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Announcing a New Book About Adopting and Fostering Children with Love and Compassion

Announcing a New Book About Adopting and Fostering Children with Love and Compassion

This book provides variances of neglect, abuse, abandonment, and displacement by illustrating factors that affect today’s youth. The fictional storyline replicates similar circumstances occurring in today’s homes. The book highlights families that are considered true Samaritans of love and care as they adopt and foster suffering children. It is a book for all ages.

Macon, GA (PRWEB) January 2, 2006

The dynamics of families are ever-changing due to adoptions and foster care processes. It is important for everyone to transition with patience, acceptance and understanding. Finally there is a Realistic fictional tale titled, “Memories of a Cherry Blossom Tree,” by Fletcher Johnson Jr., that is designed to assist agencies, educators, counselors, parents and children with this transition. They will find love, joy, peace, patience and compassion in this book.

This story takes place in Georgia during the early 1900s. The five female characters in this story come from painful backgrounds that eventually lead them into an orphanage of love. As they gather underneath a Cherry Blossom Tree, a majestic transformation takes place as they exchange dreams of being adopted by international families. As they transition throughout the story, their dreams began to come true. Each of the girls get to travel to countries other than their homeland and began experiencing exciting journeys. Each child that depart, has her name carved into the Cherry Blossom Tree. This was their way of holding on to the memories that they all shared together.

The lady in this story constantly nurtures and cuddles the characters as they await their adoptive parents arrival. The story invites readers to explore other worlds. You can expect to find poetic lines, rhymes and a dramatic ending. It inspires and leaves readers with a sense of compassion. It also brings attention to domestic and international adoption agencies that connects families with children from all over the world. The book is multi-dimension in the fact that it contains a novel, a recipe for a muffin related to the story, dramatization and a dinner theater menu.

As a former Police Officer, Crime Scene Investigator, teacher, and assistant principal, the author was inspired to write this book after witnessing countless numbers of abused, displaced, neglected and abandoned youth. His first-hand eyewitness accounts led him to come up with this idea of reaching out to the caregivers and youth. After observation, the author, Fletcher Johnson Jr., a former Crime Scene Identification Technician, decided to write this book.

He investigated cases ranging from child abuse to child neglect. He was later selected to be a Community Police Officer and noticed several displaced youths who were left abandoned. He observed social service agenices scrambling for answers. As an educator, he also observed counselors struggling to find tools to help parents and students cope with the adoptive/fostering process.

He believed that society needed a book that would give them a passion to save today's lost youth. The author credits his mother who was a caretaker and foster parent.

This book provides the necessary ingredients for supporting those who have and are considering adopting and fostering children.

The author has taken his mission a step further by visiting schools, churches, rotary clubs and agencies to conduct book talk programs, writing workshops and raise awareness regarding the issue of adopting and fostering children. He has been featured in newspaper articles, hosted on talk shows and sold-out booksignings at major book stores like Barnes & Nobles, Dalton Books and local schools. He is available for press interviews and speaking engagements.

Millions of readers are complimenting the essence of love that this book brings to adoption and foster care. This book can be purchased at local book stores and online at Amazon. com, Authorhouse. com, Barnes & Nobles. com, Books-A-Million. com, Buy. com and other major selling websites.

Preview the book at this authorhouse website: http://www. authorhouse. com/BookStore/ItemDetail. aspx? bookid=31126 (http://www. authorhouse. com/BookStore/ItemDetail. aspx? bookid=31126)!

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NBC "Today" Show Recommends Airtreks. com for Around-the-world Tickets

NBC "Today" Show Recommends Airtreks. com for Around-the-world Tickets

Calling Airtreks. com, "One great website... very cool", the "Today" show recommends Airtreks. com to viewers who want to take their own trip around the world. Checking prices for the route followed by "Today" show correspondent Matt Lauer for this week's "Where In the World?" feature series, the show found that Airtreks. com offered a package tickets for a trip to all those cities, and more, for less than $4000 -- compared to over $20,000 for point-to-point tickets.

San Francisco, CA, USA (PRWEB) November 14, 2005

Today Airtreks. com got the endorsement of NBS's "Today" show, with travel editor Peter Greenberg calling it "a very cool site" and "a great website " for around-the-world tickets:

"There's one great website that I like called Airtreks. com that actually allows you to go online and plan your own round-the-world vacation by adding as many cities as you want."

