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Introducing MyGuide 3240 Portable Navigation Device

Introducing MyGuide 3240 Portable Navigation Device

An entry level GPS Navigation system with nationwide coverage and including large 3.5" touch screen, 512 MB internal memory and SD slot with all accessories

Redwood City, CA (PRWEB) May 18, 2006

Ares Digital, a California-based consumer electronics marketing company, announces the U. S. launch of the MyGuide™ portable Navigation device. At a suggested MSRP of $ 399, this is a full-featured portable device with built-in 512 MB of memory, a large viewing screen and full accessory kit. The unit is available now.

The MyGuide 3240 go is an attractive navigation solution consisting of a PNA (Personal Navigation Assistant) with an embedded GPS antenna and the highly sensitive SiRF III chip. Distinct graphics, clear voice commands and easy operation make this device a great new product in its price class.

Features include:

  •   Precise 20-channel GPS-receiver with SiRFIII-chip
  • 3.5” TFT LCD touch screen
  • Reliable navigation software, can be operated with finger or stylus
  •  Regional map data pre-installed on the huge internal memory ( 512 MB)
  • Up-to-date map data with optimised graphical presentation (2D/3D, day /night mode with dampened colours)
  •  Embedded antenna
  •  Points of Interest (POI)
  •  Landscape format for natural view
  • MP3 player
  •  SD memory card slot

“The MyGuide Portable Navigation Assistant is designed for the mobile consumer for home or business use. With its large 3.5” touch screen and easy navigation software, the MyGuide 3240 is the perfect travel companion to unknown destinations”, said Randolph Kemps, CEO of Ares Digital, Inc. “The GPS market in the United States is growing very rapidly and the full-featured 3240 is ideal for the entry level user who seeks excellent value for money.”

The MyGuide 3240 PNA is now shipping at major retail stores and other Internet sites. The number of resellers is growing daily. The device comes with a complete list of accessories from power adapter to car mounting kit and USB 2.0 cables. Microsoft’s ActiveSync® allows easy transfer of maps to the device. Detailed maps of the contiguous United States and Hawaii are included on a separate DVD. Live technical support is available M-F 9 – 5 pm.

The product is assembled in Germany from components where strict quality control measures are applied. It is expected that higher end models with even more features will be available on the market very shortly.

Ares Digital is a private company with expertise in the distribution of unique and innovative consumer and business products. It brings to the US market new, innovative products in partnership with international marketing and manufacturing companies.

MyGuide GPS Ltd is a company specializing in portable navigation devices. Hugely successful in Europe, it brings its experience and volume manufacturing of GPS products to the US market. www. myguidegps. com

Corporate Contacts:

Randy Kemps

Ares Digital, Inc

1817 Hoare Court

Milpitas, CA 95035

Tel: 650 331 1850

David Glassman

Voice 760 494 0346


Company Now Teaches People How to Lose Belly Fat By Introducing Hypnotic Recordings

Company Now Teaches People How to Lose Belly Fat By Introducing Hypnotic Recordings

Liz Rojek of www. losebellyfatdiet. com will now be offering hypnotic MP3s for weight loss to help individuals learn how to lose belly fat and keep it off. People can now break the vicious cycle of dieting, losing weight, and gaining it all back using these recordings regularly.

Jersey, UK (PRWEB) October 27, 2009 -

Liz Rojek of LoseBellyFatDiet. com has announced that she will now be offering hypnosis MP3s in order to help people learn how to lose belly fat. During the economic downturn, many people will appreciate the low cost of these recordings when compared to seeking the services of a professional hypnotic therapist.

When it comes to weight loss, many people simply lack the willpower to stop themselves from eating foods that are bad for them. The Hypnosis MP3s now offered on Rojek's site seek to treat the problem at its cause, namely the human mind itself. By reprogramming the subconscious mind, hypnosis can help an individual to feel cravings for junk food less often and even help them to feel better about themselves.

The recordings consist of soothing music along with the relaxing voice of the hypnotist. These recordings eliminate the need to travel to the hypnotist's office each day and pay expensive fees on a regular basis, a definite plus in the current recession. The same effective techniques are used on these recordings and the same results can be expected.

To learn more, visit www. losebellyfatdiet. com.

About Lose Belly Fat Diet:

Liz Rojek founded Lose Belly Fat Diet in 2006 in order to promote health and wellbeing by utilizing a holistic approach. Her approach focuses on natural remedies and treatments in order to treat both the individual's mind and body. Liz has been a member of the Noble-Manhattan Life Coaching Company for the past 4 years and has devoted her life to helping others reach their full potentials and achieve their goals. She has been a pioneer in teaching others how to lose belly fat using natural therapy and life coaching for the past 25 years.

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