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Finding OM in the Shower

Finding OM in the Shower

Unique all-natural herbal yoga soaps stamped with the sacred word OM.

Bogota, NJ (PRWEB) July 13, 2004

Rapunzel Gifts (www. rapunzelgifts. com), is a Web site offering handcrafted gift baskets, gift sets and jewelry for yoga, meditation, stress relief, healing and spiritual growth. The company has launched a new line of all-natural herbal soaps stamped with the sacred word OM. The olive oil based soaps come in a generous 5 ounce bar in four refreshing scents: Almond Oatmeal, Lemongrass Oatmeal, Peat & Rain and Cucumber Mint. Each soap is handcrafted using only the finest ingredients including essential oils, dried flowers and herbs.

Owner Lynn Gregorski says, “This isn’t a mass-produced product. Each bar of soap is handmade, hand cut and lovingly hand stamped with the word OM. We believe our customers will appreciate the thought and care that goes into a soap that is handcrafted.”

In the spiritual and yoga community “OM” is the sound of the infinite, the merging of the physical being with the spiritual. OM is the sound of the universe, filled with divine healing energy. “When we chant “OM”, we are reminded that we are one with the universe, at peace within ourselves,” Gregorski says.

RapunzelGifts. com features spiritually themed gift sets, such as the “Breathe Relaxation Box,” “Buddha Basket,” and “OM Gift Set”. They include a variety of aromatherapy candles, herbal soaps, bath salts, incense and spiritual tools. Every item is carefully wrapped in mango bark papers with earthy accents and Chinese I-Ching coins that give the gift sets a natural, rustic feel. Many of the high quality products originate in Nepal, India, Thailand and Tibet and some of the gift sets come in re-usable banana leaf jewel boxes custom made for Rapunzel Gifts in Thailand. Customers can also create their own custom gift baskets by shopping a la carte on the website.

RapunzelGifts. com is the brainchild of television industry veteran Lynn Gregorski. A former manager at CNBC and CBS Marketwatch. com, Gregorski found a peaceful refuge in the practice of yoga. “I combined my experience traveling to places like Nepal and Peru with my own yoga practice to design gifts that help people on a journey toward relaxation and inner peace,” she says. “We also want to educate our customers, so we are adding articles to our site on topics like: How to Meditate, Using Tingshas, What are Prayer Wheels, The Seven Chakras and Yoga Clothing.”

When Gregorski says, “We are committed to helping you find your peacefulness in physical body and spiritual mind,” she’s talking about beautiful gift baskets and jewelry, but she’s also about the joy of helping others.

For more information on wholesale or retail opportunities, contact Lynn Gregorski at (201) 489-9849.

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