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New Vacationing Experience Targets African American Professionals

New Vacationing Experience Targets African American Professionals

BlackNLA. com Is Pleased to Announce a Vacation Experience Targeting African Americans Nationwide

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 3, 2005

BlackNLA. com has teamed up with Honey LetÂ’s Travel, VIP Line Up, The UCLA Black Alumni Association and others in an effort to provide a vacation experience that appeals to professional African Americans who are looking for an opportunity to enjoy a luxury resort and all of its surrounding adventures.

“After looking at a lot of the other travel opportunities geared towards African Americans, we decided that there needed to be a middle ground between all of the music festivals and the extremely targeted trips of, say, a ski club,” said Cherice Calhoun, president of BlackNLA. com. “The Caribbean Escape was developed to appeal to a large audience of various backgrounds and experiences.”

The Caribbean Escape will be held on the island of St. John, which is about a 30-minute boat ride from St. Thomas, on August 16 -20, 2005. This package will appeal to both land lovers and those looking for a little adventure. The resort features a full spa, access to a golf course nearby and an outdoor daily Cigar Lounge/Exotic Island Cocktail Party. For those looking for adventure, there will be daily excursions covering four islands. The package will also include hosted dinners, parties, live entertainment and shopping excursions.

“Unlike some of our other programs, we are targeting a national audience,” said Calhoun. For more details on the upcoming Caribbean Escape, you can visit the website at: http://www. blacknla. com/caribbeanescape2005/Accommodations. htm (http://www. blacknla. com/caribbeanescape2005/Accommodations. htm).

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