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VFM Leonardo Expands Visual Content Distribution Network to include Additional 40+Travel Websites Powered by GTA Travel

VFM Leonardo Expands Visual Content Distribution Network to include Additional 40+Travel Websites Powered by GTA Travel

Global Leader in visual content distribution for hotels worldwide expands its network to include travel websites powered by GTA travel, giving online travel shoppers greater opportunities to better merchandise their hotels online.

Toronto, ON and London, ENG (PRWEB) March 12, 2009

VFM Leonardo Inc. (http://www. vfmleonardo. com), the leading provider of visual content management and distribution for hotels worldwide, today announced it has been selected as the exclusive provider of hotel visual content distribution for Gullivers Travel Associates (GTA Travel). Over 40 travel websites powered by GTA will now display more and richer visual content on their websites. As a result, GTA can engage travel shoppers and increase conversions. With a strengthened distribution network (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products/online_media_distribution/media_network. html), VFM Leonardo gives hotels the opportunity to reach and influence more online travel shoppers on GTA's and its clients' travel websites.

VFM Leonardo is aggregating all of GTA's 23,000+ partner hotels' information and visual content into their VScape® Digital Asset Management (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products/digital_asset_management/index. html) platform - the travel industry standard that enables distribution partners, like GTA, to control the chaos of managing and distributing hotel visual content for its partner hotels through one single point of entry. With full access to VScape's visual content management, distribution and reporting capabilities, GTA can seamlessly display thousands of hotel photos, virtual tours and videos on all of their websites, effectively engaging travel shoppers and increasing overall look to book conversion rates.

"VScape not only makes it easy to manage thousands of digital assets, but it also ensures that our clients researching travel on our websites always see the most up to date, engaging hotel visual content. This keeps them on our websites longer and increases conversions, which benefits both GTA and our partner hotels," Jesper With-Fogstrup, Senior Director - Global Hotel Strategy and Operations for GTA.

By expanding their universally accepted visual content distribution network (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/products/online_media_distribution/index. html) to include GTA's websites, including TravelBound. com, OctopusTravel. com and numerous travel and tour operator sites globally, VFM Leonardo enables hoteliers to extract the most value from their online presence by giving them the opportunity to distribute their photos, virtual tours and videos to more electronic distribution channels than ever before. VFM Leonardo's strengthened network adds further online merchandising opportunities for hotels using visual content that engages more travel shoppers and influences them to book.

"The benefits of our exclusive agreement with GTA are twofold. We're streamlining GTA's visual content distribution process but also strengthening our visual content distribution network which enables hotels to reach and engage even more in-market online travel shoppers, convert more lookers into bookers and increase their ROI. We're committed to continually expanding our distribution network so that hotels get the most value out of their online presence," Paolo Boni, President & CEO of VFM Leonardo (http://www. vfmleonardo. com/).

About GTA
GTA (Gullivers Travel Associates) is a world leader in the provision of ground travel products and services. GTA uses industry-leading online technology to market and distribute global travel content, including more than 23,000 hotels & 3,000 apartments with instant confirmation, in over 130 countries. Other travel services include car hire, sightseeing tours and attractions, private transfers, group travel and rail passes. GTA also provides online destination information, including 300 extensive city and country travel guides, weather reports, currency conversion and travel health advice. GTA, www. gta-travel. com (http://www. gta-travel. com/), is a Travelport business. Travelport is one of the largest and most geographically diverse travel companies, dedicated to creating the exceptional travel experiences the world demands.

About VFM Leonardo
VFM Leonardo is the world's largest provider and distributor of online visual content for the hotel and travel industry. VFM Leonardo's content library includes more than one million digital photographs, videos and 360° virtual tours for over 80,000 hotels and resorts worldwide. Through VScape, VFM Leonardo distributes this content to its online media network of all four Global Distribution Systems, Pegasus, and 30,000 plus travel-related channels including online travel agencies, travel research and supplier web sites, search portals and major travel intermediaries. VFM Leonardo's online media network includes industry leaders such as Sabre, Galileo, Travelocity, Orbitz, Priceline, Tripadvisor, Yahoo! Travel, Kayak, Google and many more. For more information, visit www. vfmleonardo. com (http://www. vfmleonardo. com).

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Stray Dog Designs Travels to Haiti to Give Cash and Hope to Workers

Stray Dog Designs Travels to Haiti to Give Cash and Hope to Workers

Last month, Stray Dog Designs founding partner Billy Pritchard traveled to Haiti and put over $10,000 in cash directly into the hands of the workers there who make papier mache products for the company.

Chattanooga, TN (PRWEB) May 5, 2010

Last month, Stray Dog Designs founding partner Billy Pritchard traveled to Haiti and put over $10,000 in cash directly into the hands of the workers there who make papier mache products for the company. Virtually all the workers lost housing, possessions, or family members in the devastating January 12th earthquake. The money was donated from customers and friends of Stray Dog Designs, then matched 50 cents on the dollar by the Chattanooga-based company that designs home furnishings and has them made in parts of the world that need sustainable, family wage jobs. The balance of the money collected, about $2000, will be put into a tuition fund for the workers’ children.

Stray Dog Designs works with over 150 workers in Haiti who make its papier mache lamps and home accessories by hand. Immediately after the earthquake the company established the Stray Dog Designs Haitian Worker Relief Fund. Because of stories heard from friends who had been through Hurricane Katrina, the company decided that the quickest relief would be achieved by putting cash directly into the hands of the people who needed it. So rather than contribute to established and excellent charities like the Red Cross or Doctors Without Borders, Stray Dog Designs decided to continue to aid those people who it had gone to Haiti to help in the first place – the artisans.

On Wednesday, April 21st, Billy and fellow Chattanoogan Alan Clark flew to Haiti laden with cash, goodwill, and no idea what they might encounter there. While visiting the compound where Stray Dog Designs workers had been living in tents and working under trees since the earthquake, they handed out envelopes of cash to workers and were met with broad grins, shy smiles, hugs, heartfelt handshakes, and most often, tears.

“Giving the money out was emotional. They were absolutely so appreciative, and wanted to thank the donors,” said Pritchard. “I explained that our clients had started calling the day after the earthquake to ask what they could do for our workers – that they had forged a direct relationship to our clients through art…their art.”

“One woman said, through her tears, that she would use her money to buy blood pressure equipment for her husband which he hadn’t had access to since the earthquake,” added Pritchard. “Another showed me her glasses – two scratched lenses held together by duct tape -- and said the first thing she would do was get glasses.”

Almost 200 envelopes were given out to the workers. Most held the equivalent of one month’s salary, and for those at the heart and soul of our production in Haiti, the equivalent of three month’s salary.

Afterwards, Billy and Alan, an engineer who was there putting his building inspection expertise to use, toured the devastation all over Haiti. They saw people living in tents on every available piece of land since January– in parks, soccer fields, tennis courts and even in the middle of highways, buckled from the earth’s movement. 

Stray Dog Designs is a designer/manufacturer of lamps and home accessories – all original works of art designed by Jane Gray. Each piece is handmade from quality and recycled materials whenever possible, by artisans in sustainable jobs who have history working in the mediums we choose, and who live in areas of the world most in need of work. A portion of the purchase price of every Stray Dog Designs product is donated to organizations that serve critical needs like feeding hungry children, building housing for the homeless, and providing healthcare and homes for stray cats and dogs.

For more information about Stray Dog Designs, go to www. straydogdesigns. com or call 423-756-7337. Read the blog of Billy Pritchard’s trip to Haiti at http://dogma. straydogdesigns. com/ (http://dogma. straydogdesigns. com/).