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Editors of MayanHoliday. com Select the Top 10 Songs About Mexico

Editors of MayanHoliday. com Select the Top 10 Songs About Mexico

The editors of MayanHoliday. com; a news and information site devoted to Playa del Carmen, Cancun and The Riviera Maya; have selected their top 10 songs about Mexico.

Playa del Carmen, Mexico (PRWEB) March 9, 2006

Just in time for Spring Break, the editors of MayanHoliday. com have put together a list of the top 10 songs about Mexico. Load these tunes onto your MP3 player and listen to them the next time you're lying on the beach on vacation. Or listen to them at home or work when you're dreaming of being on the beach instead.

The top song on the list is the 1970's classic "Margaritaville," by Jimmy Buffett. Said to have been written on a flight from Cozumel to Houston, it’s a song about a mythical island paradise, a blender full of frozen cocktails and a lost shaker of salt. The second song is “Mexico,” by James Taylor. This light-rock ballad tells the tale of an extended vacation where the traveler comments that, “The sun’s so hot, I forgot to go home.” Number three on the list is “Stays in Mexico,” by Toby Keith. It’s a countrified reminder to keep your vacation exploits to yourself, proving that Las Vegas isn’t the only party town that holds some secrets. Next up is “Mexico,” by the Nash Girls. It’s a bouncy tune about young women having fun on their Mexican vacation, complete with sunny days and long nights at the clubs. Number five is Mark Wills’ “Married in Mexico,” a south-of-the-border romance complete with beachfront nuptials. Since its release, it has become a must-have for couples getting married in Mexico.

“I Got Mexico,” by Eddy Raven, comes in at number six. This somewhat pensive tune shows how a favorite vacation destination can help ease the pain when your special someone decides to move on. Number seven on the list is “Blame it on Mexico,” by George Strait. The song details what can happen after a trip to the land of the sun with “too much guitar music, tequila, salt and lime.” Tequila fans will also appreciate number eight on the MayanHoliday. com list. It’s Tracy Byrd’s “Ten Rounds with Jose Cuervo,” which has become an anthem for the drinking crowd, with its boisterous tale of the crazy things can happen with tequila, especially after 10 rounds. "Mail Myself to Mexico," by Buddy Jewell, comes in at number nine. In the song, Jewell tells about a post office employee that fantasizes about trading it all in for a new life in old Mexico. At the number 10 spot is “One Step Closer to Cancún,” by Elmer Thudd. It’s an inspirational song about a band playing gigs and saving their money to take a tropical vacation, something we can all identify with.

Runners up for the MayanHoliday. com list include “Seashores of Old Mexico,” by Willie Nelson and Merle Hagard; “New Life in Old Mexico,” by Robert Earl Keen; “Acapulco,” by Neil Diamond; “Take Me Down to Mexico,” by the Long Beach Dub Allstars; and “That’s Why God Made Mexico,” by Tim McGraw. More music ideas and travel tips can be found at the Mayan Holiday website located at http://mayanholiday. com (http://mayanholiday. com).

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