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Affordable Space Planning Tool Allows Children, Teenagers and College Students to Design Their Perfect Bedroom or Living Area for Back to School

Affordable Space Planning Tool Allows Children, Teenagers and College Students to Design Their Perfect Bedroom or Living Area for Back to School

A new patented life-sized, lightweight, reusable pre-printed furniture "template" kit makes it easy to "place" furniture before buying it in a youth or teenager's bedroom -- or even a college dorm room. Buy once and use every year or hand down. This affordable space planning tool is great for those on a budget and promises to take the guess-work out of furniture purchasing and interior design.

Prairie Village, KS (PRWEB) August 8, 2006

Often a parent and teenager's inability to envision a new design for a room leaves them feeling fit to be tied. Now Mom or Dad can put down that tattered 1/4-inch scale drawing. DYI Design Yourself Interiors, Inc.(http://www. designyourselfinteriors. com (http://www. designyourselfinteriors. com)) has created life-size furniture "templates" that can be cut to replicate the actual size of furniture before a purchase is finalized.

Parents and students of all ages nationwide have been flocking to purchase the affordable DYI templates before the first class starts to create a harmonious and functional living and study space. The DYI template is the creation of two high-end interior designers turned entrepreneurs -- Kathy Wagner and Melody Davidson. As an expert in residential and commercial interior design, Ms. Davidson has more than 25 years of professional experience nationwide. She views the balance created by proper furniture placement as the foundation for designing an attractive, comfortable and functional room for students. DYI Co-Founder Kathy Wagner has traveled the world servicing her international interior design clients and owns a high-end firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. DYI Templates have been designed as a do-it-yourself space planning tool to eliminate frustration and create a room the "flows."

"It has been scientifically proven that visual tools -- such as DYI Templates -- allow the younger person or parent to clarify their thinking, reinforce understanding of space, easily integrate new concepts, and quickly identify misconceptions," said Kathy Wagner, one of DYI templates original developers and co-founder of Design Yourself Interiors, Inc. "We are excited that our affordable interior design product assists both the young person and parent in saving time, money, and hopefully the heartache that comes with the realization that the wrong piece or size of furniture was purchased."

DYI template kits sell for $29.99. For more information or to order individual kits or in bulk, visit http://www. designyourselfinteriors. com (http://www. designyourselfinteriors. com) or call 866-692-6700. Media Contact: For free full-size samples of DYI Templates or high res photos, contact Ria Romano at 786-290-6413.


Morris Visitor Publications Announces the Launch of Where Traveler Connect, the Most Comprehensive Local Market Content Offering in the Travel Industry

Morris Visitor Publications Announces the Launch of Where Traveler Connect, the Most Comprehensive Local Market Content Offering in the Travel Industry

Strategic partner Hudson Crossing to bring new product to travel marketplace; strong demand for offering, now signing up limited set of launch partners prior to February 2009 general availability

Augusta, GA (PRWEB) November 18, 2008

Morris Visitor Publications announced today the beta availability of Where Traveler Connect, a new private-label product based upon the Wheretraveler. com (http://www. wheretraveler. com) destination content platform which has been in public beta since June 2008.

About Where Traveler Connect
Where Traveler Connect offers travel providers a new source of revenue in addition to a compelling traveler service featuring unique destination travel content, including 15,000 local restaurant and entertainment listings currently available through the web, the Apple iPhone® platform and (coming soon) Blackberry® platform.

The foundation of Wheretraveler. com (http://www. wheretraveler. com) and Where Traveler Connect is the Where® Magazine and Where® GuestBook, published by Morris Visitor Publications. With over 120 destinations worldwide and 15,000 local and national advertisers, Where Traveler Connect brings an unprecedented mix of unique destination content and local market consumer offers in one place.

Morris Visitor Publications Partners with Hudson Crossing
Morris Visitor Publications has partnered with Hudson Crossing to launch Where Traveler Connect to the travel marketplace. In anticipation of the public launch in February 2009, Hudson Crossing will be signing up a limited set of launch partners.

