Monday, August 11, 2008

Oliver Maldonado has agreed to have Author House publish “The Greatest Salesbook in the World”!

Oliver Maldonado has agreed to have Author House publish “The Greatest Salesbook in the World”!

This book is a compilation of the greatest sales presentations, sales scripts, telemarketing scripts, rebuttals, mailers, referral scripts and tracking / projection reports the world has ever seen!

Denver, CO (PRWEB) July 11, 2004

Oliver Maldonado has written “The Greatest Salesbook in the World”, but how great is his new book? What gives him the authority or credentials to make such a claim I ask, Oliver Said “I’ve traveled all around the United States over the past 12 years selling to all walks of life, rich and poor, big and small cities and have been able to maintain a career conversion ratio of over 90%. That means, I have closed 9 out of every 10 people I have presented to for my entire career. Don’t just look at my personal results, I’ve personally trained several hundred regular people to become sales people around the country who have also converted over 80% of the people they have presented, using my proven sales strategies! If you know sales, you know not many people in the entire world can make such claims!

Oliver’s new book has created some controversy regarding it’s flashy title “The Greatest Salesbook in the World” being compared to one of the most successful books of all time, “Og Mandinos, The Greatest Salesman in the World”. “

“These books are two completely different books. I am truly honored by being compared to such an amazing person and book, but in reality these are two separate books. In my book, you will find actual sales presentations, scripts, rebuttals, sales techniques that have been proven over time to be the greatest sales materials in the world. You will be able to use and apply what you read day one! Og Mandinos book is an amazing motivating storyline which can indeed be used and applied to many things in life including sales, but there are no actual sales presentations, scripts, rebuttals, or anything along those lines, so I would have to disagree with the comparison”, said Maldonado.

If you are in sales or thinking about getting into the sales industry I strongly recommend reading this book. This book can indeed help you increase your closing ratios and youÂ’ll soon see your income increasing dramatically. There arenÂ’t many books if any on selling that have actual proven sales presentations, scripts and rebuttals that can be used in any industry whether youÂ’re selling a product or a service!

For more information visit: OliverMaldonado. com to contact the Author call 720-364-1884