsured. com/Travel-Insurance/TravelPlan. aspx? plan=333) and Worldwide Trip Protector Gold (http://www. travelinsured. com/Travel-Insurance/TravelPlan. aspx? plan=334), an enhanced travel insurance plan designed to protect luxury vacations and business trips. Travel Insured also offers two travel insurance plans designed to provide basic yet flexible protection for families and budget conscious travelers, its Worldwide Trip Protector Lite insurance plan and Worldwide Trip Protector Lite Expanded insurance plan. Finally they offer a Medical Protector insurance plan, an Airline Ticket Protector plan as well as a complete offering of Group Travel Insurance plans including Student Group insurance plans.

Visit Travel Insured's web site at www. travelinsured. com or speak to a friendly, knowledgeable Travel Insured customer care professional at 1-800-243-3174.

Travel Insured International, based in East Hartford, Connecticut, was founded in 1993 by the foresight of insurance industry executive Peter Gehris when he acquired the travel protection division of the Travelers Insurance Company. Coverage is underwritten by Arch Insurance Company (a Missouri corporation, NAIC #11150) with executive offices located in New York, NY. Not all insurance products or coverage is available in all jurisdictions. Coverage is subject to actual policy language.

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