"We are very excited to offer this unique consumer application to the travel marketplace in conjunction with Hudson Crossing," said William S. Morris III, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Morris Communications Company. "As the largest local market content provider with over 15,000 thousand local and national advertisers coupled with locally based editors and sales executives, Where Traveler Connect provides travelers with relevant and timely choices of dining, ground transport and entertainment." added Morris.

"Where Traveler Connect is exceptionally well positioned in the travel marketplace by the fact that it delivers a substantial revenue stream for our travel industry partners," said Michael W. McCormick, Managing Partner, Hudson Crossing. "We are in the early stages of selecting our launch partners, and the interest has been strong from a number of travel industry suppliers." added McCormick.

Limited Launch Partnerships Available
As part of the beta launch of Where Traveler Connect, Hudson Crossing is signing up a limited number of launch partners to participate in the roll-out. Each launch partner will obtain the following benefits:

  • Private label version of Wheretraveler. com (http://www. wheretraveler. com)
  • Revenue share derived from site visitors received by Where Traveler Connect from the partner website
  • Unique local editorial content from the expansive Where Magazine and Where GuestBook archives available to partner travelers
  • Over 15,000 local advertisers in over 120 worldwide destinations available to partner travelers

Interested travel-related firms should contact Hudson Crossing directly to participate in the launch of Where Traveler Connect.

About Where(R) and Morris Visitor Publications
Morris Visitor Publications (MVP), a division of Morris Communications Company, LLC publishes Where GuestBook®, Where® Magazine, Where® QuickGuide™ and Where® Maps in 44 U. S. markets with a combined circulation of over 46 million nationwide. MVP also publishes In New York and In London magazines, plus a wide array of custom maps, luxury hotel publications, guides and directories for business and leisure travelers. Visit us at: Wheretraveler. com (http://www. wheretraveler. com)

About Hudson Crossing
Hudson Crossing is a strategic advisory firm devoted to helping business owners raise the financial performance of their travel, tourism and hospitality assets. Through the execution of bold ideas, Hudson Crossing's team of experienced industry executives bridges the gap between plan and performance, helping companies achieve important growth metrics through business assessment, course correction and translating strategy into outcome. Visit us at Hudson Crossing (http://www. hudsoncrossing. com).


Travel and Tourism Industry Compete in Cyberspace Race - Number One Tourist Destination to be Named by EarthHoppers. com

Travel and Tourism Industry Compete in Cyberspace Race - Number One Tourist Destination to be Named by EarthHoppers. com

Businesses in the travel and tourism industry will have an opportunity to become the unofficial, number one world tourist destination. "Our Earth's Great Race," an online advertising opportunity created by EarthHoppers. com, is a global race, which allows business to showcase their services to millions of potential customers.

(PRWEB) June 6, 2007

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's an EarthHopper, a new online advertising opportunity for businesses in the travel and tourism industry. "Our Earth's Great Race," the friendly global kick start for EarthHoppers. com, provides a fun way for businesses to be showcased to millions of potential customers, while competing for the title of the "Number One Tourist Destination."

Every country of the world has a map page, which can be found if you're able to get past the cheeky backpacking grasshopper on the homepage. After purchasing space, advertisers can upload their business text, image, or logo onto their country map page to which their business website will be linked. It's a global race to see which country is most eager to hop on and fill their map the fastest to become the unofficial number 'one' world tourist destination.

Another one of those, 'I wish I'd thought of that' ideas came to fruition after Sue, one the website's creators, heeded her eight year old son's plea to help needy children. Knowing she was merely one drop in the ocean, the small amount of aid she could give wouldn't help much. However, after realizing the potential of the EarthHoppers. com idea, she knew millions of drops in the ocean would. So, this unique recipe was developed by two girls from Queensland Australia, Sue and Sandy, to successfully raise profits from each country's map, with the intention of not only helping tourism, travelers, and advertisers, but aiding homeless, starving, and abused children across the globe.

"Our Earth's Great Race" officially begins hopping at 9am (AEST) on the 14th of June 2007. Businesses in the travel and tourism industry are encouraged to compete for the world's unofficial title of the "Number One Tourist Destination."