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Company Unveils New Surfing Site - New Growth Plan to "Wash" Over All Others

Company Unveils New Surfing Site - New Growth Plan to "Wash" Over All Others

(PRWEB) February 7, 2001

OCEAN COUNTY, NJ - OceanCast Online, a new surfing web site located online at http://www. oceancast. com (http://www. oceancast. com) is already living up to its slogan, "The Most Awesome Surf Experience Ever." Armed with an intense marketing plan, along with a myriad of content and features, this new surfing destination is on the road to quickly become the ultimate surfing news and information source on the planet! OceanCast even provides every surf report they feature over any digital cellular phone - FOR FREE!

OceanCast. com is the one-stop site on the Internet to quench any surfer's thirst for the information they need:

The main OceanCast. com site is the home to three sections: special reports, industry news, and news updates. The most important section in the OceanCast. com site is probably the surfing news section. This is where you can find late-breaking competition news, as well as analysis and other sport news. This section also includes reports on legislation that could affect surfers, as well as environmental news and general-interest stories for surfers. The "Industry News" section lets everyone in on what's going on with major surf industry players, such as board makers, clothing companies, and influential people involved in the decisions that affect surfers everywhere. This section is also home to the "surf insider" column, which takes OceanCast visitors inside surf businesses, including camps and surf shops in order to let everyone see just what it is that's going on in different regions of the wide world of surfing. And the "special reports" section includes interviews, columns, travel destinations, and stimulating stories plus other. features. (See addition release "P-2B" for information regarding EntryPoint / Infogate partnership)

The second part of OceanCast is the "SurfTrac" section of the site. "SurfTrac" is the section of OceanCast that features daily surf reports and swell forecasts updated by a team of "surf reporters" that includes individuals, businesses, and surf enthusiasts. Each surf report page also includes tide information as well as live weather conditions provided by Intellicast. com. SurfTrac also includes surf cams from a multitude of locations, as well as "surf alerts" when special wave conditions exist. Surfers may check in to the "surf alert" section each day to see if any alerts are posted for their area. OceanCast invites anyone with information to add an alert. All alerts are verified before publication. Surf reporters are responsible for updating their location's surf report at least once every day. Through a password-protected section of the OceanCast site, reporters log in and update their report. Surf reports are displayed on the OceanCast site for all visitors to view free of charge. From the surf report, visitors to OceanCast can click on a link that brings them to a page where they can sign up to receive the surf report for free on their Internet-ready cellular phone. Through their partner, InfoLink Wireless, anyone with an Internet ready cellular phone can view OceanCast surf reports by dialing an access code. This service is totally free of charge, and works with every cellular provider in the nation. On the OceanCast web site, each surf report page also contains the tides for the selected location as well as the current marine forecast. OceanCast dynamically updates the tides and marine forecast whenever new information is available.

OceanCast has planned several events to help celebrate the opening of its site - the most exciting of which is a giveaway of a FREE week's stay for two at G-Land Jungle Surf Camp in Grajagan, Bali, Indonesia. G-Land Jungle Surf Camp is a famous location known to surfers everywhere. G-Land Jungle is also the site of the 2001 ASP Quiksilver Pro surfing competition. This is a great opportunity to win a free stay at one of the most talked-about surf camps in the world! Also planned is the return of Daniel Chapin's writing. Daniel Chapin previously had been writing for the first OceanCast web site. Chapin's style of writing truly captures the essence of surfing, and is loved by all readers who have the priveleage of enjoying his essays.

Finally, OceanCast is ensuring its growth. With initial revenues, OceanCast is poised to launch an intense marketing plan in several prestigious print publications, as well as produce flyers to be handed out at prime locations including at professional surfing events. Internet advertising has already been purchased, and television sponsorships are being investigated.