Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finally an Affordable and Reliable Pay Per Click Advertising Option for the small to medium Travel Business Owner

Finally an Affordable and Reliable Pay Per Click Advertising Option for the small to medium Travel Business Owner

SignPostX. com, the newest Travel Search Engine, offers the best price for pay for performance travel marketing and advertising available today. The Pay Per Click advertising is as low as 1 cent per click with a reach of over one million viewers per day.

Winnipeg, MB (PRWEB) August 20, 2004

SignPostX. com in partnership with Jumpat. com is pleased to announce their Pay Per Click advertising network. Due to this partnership, SignPostX. com can offer its travel advertisers, the ability to bid on keywords as low as $.01 per click throughout the network of approved publishers and search engines. This offer gives the advertiser the ability to reach over 1.2 million people a day. They can target audiences by keywords, country and zones offering utmost control of their advertising programs and audience relevancy.

The new and small travel business owner is probably wondering what is Pay Per Click Advertising? It is a method by which advertisers bid on keywords or phrases that relate to the web site they are promoting, that are used to target ads to specific search results web page audiences. The advertiser only has to pay for each click on the ad based on the bid price they specified and control. No longer is the advertiser limited to excessively priced keywords, like OvertureÂ’s minimum bid of 10 cents a keyword. Minimum bid is only 1 cent with SignPostX. com.

SignpostX. com is one of 63 search engines powered by jumpat. com, who is the front-runner in integrated search engine traffic. One listing in SignPostX. com travel search engine portal will get the advertiser traffic from all the top 30 search engines including Yahoo. com and Google. com via doorway pages.

SignPostX. com Pay Per Click program is available today. It is 100% free to set up an account. For the small and medium sized travel business with a limited advertising budget, this is the place to start getting that much needed traffic to their web site.

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