The recommendation for Airtreks. com came at the conclusion of the "Today" show's latest week-long "Where In the World is Matt Lauer?" travel feature.

In a four-minute feature for viewers who "watch with envy" as "Today" show correspondent Matt Lauer travels around the world, Greenberg compared prices from Airtreks. com with prices for separate tickets from the airlines:

"We found a package that goes literally all around the world to all the places that Matt went to, but also places that you can add along the way. The actual total package when you look at every place you can go on these tickets -- and you can just add as many cities as you want -- if you tried to do this trip point to point, it would be over $20,000 just for the airfare. This is under $4000 [from Airtreks. com]."

Greenberg also praised the TripPlanner tool on the Airtreks. com website:

"You just go to the site, plug in the destinations of your choice and get two itineraries -- one is a lowest cost itinerary and one is a more for your money itinerary. Both itineraries may include additional stops. The additional stops on the lowest fare option are to reduce the overall cost or alert you to possible free stopovers. The "more for your money" option, which is what I chose when I made my sample itinerary re-tracing Matt's trip this week, added some cool cities for only $500 to $600 more."

The rave review on the "Today" show was just the latest accolade for Airtreks. com. Airtreks. com has been featured in a special issue of National Geographic Traveler magazine on around-the-world travel, and mentioned in every major national newspaper in the USA.

Airtreks. com has arranged tickets for high-profile media clients for trips around the world both fast and frenzied and slow and meandering. Best-selling travel writer Elliott Hester took more than a year for the journey around the world chronicled in his new book, "Adventures of a Continental Drifter", while earlier this year Airtreks. com sent USA Today reporter Laura Bly around the world in just 8 days, door to door.

About Airtreks. com

Airtreks. com is the worldwide leader in providing customized, efficient, and affordable air tickets and technology for complex international trips.

Airtreks. com enables travelers and travel agents to create customized itineraries -- with an unlimited number of destinations -- and receive instant price estimates. Airtreks' unique global sourcing strategy and proprietary technology make it possible for Airtreks. com to offer international air tickets at substantial discounts from the published fares offered by airlines, typical travel agencies, or other airfare Web sites. And Airtreks' staff of travel consultants, including leading experts on international travel, works with each client to optimize their choices of airlines, routes, and fares.

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Show-Me STATE GAMES Nominated for National Award

Show-Me STATE GAMES Nominated for National Award

The Show-Me STATE GAMES, a non-profit Olym[ic Style sports event, has been nominated to receive a national readers choice award. The GAMES needs the help of State Games supporters nationwide to win this award. Supporters must vote by going to www. sportstravelmagazine. com and chosing the Show-Me STATE GAMES.

(PRWEB) September 4, 2004

The Show-Me STATE GAMES of Missouri has been nominated for a national readers choice award sponsored by Sports Travel Magazine! The GAMES is one of seven events nationwide to make the ballot in the “Best Multi-Sport or Multi-Discipline Event ”.

The winner will be an event that shows the following:

·The organization of and attendance at the event was superior.

·The event provided a superior experience for competitors and spectators.

·The site(s) or venue(s) of the event, series or circuit enhanced the event, series or circuit.

These criteria clearly describe the Show-Me STATE GAMES but we need you to win!

To be named the Readers Choice Event of the Year, the Show-Me STATE GAMES must get the most votes out of all the events listed, which is where all Missourians (including you) come in! We need EVERYONE to go online and vote for the GAMES as the best event in the nation.

Please go to www. SportsTravelMagazine. com and click on the link named 2004 SportsTravel Readers Choice Awards. You will then be directed to a second window where you can choose ONLY one category in which to vote. Cast your ballot for the GAMES by clicking the little dot in front of the GAMES selection. Then type in Show-Me STATE GAMES for your selection as “Sports Event of the Year” at the bottom of the vote’s window, submit your vote and close the window. It’s that easy.

All the events on the ballot were nominated by readers of Sports Travel Magazine. Help us put Missouri on the National Map by voting today! The winner will be announced in late October, but you must vote by September 15th!